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  • It is a very lightweight application.
  • It has excellent privacy and security features.
  • It provides you with a customized appearance of your profile.
  • You can now send heavy files to others.
  • Schedule messages to your loved ones.
  • Manage groups according to your preference.

There are many different modded versions of WhatsApp. However, not all of them are secure enough to be used. Some of them have malicious intent where they take you to another website through which they can access all your data. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Pink WhatsApp is an extremely secure application with amazing features and functionality that provides a secure and private way of contacting your loved ones. On top of that, the app has many perks, like enhanced group management, customized appearance,  scheduled messages, and more.

So download the application and get a smooth and fun way of contacting your friends and family!

About Pink Whatsapp

There are many versions of Whatsapp, and one of them is Pink Whatsapp. What sets it apart from the original Whatsapp is its ability to provide users with additional unique features and functions that make using this communication app much more fun. 

No matter what updates have been installed in the original app, pink WhatsApp provides extra features that bridge the gap between communication with your friends through new communication methods. It makes contact with your friends much more fun and unique.

Chat with friends and family without thinking twice about communication access because it’s all there right in the palm of your hand. You can have the best time using this application for a fantastic way of contacting individuals.

Lightweight Application

People usually have essential apps downloaded on their phones for everyday use. However, space plays an important role in the storage process of such applications. Many apps use a lot of battery, so people don’t prefer using them often. 

Pink Whatsapp is an application with a tiny size that makes it easier to store it. It doesn’t take up much space and can be stored on your phone as an application you use daily. This ensures that you won’t find any storage problems soon after downloading this version of WhatsApp.

Privacy and Security

If an application has a secure interface, all will prefer it. The original WhatsApp application is exceptionally secure with end-to-end encryption, where only the person you’re chatting with can access the messages. The same goes for the pink WhatsApp application. It offers the same end-to-end encryption provided to you. 

Regarding privacy, Pink WhatsApp provides users with a private chat hidden from the Whatsapp UI. This keeps their conversation private and hidden from the outer profile of the application.

Customized Interface

The best part about this application is how you can customize your wall’s appearance. The app allows you to change your profile by changing the background, theme, and even the font size or color of text. 

pink whatsapp download

You just have to click on the three dots at the top right corner of the app and go to settings. From there onward, you’ll be guided towards the right application.

Transfer Heavy Files

The biggest drawback of the original WhatsApp application is its failure to send heavy files to others. You can only send files up to 16 MB. The pink WhatsApp application provides users with a great feature where you can transfer files up to 1 GB to others. This is a valuable feature for people who religiously use WhatsApp for important work purposes. You can easily send heavy files to your friends and coworkers without worrying about setbacks.

Schedule Message

This option is for business owners who know how to manage a corporation or several employees and need help to manually send messages to their staff on a specified day and time. 

You may schedule an announcement or customized message for your colleagues or anyone who contacts your business with a few clicks using an in-app message Scheduler. Your contacts will send a message on the scheduled day and time.

Manage Groups

This feature is extremely useful for group admins who like controlling everything in the group. It allows you to delete other’s messages and see who has left the group and when. You have complete access to all the ins and outs of the group, so you’ll be able to control whatever happens in it as well. There is also an option for polls where you can add polls to make whatever decision is hard to make during that time.

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What is the blue WhatsApp?

Blue WhatsApp allows you to call someone without saving their phone number. You can also disable voice calls in the app to prevent others from phoning you. You can still make video calls even if you turn off voice calls. Blue WhatsApp allows you to send voice notes in addition to calls.

What is the new color of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp plans to implement a new green color as the primary theme color for both light and dark modes, a new conversation bubble color for the dark theme, and a floating action button.

How do you hide blue ticks in pink WhatsApp?

The revised version contains an excellent feature that allows you to manage the ticks. When you send a message, a single grey tick appears just below the message. It indicates that the receiver still needs to be online. While a pair of grey ticks show online availability, they must still read your message. You notice a couple of blue ticks in your chat window shortly after the receiver receives your message.


Pink WhatsApp is stirring buzz among users. Its vibrant, feminine aesthetic appeals to many, offering a fresh twist to the familiar app. While some adore the novelty, others remain wary of unofficial versions. Regardless, it’s evident that color-themed apps can create quite the chatter in the digital sphere.