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  • Provide firm safety and security with the encrypted conversation of sender and receiver.
  • Share a large amount and size of files with multiple friends, with no restriction in format or size.
  • Allow a user-friendly experience with lots of customization options in chat and display settings.
  • Connect from more than one device in a single account, making it possible to travel and change devices.
  • Provide tools and options for business account setting and promotion.

The world is revolutionizing quickly, in this fast-growing era the latest communication app available is GO WhatsApp. This app innovates its features according to modern advancements and provides a space for easy and swift communication. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Whatsapp GO APK Download latest Version

In this article we will discuss GO WhatsApp, how it is different from other WhatsApp, and its amazing innovative features which bring our attention to this application.

About GO Whatsapp

GO Whatsapp is the latest communication application developed and designed by GOMC (the Global Optimized Messaging Corporation). It is made to develop a timeless communication bridge between family members or loved ones living apart from each other.

It is also embedded with professional chat features which make it feasible for professional communications too. GO Whatsapp has millions of users globally who are enjoying its unique and amazing bundle of features.

What Makes Whatsapp GO Stand Out?

The innovative features of GO Whatsapp enhanced its visibility among users, and different attractive features like functionality, security, and user experience. Some of the prominent innovations are user security and privacy, bundle of file sharing, customization of account display options, view of old deleted messages, multiple images sharing in a single go, and many more.

Whatsapp Go Edition Download

You can also make a free business account and enjoy more professional features for your business prosperity, like promotion texts, auto-replies, and others. Let’s explore the innovative features of GO Whatsapp:

Cross-Platform Compatibility

GO Whatsapp is made to run on Android, iOS, or other devices, it is a user-friendly application. Some communication apps are only Android friendly, so if you want to switch the device you have to face restrictions, but this app is completely runnable in different devices.

Business Integration

GO Whatsapp also made special features for its business accounts. It provides the tools, analytical insides, marketing options, customer services features, promotions, catalogs, or display options which are very beneficial for business campines and connections.

Integrated File Sharing

This application also provides multiple sharing options without restriction in file formatting or size issues. Some apps concise the size and send it to the other recipient without your permission but GO WhatsApp provides you the option to send the file in its original format and size.

Integrated File Sharing

Adaptive User Interface

It has an internal auto system that will learn the user language and remember it for future use. It learns your using pattern and provides a user-friendly interface.

This feature confirms the efforts of developers to make the app user-friendly, enjoyable, and easily accessible conversation.

End-to-End Encryption

GO Whatsapp provides a secure transfer of data from one device to another. It will be a great feature in safeguarding issues or business-related secret communication.

The security feature is updated with the advancing technology so it will provide you with a very secure environment every time around a year.

End-to-End Encryption

Float Chat Bubble

GO Whatsapp developers add a floating cat feature so you can use other apps along with the conversation. It also makes you check the messages quickly and reply to them, along with media playing in the background.

Download and Copy Status

This WhatsApp provides you the freedom of downloading or copying the status you like from your contact list. Whereas simple WhatsApp restricts the downloading or saving of others’ status. You can also download videos from the status and modify them with filters or add text of your choice. 

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Is GO Whatsapp free to use?

Yes, GO Whatsapp is completely free and available online to download. All users of GO Whatsapp enjoy all the benefits of this application.

How does GO Whatsapp ensure user privacy?

GO Whatsapp privacy policies are really strict and provide complete safety to its user’s data. All data transactions are encrypted on both sides.

Can businesses benefit from GO Whatsapp?

Yes GO Whatsapp comes with many business-friendly features, that will enhance your business visibility and increase sales in less time.


GO Whatsapp offers innovative features like complete security, large-size data sharing, multiple sharing options, an adaptive interface, multiple account setting options, and business-enchanted accounts. 

This app is continuously expanding, almost 1.7 billion global users are already on this app and enjoying its limitless features. It is a very suitable app for daily communication or business customer support. This is a swift and latest daily communication application.