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As the updates keep coming and the developer tries his best to provide complete convenience to its users, the new features keep adding to the application. Some of the new mo that the updated version of this app has is given below:

  • Get more than ten scroll effects. 
  • Change your iconic size per your preference
  • In-app drawer group
  • Hide app
  • Nova Gestures
  • Notification badge
  • Custom icon theme
  • Latest Android launcher feature for all phones
  • Night mode and Dark theme
  • Navigation gesture
  • Built-in material you

Nova Launcher is an app to make your mobile home screen creative and attractive. It helps you customize your home screen to refresh whenever you see it. Nova Launcher is available on the play store with 4.4 ratings and has been installed by more than 5 million people. It provides an excellent replacement for your home screen but remains user-friendly and easy to use. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from 

Now you are thinking about what does this app do? Simply put, it gives you the authority to customize your mobile home screen. It is available for Android users and is free to install. This app is a launcher loader that allows users to change the mobile home screen appearance.

Nova Launcher Mod APK

The users can select the different alluring backgrounds, colors, animations, presets, and icon layouts,  customize the widget, and decide how they like their home screen to roll. It replaces your home screen and is a phone cleaner that eliminates the strain from the stuffed screen. So it provides multiple features that improve the functionality of your mobile phone. Now let’s move toward the useful features it offers. 

The application provides multiple features to enhance your home screen appearance, but at the same time, it is convenient to learn and use. The  attributes of the Nova launcher are given as follows:

Color Preference

Nova launcher enables you to set the colors according to your choice. Some users prefer soft and dim colors, while others prefer bright and shiny ones. The launcher has the option available to apply different colors. You can give different colors to scroll bars, backgrounds, badges, etc. So you can customize them according to your taste.

Icon Theme

You know it’s human nature to become irritated to see the same thing repeatedly. It’s our instinct that we want to change after some time. Due to this reason, many smartphones have few styles available. But using them again and again does not suit many users. Due to these reasons, the Nova launcher has introduced different iconic themes. You can also design yourself or ready-made on the launcher. Just tap the one you like and enjoy. 


You know it isn’t easy sometimes to find an application from the original launcher. Because it is messy and has many apps appearing at once, Nova introduces the Subgrid option to ease their users regarding this problem. You can place the most wanted application on this page. So that whenever you require them, they are just one tap away. 


Want to customize how your screen should scroll and the transition of tabs and applications? You can select from dozen animation options available where you can choose how your screen looks when you scroll over it and when you move from one app to another how it should appear. You can find the customizable app drawer, cards, page effects, and other options related to scrolling on the home screen.

Night Mode

Night mode option help to protect the eyes from mobile light during the nighttime. It dims the light while maintaining the color contrast so that the screen is readable. The Nova launcher has this built-in option where the Dark Mode activates at a specific time. You have to adjust the time, and the rest left it on Nova.

Hide App

Its other useful features also help the user to decide what you appear on their home screen. If you don’t want an app to appear on your screen and neither to install it, you use the option in the launcher.

Where you can hide the application, you no longer need. Thus, whenever you want the apps, you can use them from the hidden folders.

Useful Widgets

Add the valuable widget on your screen through the Nova widget library. It gives you the freedom to manage your activities more effectively and makes your home screen more attractive for you.

Smooth And Fast

When a smartphone screen becomes stuffed, running smoothly from one app to another becomes complicated when a smartphone screen becomes stuffed. The Nova launcher can quickly and smoothly run between the apps. It is highly optimized and makes you feel like you are using a new smooth touch screen even with your old phones.


The launcher may have a problem with bugs and flaws, but what makes it suitable is the developer’s reaction. The developer respects the user’s suggestion and reacts actively to the complaints. That’s why we see frequent updates every few days.

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How much Nova Laumcher drain energy?

Nova Launcher is an application that is highly optimized. It doesn’t drain that much battery and ROM. It does work in the background, but the battery drainage is minimal.

Does this launcher slow down your phone?

The launcher usually slows the phone when it is not good and working correctly, But the Nova launcher has this feature that allows the phone to work smoothly and speedy scrolling from one app to another.

How much space does the Nova launcher use?

The Nova launcher used 600MB of RAM.

Where can I download the Nova Launcher Prime?

You can download it from the Google Play Store, but to unlock all its features, you have to pay the subscription charges. The good news is you can still download it without paying a single penny through the link mentioned in the article.