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APP NAMEWhatsapp Aero APK
Size56 MB
4.6/5 (88 votes)
  • Customization options for fonts, chat bubbles, tick marks, and themes.
  • Enhanced privacy features such as hiding the online status, blue tick, and typing status.
  • Ability to send larger files and media files with better quality.
  • Option to set a custom wallpaper for each chat.
  • Added animations and effects to chat bubbles and status updates.
  • Support for multiple languages and emojis

As you know, different mod versions of the official WhatsApp are present that have better performance and features like that. Another recently developed mod version of WhatsApp is Aero Whatsapp. In this version, the main focus is on the user’s preferences, themes, and performance. It is a polished and better class of Fouad Whatsapp. So it has all those and some additional features that make it quite famous among the users. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com

Aero’s total space requirement is 68MB which will download the Android version greater than 8.5. The main features that entertain users are better performance, high security, a vast theme gallery, an anti-banning effect, and Fouad mod WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download For Android

The Google Play Store does not support the moded version, so to download this application, either go to the official website or punch the download button to download apk files and start enjoying the app immediately.

Developers Of Whatsapp Aero APK

A Turkish Bozkurt Hazzar developed WhatsApp Aero. After observing users’ needs related to preferences and additional features, he devised this moded version of WhatsApp.

Features Of Whatsapp Aero

Like other WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp has features not provided by the official website, that’s why people prefer mods, as the mods give the users more freedom than simple WhatsApp. So let’s study the features of this application.

Customize Your Home Screen

It is an added feature in WhatsApp that allows users to customize their home screen. For this purpose, the developers added 14 styles, including stock, NL mods, WACA, WANH, and many others.

Customize Your Home Screen in whatsapp aero

Fastest and Efficient

Aero WhatsApp is the fastest and more efficient than any other version of WhatsApp. It is free from bugs. It runs faster, loads its feature, and does not hang when loaded. The coding of the application is done this way so that it doesn’t hang when you start downloading multiple files simultaneously on WhatsApp.

Theme Store

Aero has a vast gallery of themes. You can use a more fascinating and appealing article for your WhatsApp wall. It also contains all the themes of the Yotheme store. So if you are one of those who like using themes other than the default aero WhatsApp gallery is there for you. You can select a theme from the 3000 listed themes in the gallery.

Whatsappa ero themes

Catchy Users Interface

Among all the mods, Aero is one WhatsApp that has an attractive user interface. You can also customize it. The perfect UI is designed to improve users’ application experience. Make it catchy by utilizing different components available.

Anti-Ban Mechanism

If you fear getting blocked by some users, then forget it, as Aero WhatsApp has Anti-ban features that restrict other users. But you can ban a user straight away.

Maintain Images Quality

You have observed that while sending photos on WhatsApp, photos get blurred. It affects the pixels of the pictures. But with this mod version of WhatsApp, you can send high-quality images, videos, and high-resolution audio. In a high resolution, you can send 10 photos at a time.

Whatsapp aero Media sharing limit

Increase Limit

Simple WhatsApp users face the limitation that they can’t send videos more significant than 25 MB. But you can send 50 MB video and 100 MB audio files on Aero WhatsApp.

Airplane Mode

Aero Whatsapp has airplane mode means you can disconnect the internet connection. The internet connection is disabled only on Whatsapp, but you can still use other platforms. You must turn off the airplane to receive the message. DND mode helps users enjoy privacy and time on their mobile phones.

Hide Status View, Last Seen

You can hide the last seen, status view, typing, and recording options. It gives you a free hand to spend your time on WhatsApp.

Privacy setting whatsapp aero

Disable The Forward Message Tag

You can disable the forward message tag. Because the more the message forward loses its importance. Make the other person feel special and send the forwarded message without tagging it as delivered.

How To Download Aero WhatsApp?

These are the steps to download the Aero WhatsApp:

  • Click on the download button at given top of the post
  • An APK file starts to download.
  • After downloading, go to settings and permit to download from the other source.
  • Then open the file and Click on install.
  • Add your name, and profile photo and start customizing the application accordingly.

How To Update Aero Whatsapp?

Want to update your Aero WhatsApp? One way is to download the latest version from our website APKINU. Each new download has new features or some improvements. Otherwise, go to the settings in the Aero WhatsApp and then go to app info and see if there is any update click on the link, if any.

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Is Aero safe to use?

The major features included in this mod are theme options, customized User interface, preferences, and security. It is 100% safe. When you download it through the link we have provided, you don’t have to worry, as our mods are fully secure and respect user privacy.

Is Aero WhatsApp available on the Google Play Store?

You know that it is not an official WhatsApp version. Google Play Store does not support the mod versions. It is developed by a third party and not registered on the Play Store. Therefore, it is not available on the Google Play Store.