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APP NAMEYoutube Blue APK
Size133 MB
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  • Ads will not cause any hindrance. 
  • You will find different color themes, and you can choose to select any. 
  • You can also return the dislike button. 
  • Your history will not be recorded. 
  • You can add the videos to watch later. 
  • Customization of the settings


Youtube is ranked as the largest video-sharing and video-creating application. An app where you can watch and enjoy plenty of fun. It is highly useful and effective for people who know how to win a large audience and attract them through creating content. You can earn a lot of money from this application online. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

At the same time, you can watch cartoons, movies, and dramas. Apart from entertainment purposes, you will also find a wide variety of educational and religious videos. Now it is completely up to you what kind of content you like and wish to watch. 

Talking about Youtube Blue APK. Let me tell you all this is a highly recommended app for people who spend a great deal of time watching videos on youtube yet are often interrupted by the ads. Yes, the names of both the applications are identical which is not so strange. 

Youtube Blue APK Download Latest Version

Youtube Blue application is similar to youtube, all the features of both the applications are identical to some extent. But youtube blue will amaze you in many more ways due to its advanced features. As you all must have examined, as soon as you play a video on youtube you are interrupted by a pop-up Ad.

These ads sometimes occur at the start of the video and sometime in the middle. These pop-up ads are quite irritating as they break the continuity and sometimes the ads are for more than 10 seconds that you immediately lose interest in the video as the flow breaks. Here I have good news for you. If you don’t want the ads to interrupt you and if you think that the continuity should persist I would recommend you to immediately download Youtube Blue.

Using this app you can smartly block all the pop-up ads. Isn’t it amazing? No interruptions and you can peacefully enjoy the video you are watching. Youtube Blue which is a modified version of youtube is highly compatible with all Android devices and it is completely free. 

Apart from blocking the Ads by using Youtube Blue, you can also enjoy many other features. Such as you can surf through other things on youtube while letting any video play in the background. Moreover, you can also set the theme in the settings of your own choice. There are many other interesting features in the Youtube Blue app which are discussed under:

Background Video Player

Another amazing feature of Youtube Blue is that it permits you to surf through youtube while playing any video in the background. For instance, you have played a song in the background and you want to search for something. Youtube Blue will permit you to avail this opportunity with just a few clicks.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

No one wants to miss out on a chance to enjoy a high-resolution video. The option of HDR in the settings of Youtube Blue will enable you to watch any drama or movie in high-quality video. A fun thing that everyone would like to avail. 

Zooming Options

Youtube Blue permits you to zoom in and zoom out of any video while watching. What you have to do is pinch the screen to zoom in and split the screen to zoom out. This way you can have a crystal clear view of everything. 

Download Videos

Youtube Blue’s next best feature is to download any video of your choice. Suppose that you have to travel a long journey but are thoughtful of the fact that you do not have anything for the journey for amusement. Neither will you have access to the internet. What you can do is download the video using the Youtube Blue app and watch the downloaded video. But remember one thing after 2-3 days you have to sync the downloaded video with a good internet connection.


Youtube blue has given you the ability to choose between different themes. You can choose from the colors any of which you want your home screen to look like. The options of the themes in Youtube blue are Red, Pink, and Black. 

Pause History

If you select the settings of Youtube Blue you will see the option of pausing the history. Once you click pause youtube will not access what you are watching nor your watched things will appear in the history. 


Youtube Blue is an app that respects your interests and gives you the opportunity to block all the ads that pop up on youtube while enjoying your favorite shows. One should definitely give it a try to Youtube blue for amazing fun. 

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Is Youtube Blue like Youtube?

Both applications are slightly same but you can get more advanced features in Youtube blue.

Are the developers of youtube and youtube blue the same?

No, the developers of both applications are different.

Is youtube blue available on the play store?

No, it is a modified version hence you can not get it from the google play store.

Is Youtube Blue safe?

Yes, the application is completely safe and there is no harm in it. 

On which devices Youtube blue is highly compatible?

Youtube Blue is highly compatible with all Android devices.