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To unlock the premium features, you have to pay the amount to Flipaclip, and these features include 

  • No ads
  • Remove watermark
  • Save animation as a PNG file
  • Customize canvas size
  • Addition of more than ten layers
  • Customize gird setting
  • Add your voice

But the good news is you can have all these features unlocked with just one tap on the download button. It is safe and will provide you access to all the features.

Flipaclip app was designed for those who are interested in drawing and animation. It is 2D animation app where you can put your imagination into animation. Millions have used this app, and been awarded “the app of the year” by the Google play store. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com

Flipaclip provides you with a digital drawing platform. You know that initially, animations were created on Flipbook, but it takes expertise and time to prepare them. So digital drawing platform in the name of Flipaclip has made it easier for any user. You don’t need any expert skill in the art, nor do you need any stationary and flipbooks. Just install the app from the Google plays store, enjoy many of the app features, and bring your thoughts to life through animations. Some elements can also take user drawing skills to another level. 

FlipaClip MOD APK Download Latest Version

Professionals recommend this app to create short stories, cartoony animations, loopable NFT, sketches, storyboarding, etc. So let’s have a tour of the fantastic features of this app.

Many exciting features you can find in this app that take your work to the next level.

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Drawing Tools

The app has many professional tools available to start your artwork. Create your simple or professional design using practical tools like brushes, lasso, fill, erasers, lines, shapes, etc. You also can add text with different font styles that will help you tell the story in a few words. It also has the choice to select the size of Canvas. Based on what your want o draw, you can increase it up to 1920✖1920.

To enjoy a professional experience with drawing, you can also use a Samsung S pen and Sonarpen that give you an adequate grip on what you are drawing.

Adding Layers to Your Animation

If you are interested in creating a more appealing animation, you can also add layers to your animation. It will allow you to add multiple drawings in one frame and merge it that look like one picture. Then apply the animation that will make it look like cartoons. You can add three layers using premium; otherwise, you must purchase it to add up to 10. Different blending effects enhance the attractiveness of the animation, and it is free. 

Tools For Video Animation

Flipaclip developers try to keep the app simple yet effective for its users. After creating the animation and adding layers to it, go to the video animation tools that provide you with various practical tools. You will see the option of frame-by-frame animating, mainly used to create cartoons. To create 2D animation graphics and to see several frames at a one-time onion skin animation tool is used. Based on the previous expression, you can decide what layer should come after and make it look live.  

After adding these effects go to the frame view option to see what your animation looks like; you can view the entire picture at once. Another beneficial option is frame scrub animation control, allowing you to see how a particular segment, when repeated, looks on screen. For example, in cartoony movies, some similar actions are repeated simultaneously. It is what is done with the scrubbing effect at a controlled speed. Explore the app, and you will find more helpful tools like this.

Adding Music and Sound Effects to Create a Livelier Effect

The app gives enormous resources for creating animation. You can add the audio and music to the clips and make it appear like the pictures are talking. Up to 6 audio tracks are available. You can utilize them and add them after cutting and editing. Mainly the funny audio is used by a cartoonist to make their animation amusing. 

If you want to add your voice as it has the option, you can record it and add it sequentially with the animation video to make it more relatable. 

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Add Photos and Videos to Your Animation.

To make the animation immersive, you can add photos and videos to your animation so that they look the part of the animation. The rotoscope effect makes the animation more attractive for the users and realistic.

Export and Share 

 The export option is available to save the animation video to your local gallery inform of MP4 and GIF and then share it with others on youtube, TikTok, and other social platforms. Step-by-step guideline regarding every effort has made this app more appealing for the users. You can draw, create or manipulate the existing animation with this app easily. 

Amazing Contests and Prizes

To keep the user’s interest, Flipclip arranges competitions where you can send your animation, and the best one will be awarded a prize. This way, you can connect with the Flipaclip community worldwide and learn from their experience.

So basically, this is the best app for you if you are interested in creating animation on a digital platform. With different simple and professional tools, you can draw art, add layers, and make a video or make your animation spirited by various means. Suppose you want to step into the world of animation. In that case, this app is the one basic app that guides its users on how to work with and create animation—an excellent platform for both newbies and professional animation makers. 

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How long can an animation video be?

If you are using it without an app purchase, you can make a video of only 6 seconds, but in the premium version, you can make a longer video.

For how long does the premium feature last?

The premium feature of Flipaclip is one-time free and lasts as long as you use the app.