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APP NAMEAutodesk SketchBook Pro APK
Size98 MB
CategoryArt & Design
3.9/5 (64 votes)

Premium features that required subscriptions are

  • Premium brushes
  • Flood fill
  • Layers effect
  • Transparent colors
  • No adds
  • Image distortion
  • No watermark
  • All filters Unlocked
  •  Bug clearance
  • Improvement
  • Support and recovery
  • Color editor improvement
  • Curved Rulers

All these features required its users to pay the subscription charges and enjoy the unlocked version. But the good news is you can download it by tapping the button.

Sketchbook is an application for those who are interested in sketching. This app liberates users from paper and buying expensive drawing products to draw one thing. The app is offered by Sketchbook for Android users and was released on October 2014. You can imagine how good it is as it has been installed by 50,000,000 and more people around the globe. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Sketchbook provides a platform for those eager to draw on the canvas. This app allows you to draw and write anything on your phone’s screen. With this app, you can draw anything you want with an unlimited range of brushes and pens that are costly and sometimes unavailable. With Sketchbook, not only do you have access to world-class stationery on your smartphone, but also it allows you to draw smoothly and comfortably, which is challenging to do on paper. It depends on your artistic abilities and how well you can sketch and utilize this application. Not only for the skilled one, but this app is also highly recommended for beginners to learn how to draw and start their journey as digital artists.

Autodesk Sketchbook Mod APK Download Latest Version

This app is free to download. Many features are free, but for some features, you have to pay the subscription charges. But you don’t have to worry about it. If you want to download and enjoy the whole sketchbook feature for free, you can download it from the link mentioned in this article. So, let’s talk about the features of this application. Here are the fantastic features of Sketchbook.

Rectify Your Drawing

Yes, this app helps you further to refine your drawing with the help of tools like guides, rulers, and strokers tools. With the stroke predictive tool, you can smoothify your sketch and avoid wobbly sketch. Also, you can customize line quality. With adjustable rulers, you can make your drawing more accurate and realistic.

Easy to Handle

This app is simple and easy to use. The developer made it in such a way that it is not only easy for the pro artist but also the beginners. The main board is designed from where you access every tool available with a single tap. All Andriod users can have fun with it, so it is available almost on every mobile, and everyone can enjoy the digital Sketchbook. 

Multiple Brushes

Autodesk has a massive range of brushes for your sketching. Different types of tips make drawing more convenient. You will get the complete range from round tips, feather-like brushes, pointed tips, and many more. The option to choose a brush is present on the clipboard. Although there is a variety you can get from the clipboard, if you want to try some other specific brush, you can download it from the internet library. 

Option to Add Layers of Drawing

It is one of the best things this app has. Create your art by adding multiple layers to your sketch. By adding layers, you can give a realistic effect to your drawing. Layers features have a blend mode that merges the layers, and you will get a unified sketch. You can change the layer’s opacity and lock it in place by using the option in the layers menu. Also, you can store your graphic in PSD format and export your sketch to another app for further editing.

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Others Certain Tools

Many other tools are available to make a masterpiece from your imagination. The magic wand, lasso, and cropping include circular, oval, rectangular, and square options, trimming tools, and many other tools that will help you make a professional artistic sketch. You can change the direction, angles, and position of an object you have drawn. Hence this digital Sketchbook is the one that gives you all the fantastic features related to sketching.

Play With a Massive Range of Colors

You will have multiple ranges of colors in a sketchbook. You don’t need to buy different colors whenever you want to draw. Just open the app, remove and choose the color from the options. 

Canvas Size

You can also choose the size of canvas for your drawing. Some sketches can take minimal space, but some graphics need a big canvas to be completed. You can choose from the available options or customize your canvas size.

Time Lapse

If you are among those people who want to share your sketch-making process with the world, you can also record. With its time-lapse option, you can register your digital sketching process and share it with your friends, family, or followers.

Add Text

You can also add text to any active layer using the text tool option available on the clipboard. The area where you want to add text should be clear and visible. You can also add different font styles to the text. 

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How can you blend in Sketchbook?

Sketchbook comes with a range of brushes that help you to do smudging and bending smoothly. A brush type is also available that gives a natural blending look to your drawing.

Is Sketchbook free?

Yes, it is free to download on your mobile phone, and many of the features are free, but to run it on a desktop and MAC, you have to pay. You can download this application with all its features unlocked from the download button in the article.

Where can I save my sketches?

You can save your sketches in PSD Formate on your mobile phone and edit them on different applications. You can also save it to iCloud Drive, and Sketchbook Gallary is there to keep all your precious sketches.