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APP NAMERope Hero: Vice Town APK
Size104 MB
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  • All the premium features in the game are unlocked. 
  • You do not have to purchase the game. 
  • A rope with some superpowers to save the world against enemies. 
  • No internet connection is required, if you wish to play offline. 
  • You can get unlimited money in different levels and make purchases from the gameplay store. 
  • You can even customize your character
  • Upgrade your level to be competitive and strong for opponents. 
  • The controls of the game are uncomplicated and you can easily understand them.
  • Unlock different maps and fight in different locations. 
  • There are no Ads in the game that will interrupt your continuity. 

Rope Hero Vice Town is a game that is constructed in a 3D world and gives the player a genuine world representation which makes the gameplay even more interesting and engaging. Rope Hero Vice Town is a game in which you are dressed up as a superhero and you are the main character in the game. You wake up as a superhero on the street, and you have a rope in your hand with which you have to destroy your rivals. Your rope in the game is your strength as it has got some amazing powers that you can use to fight with and save your world. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

ROPE HERO Vice Town Mod APK Download Latest Version

Rope Hero has got a very interesting storyline and if you want to know the story you have to complete the missions and reach to the end. All you have to do is roam in the streets, find the villains, and punish them. If you have ever thought of helping people but unfortunately couldn’t get a chance then Rope Hero Vice Town is a game of your amusement. The game revolves around a person who is a superhero, he has a rope in his hand and that rope has got some incredible powers. 

Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK is a next-level entertainment that is highly secure and 100% free. It means that you can enjoy all the mod features, upgrade your level in the game by accomplishing missions, win unlimited money, and increase your power and strength. The controls of the game are easily manageable and easy to comprehend. Along with this if you win unlimited resources playing the MOD version you can customize your character, buy things from the in-game store and enjoy unlimited fun.

Rope Hero Mod APK Download

The MOD APK version won’t let you lose your interest as it is entirely free and a plus point of the game is its interface. You will find it colorful and intuitive at the same time. If you remain successful in completing all the levels and unlocking all the premium features you will get a chance to explore other locations in the game as well. 

Developed Game Mechanics 

Rope Hero Vice town will impress you with amazing features. In the game you will wander around the streets, find the criminals who are actually your enemies in the game. You can use your given rope composed of some special powers to defeat your rivals. Kill your opponents, and save your world. By saving your people you will be admired among many in your world. Continue with completing the missions and discover the storyline of the game. You can also do hand-to-hand fighting with your enemies.

Developed Game Mechanics 


In the game play you will come through different challenges and discover different weapons on the accomplishment of every stage. Every weapon consists of some special powers and will assist you in combating your enemies and the tough bosses. 

Extricate Your World

Rope Hero Vice Town is a game in which there are many criminals. You are in a world that is full of wrong-doers. Your goal is to free your world from your enemies who are spreading in gangs. They are in some specific hideouts which you have to find out by being very vigilant at every step you take. They are always in motion to kill you so that you fail to protect your world. You can use different weapons and unlock money to upgrade your level so that every time you face them you have some special powers to defeat them and win against them. 

Developed Game Mechanics 

Play Offline

When playing Rope Hero Vice Town it is not necessary that you need to have an internet connection. The game does not restrict you in any situation. It means that you can play the game at any time and anywhere to kill your boredom. 


It seems impossible that a superhero does not have any superpowers, Right? So, in Rope Hero you are a superhero of your city and your superpower is your rope. You have the ability to use that rope for long jumps and cover long distances in seconds so that your enemy is unable to chase you. However, for this, you constantly have to upgrade your level to avoid failures. 


Distinctive Locations

It is quite boring to roam in the area and especially games with the same graphics lose the interest of the player. So, Rope Hero brings you a variety of locations. By winning different levels and surpassing different stages you can unlock different maps. This way you can play the game in different locations and have a lot of fun. 

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Is Rope Hero a free game?

Yes, Rope Hero Vice Town is a completely free game. You do not have to give any money to purchase the game. 

How can I download the game?

Rope Hero is easily available on Google Play Store. Search for the game, click on install and the game will be downloaded to your phone in seconds.

Is there any age limit for playing Rope Hero Vice Town?

There is no specific limit for playing the game. However, the genre of the game is action if your kids are playing it keep a watch on them.

Does Rope Hero need a good space for downloading?

No, the game does not require any extra space or heavy storage in the phone. The size of the game is 98.6MB. 

Is the Rope Hero MOD version safe to download?

Yes, the game’s MOD version is entirely safe to download and play. The game is highly compatible with your Android devices.