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Here are some features and updates of Omar WhatsApp:

  • Easily hide your last seen, blue, and even second ticks so you can control your online status.
  • Get 1000+ themes, allowing you to personalize your chat environment.
  • Send up to 100 images at a go, and share videos as large as 150 MB.
  • No more third-party apps; lock directly with a password or fingerprint.
  • Remember a message; set it in advance as a timely reminder.
  • Borrowing from WhatsApp Business, all users set automatic message responses.
  • You can enjoy both apps by running Omar WhatsApp alongside the original app using different phone numbers.

WhatsApp has comfortably established its dominant foothold in messaging apps, revolutionizing how we communicate with friends, family, and professional connections. But, like with any popular software, iterations and offshoots always come onto the scene, promising an elevated experience. GB WhatsApp Prime is one such example. Now, another variant is making waves: Omar WhatsApp. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Omar Whatsapp apk Download Latest Version

About Omar WhatsApp

In an age where everyone is hooked on WhatsApp, Omar WhatsApp has started carving out a niche. For those unfamiliar with it, this version isn’t just another clone; it is an app that promises to provide an even better user experience than its predecessors, boasting both standard features we’ve come to love and some unique twists.

The newest Omar WhatsApp version seamlessly integrates commonly desired features while offering a fresh take on the messaging game. Think of all the things you wish were a tad different about WhatsApp, and Omar, WhatsApp seems to be the answer to many of those qualms.

Enhanced Privacy Controls

Omar WhatsApp, a modified version of the popular messaging app, strongly emphasizes user privacy. Its standout features allow users to mask their online activity effortlessly. 

By enabling them to hide their ‘last seen’ status and turn off both the blue and second ticks, it ensures that their read and received message statuses remain private. This extra layer of discretion can be a game-changer for many seeking greater control over their online presence.

Customization Galore

Omar WhatsApp elevates the user experience by offering extensive customization options not found in the standard app. Users can revamp the aesthetic of their interface by selecting from a vast library of over 1000+ themes. 

Whatsapp Omar APK Download

Personalizing the chat window and altering the app’s icon is possible. Such extensive customization means users can tailor the app’s look and feel to match their style and preferences seamlessly.

Increased Media Sharing Limit

Omar WhatsApp expands upon the capabilities of the original app, particularly in media sharing. It breaks the standard restrictions, allowing users to share 100 images simultaneously. 

Not just that, video sharing has also been enhanced, accommodating files up to 150 MB. This means users can share high-quality videos or bulk photos without splitting them into multiple batches, ensuring a smoother, more efficient sharing experience.

In-built App Lock 

Omar WhatsApp takes user privacy up a notch by integrating enhanced security features. Without needing external applications, users can directly set a password or employ a fingerprint lock for the app. 

This added layer of security ensures that personal conversations stay just that personal. It’s a comforting reassurance for users, knowing their chats are safeguarded from unauthorized access and remain shielded from curious onlookers.

Schedule Messages

Omar WhatsApp introduces a thoughtful feature for proactive planners: message scheduling. This tool ensures that important messages, like birthday greetings or timely reminders, are sent even if you forget or are unavailable. 

Users simply set the desired message and time, and the app takes care of the rest. It’s a seamless way to maintain thoughtfulness and consistency in communication, no matter how busy life gets.

Auto-reply Feature

Omar WhatsApp democratizes a feature once exclusive to the Business version: automatic replies. All its users can now harness the convenience of setting auto-responses for incoming messages. 

Whether you’re temporarily unavailable or wish to instantly inform contacts of specific details, this tool becomes incredibly handy. It’s a nod to the evolving needs of today’s users, merging professional-grade functionalities with everyday communication.


Is Omar WhatsApp an official app? 

No, Omar WhatsApp is not affiliated with the original WhatsApp. It’s a modified version created by third-party developers to provide enhanced features.

Are there any risks involved in using Omar WhatsApp? 

Like any third-party application, Omar WhatsApp is not endorsed by the original app developers, which means it may not have the same level of security encryption. Users should be cautious about sharing sensitive information.

How is Omar WhatsApp different from GB WhatsApp? 

Both apps offer extended features compared to the original WhatsApp. However, Omar WhatsApp focuses more on user interface customization and boasts a few unique features not present in GB WhatsApp.

Can I use both Omar WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp on the same device?

Absolutely! As with GB WhatsApp, you can run both apps simultaneously, provided you use different phone numbers for registration.


While a newcomer in the modded app scene, Omar WhatsApp shows promising potential with its feature-packed offerings. Its enhanced privacy settings and customization options set it apart, making it a tempting choice for those seeking a more tailored messaging experience. 

However, with all third-party apps, it’s crucial to approach data privacy and security carefully. As the saying goes, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry!