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APP NAMEjetAudio HD Music Player Plus APK
Size16 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
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Premium or plus features of this application provides you with a professional experience. You can utilize the tools available in this version to edit your audio files like a Pro. Although it requires a subscription, you can enjoy the mod version without paying any charges from our website. Click on the download button. Plus, the premium features are given below

  • Tag editor
  • Enable lyrics
  • Pitch shifter
  • Playback speed control
  • Graphic equalizer
  • Grid mode
  • Notification bar
  • MIDI playback
  • Bug Fix
  • Improvement in cloud streaming
  • USB audio enable
  • Improved Visualization
  • Improved User interface

JetAudio is an mp3 player that acts as an excellent audio equalizer and has different sound effects. You can listen to high-quality audio on your Android devices using JetAudio. The distinctive features of this application make it convenient for the users and help them to play any digital audio file. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

It is the highest-rated and most downloaded application. Millions of users around the world trust the app. It provides you with high-quality sound effects and audio enhancement. Different equalizer improves your listening experience. It has playback control, cross-feeding, AGC, and many more to provide a quality experience to users. You can also stream your music to your private network.

jetAudio Mod APK Download Latest Version

Various features like crystallizers, AM3D audio enhancers, crossfading, speed control, and much more help its users enjoy the music and sound to its fullest. That is why it is rated 4.2 stars and has millions of reviews. Still, Team Jet is trying to improve the application to maximize users’ reach and experience with the application. 

You can get the application from the Google Play Store. The version available has some features unlocked, and many professional tools remain locked until you get the premium version of this application. The pro version is paid. You need to pay monthly or annual charges to unlock the features. However, this may be costly for some users. But we have good news for you. Get the unlocked premium or moded version of JetAudio by clicking on the download button and enjoying the application’s different features. 

Multiple features of this application help users better engage with the application. Let’s go through all the crucial aspects of JetAudio.

Simple UI

One of the best features of JetAudio is that it is convenient to use. The interface can be customized according to user preference. All the tools and features icons are on the main screen, making them easily accessible for the users. Moreover, the tools and features have a guide about how to use them and what benefit they could give you—this thing helps in better apprehension of the application. You can import and edit your audio files more easily.

Different Audio Formats

JetAudio supports multiple audio formats. Sometimes the downloaded audio files are not supported by your phone because many phones support MP3 players. But this application supports not only MP3 but also some forgotten formats like WAV, ogg, m4a, FLAC, tea, and many others. 

Audio Adjustment 

Editing the audio files is not a problem now. jetAudio acts as an excellent audio editor, thus giving you access to audio adjustment. You can use an audio equalizer for a better lighting experience. Edit the sound of music files with different effects like AM3D enhancer, Bongiovi DPS, crystallizer, etc. You can also adjust frequency, bass, treble, etc., according to your requirements. Enjoy the app to the fullest by working with different features.

Displays Lyrics

If you are interested in the lyrics of the music video, you can play them from JetAudio. The lyrics help you get a better understanding of the song. You can insert tags and lyrics and enjoy them during playback.

Speed Control

With JetAudio, you can control the speed of the audio files. The quick screen control helps you to slow down quickly or speed up. You can control the speed of one track at a time. Speed options are given in percent. You can slow down the track by clicking on low percentage options, and by tapping on higher percentage options, speed will increase.

Theme Options

You can choose how a track should be displayed. For a fresh experience, you can choose from the multiple theme options. The change in color of the screen and application interface can give you a new feel. Moreover, you can also customize how the track displays on the net. Light gray and white themes are available for browsers. These themes not only make the collection better but also protect your eyesight. 

20-Band Graphic Equalizer

The 220 band equalization applies to MPEG files. Such 6 bands include Pop, Rock, jazz, classic, vocal, falt, and many other that improves the audio quality. Help you customize it according to your choice. These graphic equalizers do not affect the standard file. The new file, after editing, is stored as a new file.

Other Features

There are many other features apart from these provided by JetAudio. Here is the list of a few of them

  • Crossfading
  • Play music via shared files
  • Play the song on repeat
  • Browse the music by artist 
  • Multi-select option
  • Bluetooth control
  • Sleep timer
  • Volume control
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What audio formats does JetAudio support?

There are different formats that Audiojet supports. These include MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, SPX, OPUS, AIFF, and MOD. But WMA format support depends on device specification. It is the distinctive feature of this application.

What are the subscription charges for the application?

It carries according to the feature. It mainly ranges from 1.49 to 10.99 dollars. You can get the application without paying a subscription from our website.

Is jetAudio available only for mobile devices?

No JetAudio was initially designed for Windows. It is the oldest media player for Windows, but the team jet moved one step further and designed the application for Android users. You can install the application both on your mobile device and PC.