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  • You can keep your conversation private and secure by using the chat lock feature.
  • Moreover, deleted messages can be viewed without affecting the person who deleted them.
  • Your friends, family, and colleagues can connect with you in different ways with the help of OGWhatsApp APK.
  • Messages can be forwarded without being tagged as forwarded if forwarded is disabled within the app.
  • It is easier to use OGWhatsApp APK as it provides separate chat pages for individual chats and group conversations.
  • Almost every aspect of the app can be completely customized, including the header, footer, text color, wallpaper, and chat color.
  • Additionally, your fingerprint can be used to unlock hidden or locked chats on WhatsApp.
  • The status of your contacts online and the message is seen can be hidden as well.
  • New Emojis have been Added.
  • Sending eBooks is now possible with this mod.
  • Groups can consist of old friends, family, cricket fans, and other types of groups.

OG Whatsapp Download gives you a lot of energizing and extra features you don’t find in the first Whatsapp application. The client gets boundless open highlights and a superior experience even though it is not the official one. With this app, you can customize your device and add security features. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

This app has features that WhatsApp lacks and offers more than the original version. OGWA is another name for OGWhatsApp APK. In addition, we have customizable icons, the ability to change themes, hide our online status, and edit our privacy settings and anti-ban properties. With OGWA, access to an individual’s profile picture, status, and contact information can be restricted to a specific user. Because of this, it’s a very reliable messaging app. The latest version of OGWhatsApp includes new features as well.

OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version Download (Official)

The most important thing to remember is that the application was developed by a third party, not the actual WhatsApp developers. It is safe to use even though the Official developers have not designed it. Therefore, it won’t interfere with your privacy. Thus, you don’t have to worry about installing or using it. GB WhatsApp should be used as a second account in personal and normal communication.

Permission Required

Some of the permission that you need to allow to install the OGWhatsApp Apk on your Phone. These permissions are listed below, so don’t forget to check them before downloading this application from our site.

  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Internet Access
  • Access the Device’s Current Location.
  • Read Contacts
  • Get Contacts
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Send SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Vibrate
  • Write External Storage
  • Use Maps Devices
  • Write Contacts

Features of OG WhatsApp APK

Below is a list of all the features of the OG WhatsApp app. Updates are currently being made to these features. The official WhatsApp does not offer many features of the OGWA 2024 APK. You should look at the features of OGWhatsApp APK before downloading it for your Android device to decide if it suits your needs. So without wasting more time, let’s move toward the features:

Anti Ban 

You may have experienced the torment of getting restricted on WhatsApp when you utilize modded adaptations. Authorities of WhatsApp Officials keep an eye on the modded version. Once they find out, they ban the user accounts. But this version of Whatsapp is free from any banned problems. OGWhatsApp recommends using temporary numbers to prevent being banned. If you use this app, you will not be blocked from using it if you install it on your mobile phone. See Also: FM WhatsApp Download

Messaging Scheduler

Our busy lives make us forget important occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. A pre-built messaging scheduler has been built into WhatsApp to solve this problem for its users and make their lives easier. For your dear ones to receive scheduled messages, you need to enable this feature on your mobile phone.

OG Whatsapp Message Scheduler

Our mobile application makes it easy to share messages with loved ones. The messages will reach your loved ones on time, so you won’t forget to send them on important occasions. You can set a time and date for a message to arrive at a particular contact. Sending a message at a particular time requires the device to have internet access.

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers

A single transaction may require just a phone call. You can save their numbers and contact them using WhatsApp’s official version. Furthermore, you should delete their number right after completing a transaction. With OGWhatsApp, you can direct call numbers without saving them in your phonebook. Isn’t it Amazing?

Inbuilt Status Downloader

We often use WhatsApp to upload status updates and chat and share gossip. Our family and friends can now communicate even more efficiently through this feature. However, users cannot download the latest version of WhatsApp directly to their phones. It takes us a long time to process requests, and ultimately, we lose money. OG Whatsapp Pro makes downloading statuses and stories on WhatsApp much easier.

Password Protected

Setting a password for a specific chat is a very handy feature. WhatsApp’s original version does not have this feature. So now you can easily lock your favorite chat from Anyone.

Set Group Name More Than 35 Characters

We love the group chatting feature of Official WhatsApp. The fact that we can group chat with our family and friends without encountering any trouble is pleasing to us. WhatsApp is amazing at providing us with 35 characters instead of 25, which exceeds the limit. So, a 35-character group name can be funny or interesting.

Send More Than 90 Pictures

Additionally, this app does not suffer from quality loss when sending up to 90 pictures simultaneously. The official app does not offer this service. There are many benefits to using OG Whatsapp. The files can be sent up to 100 MB in size.

Two Accounts on the Same Device

You can install OG WhatsApp using the official WhatsApp app. Uninstalling the original Whatsapp app is not necessary in order to install Whatsapp. Users can use independent accounts to access the mod as well as the official apps. On the same phone, it is possible to access two WhatsApp accounts.

Backup feature

Backup is more important than all other features. Any messenger application that does not offer a backup feature will fall short of our expectations. So, just like the official WhatsApp, the OG version of WhatsApp includes the same capability for finding important files, images, and documents. Nevertheless, you should always keep a backup of your data. Since this feature is useless without backing up data. JT WhatsApp Download

Block Particular Contact’s Calls

If you want to block any call from a contact who keeps calling you repeatedly, you can do it using this great app. Rather than blocking the whole contact, this feature will only block their calls. By going into the settings of a particular contact, you can simply turn off call receiving for that contact.

