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  • New Sleep mode to disable only WhatsApp internet
  • New Anti-revoke feature
  • Hide any private chats
  • Filter your chats and save selective messages while clearing chats
  • Copy the WhatsApp statuses of your family members including videos, gifs, and images with just one click
  • Hide seen tag from other’s status
  • Enable the ‘Low Data’ usage option
  • Awesome ‘Recall Feature’
  • Share awesome text broadcasts with your friends
  • Customizable App icon and notification icon
  • Pick any WhatsApp theme
  • Convenient automatic replies
  • New color feature for status bar and header
  • Much Helpful scheduled message tool
  • Pop-up notification for ‘Online’ and ‘Last Seen’ immediately after entering a chat
  • Updated Security options
  • Can be run with a normal Whatsapp application
  • Control the blue ticks feature
  • Send up to 100 Photos at a time
  • Send video statuses of 1min to 7mins
  • Send audio files of up to 100 MBs
  • Anti-Delete option
  • Freely hide any WhatsApp status
  • Completely Ads free premium MOD experience
  • Most versions have an in-built VPN
  • Longer Status stay time (up to 36hrs)
  • Forward a message to more than just 5 contacts
  • Send up to 100 documents at a time
  • Automatic replies at any instant
  • Create Unlimited Groups
  • Lock personal chats with any password
  • Send large-sized files such as videos of up to 50 MBs size with ease
  • The status text limit increased to 250 characters
  • Send scheduled replies

Tired of using your standard WhatsApp messenger app? You can now improve your communication experience by downloading the popular WhatsApp mod, TM WhatsApp. In simpler terms, it is an enhanced messenger derived from your basic WhatsApp application that has better features and more customizations. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

The awesome modded app is developed by Titus Mukisa, thus given the name TM WhatsApp. Compared to WhatsApp Green, you will find more appealing features, texting tools, customizable functions, adjustable profiles, and colorful themes on TM WhatsApp.

TM Whatsapp apk download latest version

It’s a complete package for professional as well as amateur users who run businesses or do online jobs and for those for whom WhatsApp is an essential part of their daily routine.


TM WhatsApp is a wholly modded and independent application rooted in the original WhatsApp app. Hence, it is not available to download from the Google Play store or Apple Store. You have to grab the application from trusted websites online. Moreover, TM WhatsApp works perfectly on Android versions 4.0 and above.

For device permission, you will have to give the same software and hardware permissions that you gave for the standard version of the app. These include device media, storage, pictures, videos, clips, and audio access. Furthermore, you can also provide location, microphone, and camera access for a complete messenger experience.

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Hide Seen Without Read Receipts

You all must have at least once enabled the ‘Read Receipt’ option and then got tired of it because then you also can’t view the ‘last seen’ of other people or blue ticks. Now with TM WhatsApp, you won’t have to worry. You can easily go to settings and change how to double ticks or blue ticks work while being able to see other people’s last seen. Freeze the ‘last seen’ and hide your ‘Online’ status without having to turn off the online status of your friends.

Tm whatsapp Hide Seen Without Read Receipts

Style With Multiple Themes

You must be wondering what kind of theme TM WhatsApp has in the package for you. You may have chosen dark or white themes for your messenger in the normal version. But what if you could use a specific and favorite color on the background? You can do that with an enhanced version of WhatsApp.

Helpful ‘Scheduled Messages’ Feature

Are you someone who is really busy and often gets work done at the last minute due to forgotten deadlines? Feel free to use the scheduling feature and time your messages to be sent at a specific date. This also gets me through my friend’s birthdays which I tend to forget mostly.

TM Whatsapp Awesome Message Forwarding Options

Mind-Blowing ‘Recall’ For Any Message

We have all been there when we sent a message accidentally to someone that either we didn’t mean to convey or just sent it to the wrong person. On the normal version of WhatsApp, you can delete it if you have seen it within a few hours.

Keep in mind that even this is a limited feature as sometimes we can’t delete sent messages at all. Take help from the modded version and conveniently delete any text on private or public chats even after days have passed. Furthermore, you can turn on the ‘Anti-delete’ option to stop other people from deleting your or their own sent texts.

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Awesome Message Forwarding Options

Firstly, you can send/forward a single text to multiple people here when you could only send them to not more than 5 people on the standard app. Secondly, there are various customizations such as ‘Disable Forwarded’ so that you can remove the annoying forward tag and enjoy it fully.

TM Whatsapp Awesome Message Forwarding Options

Download Statuses; Videos, Short Clips, Photos

TM WhatsApp is an amazing app that allows you to download any status posted by your contacts that you like. Get your hands on your most loved status images or clips without having to ask for it from the status sender.

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Is TM WhatsApp safe to download?

Yes, with more advanced security functions, it is fully safe to use. Although modded messenger apps have privacy and security concerns, the developers of TM WhatsApp are trying their best to ensure a secure experience for users.

How can I download TM WhatsApp if it’s not available on the Google Play store?

TM WhatsApp is a fully modded alternative to the WhatsApp we know originally. So must install TM WhatsApp APK from top modded app websites or sources that exclusively provide safe MOD apps.

Can TM WhatsApp update itself?

No, it can’t be updated unless or until the updated version is installed from online websites. The reason is simply that it’s not available on the Google store and is not an official app.