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APP NAMEMusic Player APK
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Music Player features are next-level but require subscription charges to work further. The premium features are paid and are the following.

  • No Advertisements
  • Watermark removes
  • Customize your playlist
  • Smart search
  • Bug fixed
  • Improved UI experience
  • Updated Audio equalizer
  • Replaceable background
  • Control options
  • Sound effects

All these features and many need a subscription to get unlocked, but you can get all for free without paying any penny. Just click on the download button and get the pro version right now.

Music Player is a powerful application that helps you search the audio music and videos, is a powerful equalizer, allows you to change skin and theme, and assists you in making playlists of your favorite music from around the world. It will enable you to search the music according to region and artist. Organize your data in folders and let you quickly search through it. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Millions of people around the world use the application. The features are intriguing. You can use the application offline and customize the user interface according to your preferences. With a music equalizer, you can manage the lighthearted beats. It allows you to work with all audio formats on your Android device, thus helping you to explore any music file, including music audio, video, and audiobooks. The simple tools help you understand the application and make your experience enjoyable.

Music Player Mod APK Download Latest Version

The music player is your song player assistant. You can get this application free from the Play Store, where it is rated 4.5 stars. But the free version has limited access to all the features. You need to pay to unlock all the top features, also known as this application’s premium feature. Good news for you: If you want to enjoy the moded version of this application, all the elements are unlocked and available for free. Tap on the download button below and start using Music Player.

These are the features that make this application attractive to users. These features allow you to organize data, search for all kinds of music, customize tone music, organize music playlists, and many others. Let’s see the different features and benefits.

Support All Audio Format

The Music Players supports all audio formats on your Android mobile device. The app can efficiently work with MP3, MP4, WAV, M4A, 3GP, OGC, and many others. Because of this feature, you can now easily play any music file.

Designs And Themes

To make the user experience more enjoyable, Music Player allows users to design the application icon and change the theme according to their wishes. You can also edit the cover page of a song. Apart from these, you can change the UI to portrait and landscape mode, making the app’s navigator very easy.

Built-in Editor

With the built-in editor, you can edit your audio files. Feel free to merge audio and change frequencies, pitch, bass, and other editing options to make a better piece of audio for your use. 

Have The List of All New Songs

The daily application updates mean you can have all the hottest and top songs added to your song gallery. Add your favorite one to your playlist and play them whenever you want. The music gallery has a combination of older and new songs. Choose them according to your taste in music. 

Control Options

To make the app a lot more convenient for users, it has many innovative options like diving control, intelligent sleeping timers, shaking options, gesture control, and many more. Swipe and change the music with gesture control. To be more focused on your drive, allow the driving control that automatically enables the application to play music. Change the music by only shaking the phone, and many options like this help users better control the application.

Enable Lyrics

To better understand the song, the application has a lyrics turn-on option. When you allow the lyrics on a theme, the words become apparent, and then you can apprehend the message in teh song. You can also translate the lyrics into your language. Isn’t it the best? It will help you better understand what you are singing or listening to. 

Audio Equalizer

Music Player is a powerful audio equalizer that is you can freely change the element of any audio file. This app allows you to change the bass, frequencies either lower or increase or modify them according to your requirement. Audio equalizer enables you to change the playback sound accordingly. 

In-App Playlist

The app allows Android users o customize their music playlists. Add your favorite song and arrange them in the playlist. Then enjoy listening to the music that you have categorized in your playlist. One of the best features is that it has a backup option, so you won’t lose your playlist even if you have some issues with the application. 

Support Other Devices

Want to listen to music through headphones, Bluetooth, or a speaker? You can do it quickly and can connect the app with the devices. Turn the Bluetooth on, click the app and device, and play whatever you want. The same goes for other devices.

Tagging of Your Audio Files

You can tag the audio file with some appropriate name so you can quickly search the file b its name. If you have given the file a word, you always have the option to edit it. Built-in Jaudio editor helps you to customize the tag for your files.

Make Different Song Folders

You can sort different songs into different folders. Moreover, searching for a piece or audio file gives us complete information about the folder in which that audio file has been placed.


What is shaking a mobile do in a Music player?

Shaking your phone while the music player is on helps you to change the music to the next one.

Is it free to download?

Yes, it is free to download from the Google store with premium features unlocked. Suppose you want to download the moded version for free. Tap on the download button.