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Lumber Inc MOD APK is a game in which you have to begin with your own lumber business and expand it with the help of your staff. It is basically a simulation game that will amaze you and you will not get bored at all. It will give you a real experience. For instance in real life when you start your own business you have small equipment, less labor, minimum building material, and other things. Just like that in the game, you have small production essentials. However, as soon as you accomplish levels you will get more things such as labor, staff, and other essentials for expansion. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Lumber Inc Mod APK Download Latest version

You are the main character in the game. It is your business that is going to start so you are the one who will put in all the effort to get as many necessary things as possible so your production does not stop at any level. You can also take help from the trees and woods in any nearby forest for processing. As you are about to start a business or you wish to expand the existing one. You need expert employers who handle the work effectively. You will need laborers, planners, architects, an operations team, cleaners, accountants, transport for moving of goods and services, and other people who play a crucial role in running a business. 

There are many missions and levels in this game. Which you have to surpass and get rewards. The rewards in this game are money and gems. Now how can this prove to be beneficial for the player? Well! It is very understanding. You are a businessman and you want to start your business. How is this all possible? All of the operations and functions of a business can only be done if you have money. The money in the game can only be achieved after passing levels.

So, as much money as you will get. You will have more opportunities to buy things. You need furniture, bricks to make a wall stand, ceilings, windows, rooms, and other areas. You need to hire staff. Did you think about how you will pay them? No, so the answer is by winning different levels and moving on to different stages. So you have to be very efficient when surpassing levels. As you know that one mistake will let you down and you can not succeed.


There are four factors of production. But the most important thing is the labor. As it can understand your plan, give you ideas, and share with you particular expertise. As it is said that “Jack of All trades is master of none”. Therefore, for different operations and functions, you need to hire different people who are experts in their own fields. Hire an accountant to handle your billings, hire a manager who can assist you in the functioning of tasks, and hire a driver for the transportation of goods and services. However, in Lumber Inc to hire all of these, you need to have money. In this game, money can only be generated by passing on each level efficiently. 

Become a Lumber Tycoon

Lumber Estate

You are a businessman and you have multiple roles. You have to take orders from the client. You need to keep a check on your workers whether they are doing their job or just passing the time. You need to keep a check on stock. Apart from all this you also need a warehouse so you never run out of immediate things. You also need machinery to turn raw materials into finished goods. Lastly, you need transport for delivering goods. All this can be kept in one place known as Lumber Estate in Lumber Inc. 

Business Expansion

As you started your business on a small scale. Yet now you are making a profit. You are getting orders as you have made a good reputation in the market. So, expanding business is a necessary component. Therefore, all the money you are earning should be invested in the business. The capital will help you in the expansion of your business. Buy advanced machinery and more labor if necessary. As more labor can help divide the work possible among numerous people enhancing work efficacy and performance. 

Business Expansion


Yes, it is true that human capital is essential. But we are playing Lumber Inc where we are working with woods. Now it is difficult for a man to cut a tree. Therefore, machinery is very important. If we talk about advanced technology, it means work will be carried out more effectively. So, machinery is pivotal and it can be achieved by passing more levels. Machinery can help prepare an order more quickly. 


You need to make furniture? So, you need a forest. Now where will you get it from? A forest. So, you need to make sure that you are planting the same number of trees as compared to those that you are cutting down. You can also expand your land with the earned revenue. 


Trees are cut down and order is prepared. Now how will you transfer it to your customer? You need a vehicle for it. So utilize the earned money beneficially. 

Upgrade Your Vehicles


To gain more clients you need efficient marketing strategies. Therefore, you need to make campaigns. You need to offer discount offers to your clients. All these campaigns which can include offers, discounts, and promotions can grab more customers. 


The most absorbing element of any game is its graphics. If they are compelling the player will hardly lose its interest in the game. The same is the case in Lumber Inc mod apk. Everything is so decorative and vivid that it will fascinate you completely. 

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Is Lumber Inc MOD APK safe and secure?

Yes, lumber Inc is completely safe and free of all data encryption. It will not affect the data storage of your phone in any malicious way.

Is Lumber Inc for some specific ages?

No, it is a good game for teenagers and adults. This game is highly recommended for those who are deciding to start their own business. Through games, they can learn about some basics. 

How can I download the MOD APK version of Lumber Inc?

The MOD APK version of Lumber Inc is not available on Play Store. Therefore, you have to look for some authentic sources that have the link. You have to be very careful before consulting any link or website. As an unauthentic source can encrypt your data. 

Is Lumber Inc free?

Yes, Lumber Inc is entirely free. You do not have to purchase the game.