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  • Optimization of forget PIN flow for Private folder
  • Advance Touch-screen lock
  • Advance decoding tools
  • Android users can easily access PIP mode on OTT platforms
  • Manually selection of external subtitles
  • Speed up videos upto 4X
  • Advance Sleep timer
  • Create Playlist for music, movies and TV shows
  • New sharing options on MXshare
  • New SW audio Decoder
  • A – B repeat tool to experience favorite scenes again and again
  • Built-in brightness and volume controls
  • Multi-core processing
  • New Night mode feature
  • Cuztomize and Sync audio for your videos
  • Bugs and issues regarding playing Web URLs resolved
  • Whatsapp Status Saver
  • Stream any video from online networks using URLS
  • Advance compatibility of the navigation drawer for a better experience
  • Newest Playback menu
  • All Features of Gold Subscription
  • Advance subtitle options
  • Access premium movies, songs, and TV shows
  • Advance sharing tools using MX share
  • More MX networking options
  • First access to Newly released Media content online
  • VIP pass for ads-free experience
  • New content for streaming

MX Player Pro MOD APK is an incredible movie and video-playing application that everyone must have on their Android phone. If you crave watching HD movies on your smartphone and require the latest streaming tools, then MX Player is the right choice. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

MX Player Pro APK Download Latest Version

It is super convenient and easy to carry around your phone thus, watching movies on the go is preferred. MX player enhances that convenience with fast video playing and processing, and you can watch all those amazing shows anywhere you want.


MX Player is a great app compatible with Android 5.0 and above. As the app is a powerful media player and allows you to personalize your videos, movies, music, and more according to your needs, you will have to provide some advanced device permissions.

Firstly, you must allow the external storage read and write option for a better experience. Next, for an appropriate Kids lock feature, there are some system alerts and screen lock settings that the MX player must access. Moreover, give ‘Draw over other apps’ access to MX player so that you can watch your favorite shows easily.

‘Wake Lock’ permission ensures that your screen doesn’t sleep while you’re engulfed in an episode. The app is free to download from Google Play Store, but for a much-boosted experience, the MX Player MOD apk is a great alternative.

More Incredible Features

MX player is a full package for anyone who enjoys watching music videos and TV shows on their advanced phone displays. Below are some of its most amazing features:

Jump Right Into Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

Now you can watch high-definition films, seasons, cartoons, and even videos from your device using MX Player. As MX Player is interestingly the only media player available right now that supports multi-core processing. This increases video and audio quality and allows the latest smartphones to communicate well with media-playing software.

With a simple app interface, you can rotate your screen, Speed up your videos, enable background playback, loop your songs, and Mute your videos with a single command.

Simple Operations For Faster Experience

You must use YouTube so many times in a single day due to its enhanced accessibility and easy-to-use operations. Similarly MX player also provides you the quickest touch-screen-friendly features to Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Reverse, Zoom in/Out, Increase/Decrease volume or even adjust Brightness all with just a few drags.

For example, if you double-tap on the screen, the video Stops or Plays. In another instance, if you touch and drag down on the left side of the screen you can set the perfect brightness for your screen.

There are also some easy-to-access options in a little toolbar at the bottom of the screen. In advance of the above basic functions, you can adjust screen perspectives, crop the viewing ratios, and add a screen lock. Enable the PIP mode to have a fresh multitasking experience.

Speed Up Hardware

With the latest decoders and increased hardware optimization, the MX player accelerates the device hardware for an extraordinary streaming experience. With such hardware acceleration tech, your videos will never buffer or stop unnecessarily.

With three advanced decoding options HW+, HW, and SW decoders, the media player works like a beast. The audio and video playing capacities are greatly enhanced and improved compared to other media players. Remember that you must opt for a decoder that suits your media type.

Awesome Subtitle Preference

MX player allows its users to grasp full control of the video’s subtitles and shows they watch. You can upload a subtitle file from external storage, as MX player is compatible with a lot of formats such as SubRip(.srt), Teletext, MicroDVD(.sub) or DVD, DVB, SSA/*ASS*. With simple gestures, you can adjust subtitle and text settings. For Instance, you can scroll Up & down to move text up and down.

Don’t have any subtitle files on your device? Search for subtitles online using Stereo mode. Adjust text synchronization and speed according to your own needs to rectify your videos. In the Customization panel, adjust the text alignment, fit subtitles to video size, set size, and more.

Completely Customize Your Watch Experience

You can now completely personalize the MX player app with easy access to Playlists and Audio tracks. Furthermore, easily tap on the Night Mode to ease your eyes at Night time. Shuffle your videos and add a Sleep timer to control your watch time. Rename your video if you don’t like the default designated name.

Turn on and off the Video display whenever you like. Instantly personalize the app using the Shortcut tool and choose what options you wish to have on your main screen. Add a quick Kids screen lock to stop interference from a toddler instantly.

Advanced Equalizer Tool For Enhanced Audio

Reverb and revitalize your videos and movies by channeling your inner creativity. The Equalizer tool can adjust the volume at different frequencies and enhance your overall audio. If there is a video with poor bass, apply Bass Booster and the MX player automatically optimizes the sounds.

MX Network Stream and File Sharing

You can watch any video or movie with a free online platform just by copying the URLs. Feel free to access any kind of media and enjoy media outside of your device as well.In addition, MX player makes media sharing even easier.

You can now access the MX SHARE option and send your videos to your friends on the MX player network without wasting mobile data. View your sharing history, invite a friend or send files to your laptop/PC easily.

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Can I share media without Wifi using an MX player?

Yes, you can do so by using the ultimate MX Share. It allows you to send any kind of music video or other media via Bluetooth or via one MX user to another. All you have to do is to provide some device permissions and invite a friend to the MX player network community.

What should I do if MX Player is not available in my region?

No worries. As you can simply download MX Player from any trusted website and enjoy the whole streaming experience fully. You can get a Gold subscription for free and enjoy all the premium features as well.