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Movepic is an excellent application for photo capturing and photo editing. You can edit your dull and steady pictures into moveable videos. Movepic offers you a built-in camera by which you can click stunning pictures and edit them using unique and exciting features. Give your videos visual impressions and a next-level look using the application on your Android devices. You can use multiple effects on one picture, add animations, and more.

Movepic is used by several users who want to give life to their unappealing pictures. Movepic also eliminates the space you are unwilling to use anymore, thus making it more refined. Movepic is an exciting application for those who want to play with features and create outstanding outcomes. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Movepic mod apk download latest version

The Movepic app does not require special efforts and expertise to give your photos an imaginative look. All you need to do is click the + button to proceed. Select the picture you want to edit and click the path icon on the screen to give a breathing effect to your video. You can freeze the areas you don’t want to animate and unfreeze in which you want to create a motion effect. Control the speed according to your set criteria. Select a wide variety of options to make your pictures breathtaking. Click on the effects icon, and you will see multiple options to use and enjoy.

In the effects icon, you will see a camera FX option through which you can create a 3D. Choose from a wide variety of HOT, Butterflies, Blaze, Starlight, Bloom, and many more. You can add stickers and adjust the font size and shape. Add rotations, flip, choose the video quality, set duration, and export the video. This way, your still photo can be converted into a video which turns out to be more captivating. Everything you want is clearly available in one app just a few clicks away from your approach. 

Premium Features of Movepic Mod APK

Moving Effect

When using the Movepic app, you will see the path icon. This icon is used when you want to create a moving effect on some of the elements in the video. All you have to do is click the icon and add arrows to those parts in the picture in which you want to create a moving effect. After you are done with the setting, you can see the results. Adding animations to the pictures changes the vibe and makes it look more enchanting. You can give a moving effect to the desired part while keeping the other parts static. All this allows you to make a flow to your creativity. 

Mark Elements You Don’t Want to Move

The other parts also get affected when adding motion effects to the picture. There is nothing to worry about anymore. The freeze icon will help you to proceed further. Mark the parts you don’t want to move, and the result is obvious. Isn’t it so interesting and appealing? Just in one picture you can move some elements and pause the other. 

Filters and Effects

After using the path and freeze icon, the next step is to make the video look colorful and stunning. You can use filters and effects icons. You can add colors, butterflies, hearts, and sky stickers. Set the brightness, contrast and saturation, and overlays. Filters and effects usage in any application has always been to the forefront and a grabbing element. All the sub-options in the filter and effects icon blow away your mind. It is very difficult to think about what options to choose and what not to. 

Pixel Dispersion Effect

It is another exciting feature added to the Moviepic application. Path, freeze, and unfreeze are the most used icons in this app. Pixel dispersion enables you to adjust the speed of the animations and video. Set the duration of the video to create a distinctive element. If you want to get rid of your boring camera, you can choose the Camera FX option for a new and enhanced look. Enjoying these advantages, don’t forget to add presets in your attractive editing. Pixel dispersion is newly added by the owner that catches your attention more quickly. 


No video looks completed until the sound is added. Music gives a more gratifying and beneficial effect. Add sound to your videos. You can choose them from the option provided by the application and also from your music gallery. New trendy songs are already available in the app with one click. Make your videos constructive so that they may reach a wider audience when shared on your social media accounts. For everyone in today’s world, sound is the most important feature. If music is not a part of anything it does not give a spark. Nothing is more catchy or attractive unless the music is present to give life at the moment. 

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Why is the Movepic app used?

Movepic application is an app through which you can still picture animated motion videos using plenty of available features and effects.

Can I share my pictures with friends using Movepic?

You can share your edited photos and videos with your loved ones after you are done editing them. Click the export option and share it on your social media accounts.

Who is the publisher of Movepic?

Ryzenrise is the publisher of the Movepic application.