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The new features of the app are listed below.

  • New Filters (Cool Black and White)
  • Effects Pack
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Privacy Improved
  • Stability Improved
  • More Powerful AI
  • Improved Security
  • New Backgrounds Added
  • New Music Added

Face App MOD APK is a photo and video editing app developed and published by FaceApp Technology Limited in 2017. FaceApp gained popularity because it can change the age and gender of a person by using neural networks based on AI. The free version of this app has limited features but the FaceApp Pro comes with all premium features such as hero style, auto hair selector, and other premium AI features. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Faceapp Mod APK Latest Version

There are many features available in the free version of the FaceApp but some premium filters, effects, and features are only accessible in the FaceApp Pro. To access the premium features, you have to buy a membership.

FaceApp APK Latest Version

FaceApp mod apk is a modified version of the app, which comes with all premium features of the game. Now, you do not need to buy the FaceApp Pro in order to use premium hairstyles, gender changers, effects, and many other useful features. The mod apk also comes with some extra features such as no ads, no privacy issues, and auto-updates. You can read more features of the mod app from the information given below.

FaceApp mod apk comes with many powerful features but here only major features are covered below.

New Hairstyles and Colors

The official free version of the app comes with limited hairstyles and colors that you can use in your pictures or videos but in this mod apk you will get access to all locked and premium hairstyles and colors. You can select different hair with different styles of different lengths. In addition, you can also use the AI-based auto-hair selector of the app to get hair chosen by artificial intelligence to fit on your face. 

New Facial Hair, Beard Styles, and Face Expressions

Just like other photo editing apps, you will also get different beard styles, mustaches, and other items in this app as well. But, the best thing you get is an AI-based auto beard selector, which saves your time and fits your beard to your face automatically. In addition, you will also get different facial expressions such as smile, sad, laugh, and others. You just select them and then they will automatically change your face expressions just like naturally with the help of Neural Network AI.

Premium Gender Changer

This is one of the most used features of this app and because of this feature, the app got viral on social media. Many celebrities shared their opposite gender using this app. In this mod apk, you will get a premium gender changer and you can change your gender to the opposite with just a few clicks.

Age Changer (Change Your Age Naturally)

FaceApp MOD APK allows you to change your age from a child to an old man. Now, you can watch your imaginary old look as well as your young look with the help of AI. You can change your looks with just a few clicks. In addition, you can also select different looks such as cool old, weak old, Hollywood young, etc. 

Amazing Beauty Mode

In FaceApp, you will get attractive plus and beauty modes. With the help of impressions, you can make your photos more attractive and beautiful with a single click. Now, you do not need to put a lot of filters on your face to make it beautiful and attractive. The good thing about this feature is that your photos will look natural and attractive. Moreover, you will also get a RETOUCH feature that is used to remove wrinkles and dark spots with just a single click. 

More Powerful Filters and Effects

The app offers you a lot of filters and effects that you can use to modify your photos and videos. You can use different filters and effects such as brighter, glossy, blur, glitch, and many others to enhance your photos. Moreover, these filters are very useful in video editing. Now, you can also use Hollywood filters as well in this mod apk. By editing your photos professionally, you can get a lot of followers on social media.

Background Editor

In this amazing photo editing app, you can edit and change different backgrounds. Moreover, you can also add a custom background in any photo with the help of this AI app. You can remove the background from your images very easily with just a single click. 

No Ads

In this mod apk, you will never face any kind of ad issues. You can enjoy the app just like premium members. Now, you can edit all your photos and videos with any kind of watermark or ads.

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Is FaceApp Pro Free?

No, FaceApp Pro is the premium version of free FaceApp. You can buy the premium membership to get Pro access to the app.

How to get FaceApp Pro For Free?

You can download the FaceApp Pro mod apk to get all the paid features of the app for free. Now, you do not need to pay for the membership of the app to get premium access.

Is FaceApp Mod APK Safe to Use?

Yes, FaceApp mod apk is safe and secure to use. You will never face any kind of privacy issue or malware issue. 


In this article, we have talked about FaceApp and its modified version. We also covered different features of the app in detail that you can use to make your photos and videos more beautiful. However, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.