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APP NAMEAvee Music Player APK
Size12 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
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  • The Avee Player Pro version is unlocked
  • Premium Membership
  • Premium customization tools and options
  • Advanced Equalizer feature
  • Free app logo remover
  • Set audio bitrate up to 128 Kbps
  • Premium tools for audio visualizers
  • Access Sleep Timer
  • Customize the ‘End at’ time for your music clip
  • Export visualizer files in HD, 4K resolution
  • Get rid of Ads
  • Gap-less Transition
  • Create your own visualizer for fun
  • Cross Fade Transition
  • Improved Spectrum Analyzer
  • Bugs fixed
  • Unique music library with Recently added, Albums, Artists, Genres, playlists, and Folders categories
  • New pretty design logos and beat styles
  • Have no trouble exporting/loading Viz. format files
  • New Fade audio with Pause/Resume function
  • App Performance improved
  • Tune in to radio channels and perform live audio streaming using Icecast and SHOUTcast
  • New High-Quality Blur Effect
  • Multiple audio & playlist formats supported
  • Various new Video modes for users to enjoy videos
  • Add multiple art layers in the visualizer
  • Save templates while working with the visualizer
  • Fixed bug revolving ‘Load from File option
  • New unique Interface

Avee Music Player – Equipped With The Best Visualizer & Music Player

Haven’t we all once been stunned by those appealing music video clips that have wavy music beats and some blurred clip playing in the background? Most users can utilize the Avee Music Player, a popular software among all types of users, to create something creative while listening to great music.

You can simply customize your own musical clips and add any art you want, post it on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, and become instantly famous among your viewers. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Avee Music Player Pro Mod APK Download


For starters, there should be updated firmware and up-to-date Android versions on your electronic devices for Avee Player to operate fully. It is recommended to operate the app on Android 4.1 or above for quality performance.

For device permission, you will only have to give it access to your phone/tablet’s microphone if you wish to use the live-streaming feature. Moreover, to grab more awesome songs, you must give internet permission and then you can easily search for global hits in the Avee Music Library.

Jaw-Dropping Features

Avee Music Player is incredibly popular among music producers, music listeners, and people who love to personalize songs generally. Let’s dive into the awesome features:

Search Through Your Personal Music Playlists, Artists, and Albums

Avee Player creates ease for you by creating folders of your downloaded audio clips, songs, movies, and any other musical format it recognizes. Search the Avee Library and browse through the folders to play anything you want.

You can also customize your own playlists and add songs that are on your minds most presently. Moreover in your own Music Library, you can perform tasks such as Queue, Sort according to file size, Play, Enqueue, Repeat, Switch to Video, Add to playlist, and Remove/Add New Folder.

With endless possibilities, you can completely turn this fantastic media player into one of your own comfort apps. Add your pet songs into the ‘Favorites’ folder and come back to it any time.

Audio Visualizer With Brilliant Visual Effects!

One of its kind, the spectrum visualizer here is simply awesome in terms of instilling your own touch into your musical creations. Create visual representations of your desired audio beats by picking up a nostalgic picture from your phone gallery or an animated GIF file. Import more beautiful templates from the internet. Make customized templates, tweak the logo’s size, and color, and change the beat reaction if you like. With widely supported element formats, such as .png and .jpg for images, you can never get tired of creating artistic clips. Add fancy blur effects, and hues, adjust the sound spectrum, and create unique beats out of bland songs for your audience.

Export in Ultra HD Quality or Share Right Away!

After getting advantage of the magical visualizer, you can easily export your musical creativity in any resolution you choose. First choose an appropriate aspect ratio such as 4:3 or 16:9. After that, Select frame rates from 25fps up to 60fps and export video clips even in impressive 4K resolution.

Play Music/Audio of Every Kind and Format

Easily playback any audio format using advanced media playing capabilities. Avee Players allows you to enjoy all kinds of music formats such as wav, mp4, .mp3, and more. Additionally, you can access a playlist from the online library as well as ones uploaded by your friends. Playlist formats such as pls, plp, m3u, mpcpl, pla are supported to fully accommodate your needs.

There is So Much More Than Just a Music Player!

Avee is not any music-playing application. It offers you multiple customizable tools, including an Equalizer. Equalizer is an especially popular tool among music creators for tampering with sound frequencies. Furthermore, there are convenient features such as lock screen orientation, sleep timer, Bluetooth options, and much more. Another awesome thing is the Global radio streaming that you can listen to kill time on a bus or a train. In the end, multitask as you can play the player in the background while still working on an assignment.

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Can I play Video files using Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK?

You certainly can. As Avee supports mp4. Format, you can effectively play such clips. But videos cannot be used to create something new with visualizer and export as it already has a visual representation.

Is Avee Player MOD APK safe to use?

Yes, it’s fully secure. Just make sure to download the modded application from original developers or websites that claim to have tested the apps against viruses. Also, while installing, most Android devices go through a security scan that protects your device from any malware.

Difference between Avee Music Player Pro, Lite, and MOD APK?

All three are different yet interlinked. Avee Music Player Lite is designed to aid daily users with normal music streaming purposes. Avee Player Pro targets a professional audience as it consists of premium features and tools. Modded versions have combined features of lite and Pro, as it contains all the Pro features for free.