Colorful Themes

Over 1000 themes are available. Your chat screen can be customized to any theme of your choice. Now stop getting bored with the same theme all the time.

Og Whatsapp themes

Increased Characters For Written Status

Your status can only be 130 characters long in the official app. You may have a hard time writing this. It is now possible to type up to 250 characters on OGWhatsApp. If you use long and more detailed status updates, this will help.

Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker

Currently, we are looking for an app locker for WhatsApp in the Play Store since the app was released. No third-party app locker offers a secure lock for WhatsApp as it is missing the lock feature in the official version. Some apps will display unwelcome advertising on their lock screens, which ruins the experience.

Copy Anyone’s Status on Your Clipboard

Copying someone’s written status to your clipboard is possible with this feature. You cannot copy the status and paste it anywhere else because we all know that’s not possible. Now that OGWhatsApp has a new version, we can directly copy other people’s statuses at any time. It is a great feature included in the OGWhatsApp that saves you time. The official version will be coming soon, among other awesome features not present yet.

Additional Emojis and Multi-Languages Support

Chats are incomplete without emojis, and without emojis, they look dull. Our virtual world uses emojis to show our feelings. Due to this, the original WhatsApp app includes more emojis and supports multi-languages. Users will be able to understand the program more clearly by pre-installing a variety of languages.

OG Whatsapp Emojies

Regular Updates

Having updates is key to everything. Our OGWhatsApp application needs to be updated periodically so it’s always up to date. Along with bug fixes, there are new features. You can also access the newest version so that you are able to enjoy the full range of features.

How to Download and Install OGWhatsApp APK?

A variety of Android smartphones can be used with OGWhatsApp. The modified version of WhatsApp can’t be found on the Google Play Store, so you must have an Android smartphone with version 4.0 or below to install the OG WhatsApp APK. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether our device is rooted or Not. So it’s working on Non-Rooted Devices.

Thus, the only option you have is to download the APK file. WhatsApp for Android download is explained in this section. OGWhatsApp can easily be downloaded and installed on Android devices using the following tutorial.

Getting started with OGWhatsApp download only takes a few minutes. It installs the same way as other APK files on Android mobile and tablet devices. You can follow the OGWhatsApp installation steps below if you are unfamiliar with APK files and are unaware of how to install the app. So let’s get started:

  • First, you need to click on the Download button given in the article. It will redirect you to the New Download page.
  • Now again, click the Direct Button and wait for a few seconds. You can see the notification; it starts downloading.
  • Once you have downloaded OGWhatsApp, you will need to allow installation from unknown sources on your Android device. If you are downloading any app or games from third-party sites, you need to enable this option to install it on your phone.
  • To enable the Unknown Sources option, go the >Settings>Security>Permissions>enable Unknown Source. You need to check the box to enable it.
  • Once you enable it, Now open the download folder. Go to the File Manager, Download the folder, and look for the APk file.
  • Click on it to open it, and then tap the Install button to install it on your smartphone or tablet. If you have a suitable device, it will take less time as compared to low-configuration devices.

We are now truly done with the installation. The OG WhatsApp App can now be opened, your account can be made, and you can enjoy all these features. We suggest you read a bit more information before leaving this website. Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Please uninstall the official WhatsApp app from your device before trying to install the app again in case you receive an “App Not Installed” error.

Use As a Secondary Account

For essential and business-critical tasks, use your primary account. You can create an account on it and use it as a secondary account if you want to save your personal data. A primary account contains many essential data and credentials that must remain secure if any online threats are present.

Don’t Overuse

Though OG Whatsapp differs from WhatsApp, your performance activities still pass through their servers. It’s Whatsapp’s duty to keep an eye on illegal activities and ban the account violating their terms and policies. We recommend you use features sparingly and keep things within their limits. So your account may be safe from getting banned.

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Using OGWhatsApp APK will never ban us?

Although OGWhatsApp is safe, including many WhatsApp Mods that are illegally marketed, if we choose those features, we are violating the terms of service of WhatsApp. After that, our account will be banned. Using features that are not acceptable in WhatsApp Officials will definitely result in the account being banned. WhatsApp is not associated with any of the WhatsApp Mods, so we won’t be able to use them. OG WhatsApp is safe to use, so there will be no danger of being banned.

Is OGWhatsapp free to use?

There is no charge for using OGWhatsApp. You are free to use OGWhatsApp immediately upon downloading and installing it on your Android smartphone. With all the great features it offers, you will not have to pay extra.

Do I need to enable permission to install OGWhatsApp?

The camera, storage, microphone/call, and contact syncing permissions must all operate simultaneously for photos, videos, voice/video calls, and contact sync services. You need to allow all of them to install it on your phone.

Wrapping Up

Despite not being the original, this version offers users a whole host of new features and a much better user experience than the official one. As it’s the mod version, it’s not available on the Google PlayStore. You can download it from the link given above. Moreover, you can try downloading GB Whatsapp APK from our website if you want more features.

If you are getting any issues in installing on your phone, then leave a comment below. We’d love to help our users all the time. That’s all for today; see you guys in the next article. Thanks!