JT WhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

JT WhatsApp is another moded version of Official whatsapp, and you will find many excellent features that give you more privacy options and premium features. JT whatsapp filled l the gaps that were left by other mods.


Specifications of JT Whatsapp APK

App Name JT Whatsapp
CategoryWhatsapp MODs
Version v9.62
Number of Downloads3 Million +
Required OS5.0 and up
Size68 MB

On JT, you can use two accounts simultaneously ad also make use of an anti-banning effect that helps you get out of the radar of the whatsapp account block procedure.

As whatsapp is still the best means of communication and sending pictures, important files, videos and many personalized media easily across the world, its terms and conditions are sometimes disturbing for the users. After observing this need, moded versions were introduced, allowing you to enjoy the WhatsApp platform as you like.

Jt whatsapp Apk

As mods are not available on the google playstore either, you have to search for teh official website, which might be challenging to search for your required version.

But you can download it conveniently from our website. Just click on the download button given here to download the APK file of JT Whatsapp, install it on your phone, and enjoy the fantastic features of the application.

Developers Of JT Whatsapp APK

A group of developers, Jimtech, did some work and introduced JT whatsapp. They added some additional features that other mods lack, like anti-blocking options, video images, support for various file formats, operation of two different accounts, and many more.

Features Of JT Whatsapp 

As though simple whatsapp has many features, and users often seem bored with the same features. In Jt whatsapp, some unusual features help improve the users’ experience. So let’s have a tour of JT’s whatsapp features.

  • Two Accounts At a Time

You can now use Jt whatsapp with simple whatsapp. simultaneouslyWhen you log into the moded version, you can use only one account, which differs from JT. Use JT whatsapp and official whatsapp .

  • Explore Some Attractive Themes

You can make your wall more attractive and appealing to the eyes by using the JT whatsapp theme gallery. So select a stunning theme that will appear on the wall while chatting.

  • Customize Preferences

You are allowed to change your preferences. Customize the font style, size and text, which is not available in other whatsapp versions. You can style your whatsapp with different text styles. Style your icon, change colour and also work with other elements.

  • Send Large Size Video

You are well aware of teh limitations that users find on simple whatsapp for sending videos. You can only send videos limited to 25 MB.; therefore, it is pretty disturbing, and you must send that video in pieces if no other source is available. But with this version of whatsapp, you can send video greater than 30 MB. this features help you share videos conveniently.

  • No Compromise Over Media Quality

You might have observed tha when you send videos and photos from your mobile phone. They lose their quality, and they appear blurred and vague sometimes. So to avoid this thing download Jt whatsapp, which help user to send media without compromising its quality.

  • Send Files in Different Formate

An interesting of Jt whatsapp is that it allows users to send their files in different media formats and supports other formats to be open in teh whatsapp media. The format supported by this version of whatsapp is txt, RFT, Docx, pptx, zip, doc, ppt, vcard, etc.

  • Watch Status While Chatting

A new feature added in JT allows users to watch the Status of the person they are chatting with. So the person directly can give reviews.

  • Hide Your Last Seen

You can hide your last seen but can view others. So, you can enjoy better privacy and more time on whatsapp without being judged.

  • Animated Emojis

With animated emojis, you can enjoy a better conversation. These emoticons help to understand conversation and emotions. However, it has many advanced emojis that simple whatsapp doesn’t. The limitation is that you can only send these emojis to other JT users they will not appear in another place.

  • Limited Restriction

Many restrictions are being lifted after the introduction of Jt whatsapp. You know that on simple whatsapp, you can send only 30 pictures at a time, but on Jt, you can send a maximum of 90 photos at a time. So you can send many images at the same time. The same is the case for videos and audio files. You can share a file more significant than 30 Mbs.

  • Preview Before Download

You are pretty familiar that you can only see downloaded media. But then this feature was introduced in which you can look at a preview before downloading the press, which helps you decide whether you want to download it.

How to Download The Jt Whatsapp APK?

  • To download JT Apk From our site APKINU, follow the given steps
  • Click on the download button mentioned here
  • A file will start to download on your phone
  • Then go to settings and permit to download the app from the third source
  • Then tap on the file and tap on the install option
  • After installing the app, open the application and add a phone number, user name and so on.

How to Update The Application?

As it is a moded version, you will not find it on the Google play store. If you want to install the updated version of JT, always visit our website and the latest version for this mod version of WHatsapp.You can also check for the update by going to the three dots at the right corner of the app and then to settings and App info.

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Is Jt WhatsApp secure?

As You know, it is a mode version, so they are not usually that secure, but Jt whatsapp has antivirus updated software, so it is safe and respects its user’s privacy.

What is the maximum limit of words for Status?

You can write the Status of 139 to 250 words. At the same time, you are limited to 139 only in simple whatsapp.