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The features of the app are free, but the premium version requires a subscription and has the following advanced features

  • No ads
  • No watermark
  • Multiple effects
  • Transcoding
  • Convert video to mp3
  • Improved UI
  • Bug fixed
  • Enhanced improvement
  • Codec Updates
  • You can use all these features for free by downloading them through our website.

Vidtrim app is a versatile app for editing and organizing videos. This app can trim, cut, crop, and add filters to your videos. Other features include merging, framing, extracting audio and editing, and compressing video to the required limit. An all-in-one app that facilitates its user to convert their ordinary videos into a masterpiece. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

The app is designed for Android users and is a work of Gosset. It is your pocket video editor that is very simple and easy. You can understand the features and how to utilize them by following a few guidelines. Now editing videos is not a problem. You can make a fantastic video in a matter of seconds with Vidtrim. The central feature of this application is transcoding which means you can compress videos to save them without taking up much space. So this app also functions as a space saver for your mobile phone.

Vidtrim Pro Mod APK Download Latest Version

Vidtrim is free to download from the google play store. After downloading, you can entertain yourself with a few fantastic features in this free version, but to utilize them all, you must buy the premium version. You need to pay for a subscription annually or monthly. It’s solely up to you. The premium version has many in-app features that help you to gain access to the advanced features of this video editor so that you can use them to transform your videos into trendy ones. You can download the premium version of this application completely unlocked without paying any subscription charge. Just click on the download button and enjoy Vidtrim.

The app has many useful features that assist users in creating fantastic videos. Let’s find out about them.

Trim Your Videos

Vidtrim allows its user to cut videos to the required amount by the trim option. The tool is right on the main screen, which helps users quickly access them. Choose any video and export it through your gallery. Then select the scissors icon from the main toolbar for trimming the video. Slide to select the part you want to trim and delete it. Then join the remaining parts of the footage. This feature allows you to select the content that you want to appear in your videos.


You are familiar with video resizing and compression terms. Vidtrim allows you to resize your video, which will help you save space and data. When you click the gear tool on the main bar, Vidtrim will resize and reduce the quality of the images used in the video. You can select the quality parameter of the footage. 

Other Tools

Apart from these, you will find many other options on Vidtrim, like you can Rotate your clip. If you want to make a portrait-sized video, you can do it with a tap. Also, you have the option to flip the video and use the mirror effect. 

It allows you to delete a video once you choose to edit or rename it so that you can easily find it once you export from multiple files. Add music to your video clip. The app gallery has many options available for music, but you can also export an audio file or extract from audio. The user interface is so appealing that it is available in different languages for multiple users around the globe. 

Export And Share

Once done editing a video, now export it to your local gallery. When you tap the export option, a dialogue box appears that allows you to choose the quality and size of your video. Choose what suits you the best and export the file to your local media store. Then share it with your friends or on any social media platform.

Apply Different Filters

To make your videos more appealing, you can apply different effects available in Vidtrim. These effects include Vintage, B/W, Negate, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, Luma, and many others. These effects further help you to edit videos apart from just trimming and merging your clips. Use these effects to make a quality video in a matter of seconds. With every update, you will find a new effect to put on, on your videos. 

Merge Clips

The app has many tools to change your video and make intuitive content. One of the features is merging. With the merge option, you can select different video parts and combine them to make a cohesive clip. Split and merge options in Vidtrim give users a better experience editing videos, as they can join any part of the footage without hesitation.

Convert File Into Mp3 Audio

Sometimes you save a video song because you couldn’t find it in mp3 or because your mobile runs out of space. You want audio files of a specific video. The good news is that you can now convert your video into mp3 audio files. To do this, you must select the file, tap the convert option on the main toolbar, and snap! You have done the process.

Take A Picture From a Video

Vidtrim has the option of Frame Grabber that gives you access to take a picture from the video. For this purpose, select the frame in the video by clicking the frame grabber option, then slide to export the frame. Go to the save file. You will get an image from the video in JPG format. 

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How to convert video into an mp3 file in Vidtrim?

It is straightforward. Extract the audio from the video by clicking on the extract option and then tap on the save as mp3. It is how you convert your video files to audio.

What makes Vidtrim best than other apps in the market?

The best feature of this application is the simple User interface and easy access to all features. You can work on any video and edit it to the required level. It is free to use, has differentiated features like mp3 file converter, transcoding, etc., and is best for beginners.

Which option helps you to trim your clip?

The scissors tools on the main toolbar help you to cut the video from your required site. Then delete the unwanted part and use the merge option to combine those clips.Β