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APP NAMEWhatsapp Gold APK
Size56 MB
4.9/5 (64 votes)
  • You can use multiple accounts.
  • You can set up auto-reply to it.
  • You now get amazing animation and feel of the application.
  • You can find an excellent user interface in the application.
  • You can now schedule messages on the application.
  • Get a secure and safe connection with some advanced privacy features.
  • There’s mass message sending.

When the world gradually advanced, people started finding and creating better ways to communicate with others. There came the development of social media platforms and messaging applications. One of which is WhatsApp, which has become the most successful application. Now that people have used and become fed up with the limited ways of using WhatsApp, it has become clear they want more, which is the Gold WhatsApp application. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Whatsapp Gold APK Download Latest Version

This is another version of WhatsApp that allows you the freedom to use features and functionality you could never find in the original WhatsApp app.

About Gold Whatsapp

WhatsApp took the whole world by storm with its versatile and convenient features that intrigued everyone with its usefulness. However, there were always limitations and an extent to what you could do with it. That’s when Gold WhatsApp came into existence. This was an application made to keep everything within limits and work on providing everyone with unique features that can deliver you the best of it all. 

Abu Arab developed this application to give users an even more fantastic WhatsApp experience with enhanced features and functionality. Everything that you couldn’t do or find will be seen in this application. It provides its customers with everything they need in an advanced messaging application.

Get Access to Multiple Accounts

If this isn’t your first drill of using WhatsApp, you know that WhatsApp doesn’t allow more than one account to be used. This makes it the best application for users wanting access to two or more accounts.

Use multiple accounts

With a single click, you can now switch from one account to another by simply moving from one window to another. This way, you’ll be able to get the best out of it.

Set up Auto-reply

Do you want the message to be automatically responded to? Then this is the feature for you. We have provided the WhatsApp gold apk to you with great features.  This software allows you to set up an auto-reply and respond to anyone effortlessly. 

You can configure the input message and its response such that your response is sent whenever the message is sent. This feature is quite useful; you should use it at least once.

Great Animation

The makeup and appearance of an application are essential for the user to be attracted to. With Gold WhatsApp, you’ll find many creative animations that fit perfectly with the whole makeup of the application. These animations can also easily be changed into different features and settings you can explore. 

Great Animation Via amazing stickers

Just get to the settings and find the perfect animations for you to have. These animations are all in the application so that you can change them according to your preference.

User Interface

Gold Whatsapp allows you to change up and customize the application according to your taste and preference. The application has a lot of freedom to explore all the options that come with wanting a specific chat portal. 

From font and size to the background, you can change your profile however you want without any issues. The user interface allows you to customize your profile any way you want!

Privacy Features

A good privacy feature in an application is always appreciated; the same goes for this application. It allows users to provide its customers with great privacy and unique features that will enable you to ensure everything is according to the way you want it. This application doesn’t immediately put blue fragments on the messages you’re reading, which don’t let the person know that you’ve read their message. It also alerts the people on your contact list when you read their status updates.

Privacy Features

Mass Messaging Option

If you want to notify people in your contact list regarding an event or news, you should test Gold WhatsApp’s mass message-sending options. This tool is quite helpful for sending bulk messages to your contacts; there is no need to go through the process of sending messages manually. Simply type in your message and pick your contacts, and your message will be delivered.

Schedule Messages

Sending messages is now more efficient; with WhatsApp Gold APK’s Schedule messaging features, you may send messages at preset times. This function allows you to send a message at the time you want; you no longer have to wait hours to send a message. 

Simply arrange it using Gold WhatsApp, and you’re done. This highly premium feature is available for free with Gold WhatsApp APK.

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What are the benefits of WhatsApp gold?

Video calling, the option to transmit 100 photos at once, free calling, the ability to change WhatsApp themes, and other capabilities are available with the Gold edition of the program. Want to know more about its advanced features? It basically steals your information and tracks your travels.

Is Gold Whatsapp safe to use?

Yes, using this application is dangerous. Here are some potential risks you may encounter after downloading the application. Because the application does not come from a trusted source, there is a danger that it will compromise customers’ privacy. It has the ability to acquire personal information from clients.

How do I see hidden chats on Whatsapp Gold?

To see your hidden chats on WhatsApp, open the archive folder. You will find this folder at the top of your chat menu. Then, click the Achieve button to see your hidden chats on WhatsApp.

What are the disadvantages of GB Whatsapp?

You may be barred from using the original WhatsApp if you use GB WhatsApp. Furthermore, because the original creators did not design the app and do not support end-to-end encryption, your data may not be secure on the app. 

As a result, revealing critical information may be risky in this situation.


Gold WhatsApp is another unofficial modification of the renowned WhatsApp messaging platform. While it boasts enhanced functionalities, users should be wary. Unofficial apps might compromise security and privacy. In today’s interconnected world, ensuring the integrity of our communications is crucial. So, opt for verified platforms whenever possible.