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  • You can adjust the quality of the video according to your choice. The highest video quality is 4k, but you can also adjust it to lower, like 2k, 1080p or 720p.
  • This version of filmic pro apk has the anti vibration feature which helps your phone to be stable when you are recording while travelling.
  • The colour, focus and zoom indicators can also be adjusted easily in this application.
  • All features of this application filmic pro apk is unlocked.
  • This application filmic pro apk got some issues while using but now the errors are recovered.
  •  More new features are also added in the application to make the videos exciting. 
  • In the latest version of this application audio features are also updated. 
  • Through these updates the user can now enjoy more of the app.

If you want to achieve cinematic results using your Android or iOS smartphone, then you need the latest technology application which is Filmic Pro apk. There are millions of applications out there in the world but Filmic Pro apk is one of the best and most powerful video editors among any of them. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

This type of cinematic videography is loved by all video creators or photographers. It is the place where you can add emotions and powers with some reality. Sometimes people lack those skills and worry about how to use them. But this incredible application filmic pro app has some interesting features that will help you learn many tricks.

You can use this application and your smartphone will be like a GoPro. This application is very useful for beginners as well as professionals working in this field.

FiLMiC PRO APK (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Download this Filmic Pro app with the latest version which is also free for your device. Use various tools of editing and effects and create amazing videos. Filmic Pro gives a new style and way of cinematography, and now this application can be easily installed on your Android smartphones.

Focus And Zoom

This is the most exciting feature in the application, the users can easily focus and zoom in and out the videos. You can adjust these features in your phone by just tapping on which part should be focused and zooming. You can also change the lens like the DSLR. There is no such hard rule to change the lens, you just have to select the option that is provided in the application and then it will be adjusted automatically.

Use Your Own Phone

Now you can download this application on your smartphone and create super videos through your device. No matter what type of device you have, by using this application you can do some amazing videography. This application provides lots of tools and features by which a user can easily edit their videos.

Three Light Modes

Proper lights and cool backgrounds is what make the video look amusing. This application has also updated its light modes and backgrounds so that users can easily adjust their mode from light, normal or dark. Same as for the backgrounds there are a variety of different backgrounds available in the application that you can easily look for. You can choose the backgrounds of your choice or which is suitable for the videos and enjoy watching it.

Auto Exposures

As a videographer makes sure that his videos are cool. He records the most detailed videos and wants to have more effects to be added. This filmic pro apk is the best solution for it. This application provides you with four exciting auto-exposure themes which include contrast enhancer, green ray, blue ray, and RGB. You can choose any of the options from these and make your videos more detailed. Moreover, there are many more options that can be used which is totally free in this application.

Adjust Resolution

The most important thing everyone looks at is the video quality and resolution. Both of them are the same things and this application filmic pro apk offers you resolution from standard up to ultra HD options. You can also choose different dimensions for the resolution of the videography.

Video Stabilization

If you go on trips and like to make videos of the journey it’s fun but, the main problem is the unstable videos. Many times we record videos when we are in vehicles or maybe on air which surely makes our videos unstable and is not worth it. But this application filmic pro app will surely give you relief, now you don’t need to worry about that. You can easily use the free stabilization future in the application and eliminate the unstableness in your videos.

Use Your Own Presets

There are many options that are being provided by the filmic pro apk. This is an interesting videography application in which you can find almost every feature which is free and also detailed. You can also set the options according to your choice. This is the simplest process which is loved by every video maker.

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Is Filmic Pro the best app for Android users?

Yes. This application is the best for Android users. It has advanced video recording and editing features.

What is filmic pro?

It is the most advanced video camera with advanced features like cutting-edge capabilities.

Can Filmic Pro be downloaded on iOS Devices?

Yes, this application can be used on both Android and iOS devices