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Enjoy the following features for free by downloading the app through the download button below

  • No adds 
  • No watermark
  • Access to all the Vfx
  • Enjoy high quality
  • Add up to 10 photo effects
  • Live wallpapers and moving background
  • unlock ed unlimited filters
  • Al-Sky Feature

It is impossible not to like this app as it is all in one. I suggest you download it and take your editing to the next level. Also do suggest your friends.   

Vimage Mod Apk is an app that turns your static photos into animated ones. If you want to add motion to your pictures and put life into them, this is the best app. It has tons of interesting visual effects, features, filter combo, and background effects that give aesthetic impact to photos and convert them into living pictures or GIFs. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

This app was developed on July 28 for Android users and voted the best app in 2018 by Google. It is available on the Google Play Store for free, but for some features, you need to pay for a subscription. You can enjoy all the features for free through the link mentioned in this article. It is a great photo and video editing platform that uses cinematography and motion leaps—mainly developed to add motion to pictures.

Vimage Mod APK Download Latest Version

That’s why it has options to add unique motion effects and customize the area where you want to add them. With its special effects and perfect filter combination, presets, and overlays, you can convert a picture from simplicity to a beautiful masterpiece. The app has a complete user guide and keeps the user’s interest by updating its features timely, making it popular among millions of users today. 

Let’s talk about the exciting features that this application has.

In-Depth Photo Editing Features  

It adds animation or motion to the picture and is a great editing tool that will completely change your photos. There are several options available that you can set according to your personal preferences. Color, hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast set these according to your taste, and then go for other customized filters and visual effects. You can also add text and emojis to add crispness to your photos and to tell the picture’s story in a few words. 

Vimage Mod APK Features

Many effects and filters rank top, and you can use them because they appear more frequently. Glitters, confetti, and paragliding are the effects that are primarily used by the Vimage community.

So basically, you need to have a clear and well-posed photo, and Vimage will do the rest. It is like your personal editor that converts your images into what is in your mind.

Cinematography and Animation.

This new technology of motion picture photography has become so popular with the young generation. In cinematography, you can add motion to your photos just like adding soul. You have the freedom to choose the location where you want to add this effect. You can make the clouds move while you in the picture remain still. You can fully animate an image like a pro with a dozen visual effects and options. The 3D animation feature generates a parallax animation effect in the picture.

Then, for the user’s convenience, the application has a complete guide on how to do it. Select the picture and customize the area of motion. Then leave the remaining to Vimage. It will produce an image that will earn you thousands of likes. 

To add motion, the flow tool has options like a line that allows drawing a bar, and movement will start. Freeze that stops the object that comes in the path of motion. Delete if you want to undo and also the speed option. See Also: FaceApp MOD APK

Alter Your Background And SKY. 

Sometimes you have taken the best picture possible, but the background doesn’t fit the concept. For the background setting, you have options like rotation and adjustment. You can change brightness, contrast, and saturation and move it in different directions depending on your thoughts about the photo. Just select the option and have what you want.

Vimage Mod APK Download Latest Version

The most fantastic feature of this application is that it can change the photos’ skies. Different sky colors are available. It will change the sky background according to your liking. Then you further enjoy it by adding the motion effect to the sky and choosing what you want the sky to look sunny, rainy, precise, or cloudy.  

Adding Sound to The Photos:

Vimage always tried to give its best to its user. They have added the feature of adding Sound to the photos to captivate the viewers further. It allows you to choose live music or sound according to your taste.  Check Also: Alight Motion MOD APK

Continues Updates

 By viewing the needs of its users, Vimage keeps attempting to add new features to the app. They continue to improve the in-app features to maintain the interest of their customers. The team is open to suggestions. If you feel that certain things need to be modified in the app, you can give your point of view, and they will consider it and improve accordingly.

Vimage Mod Apk Features 2

Interesting Contest

Those who want to share their edited graphs and like to win in the race can participate in the contest in which users compete with the worldwide creators, and others can support by liking and voting. In return, you will win trophies and get known by the Vimage community. Check Also: Capcut MOD APK Latest Download

Export in HD Quality

Once you complete all the editing and apply animation to your image, it is time to export the image so it won’t distort its quality. You can export your image in high resolution up to 2560 megapixels wide. Other options to set the resolution are also available. Choose what best suits you. 

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Is Vimage APK free from the Play Store?

Pro Vimage is free when you download it from the Google Play Store, but some tools are locked. For them, you need to pay a monthly subscription. But good for you. You can download it with all features unlocked from our website.

Are photos and videos both edited?

Yes, this is the best thing about this app. It helps you add not only your photos but also videos.

Can more than one effect be placed on a photo?

Off course, you can have more than one effect on your photo but make sure you are not on a pro subscription.