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  • Easy to use PIN pad access
  • Custom albums
  • Simple interface
  • Phone and tablet support
  • Restore deleted files
  • Album lock
  • Space saver
  • Trash recovery
  • Ad-free
  • Premium Features unlocked
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Bugs fixes
  • Performance improvements

Keepsafe is the most popular application, joined by 50 million people and trusted by billions of people. This application is used for securing your photos and videos with PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade protection. Keepsafe secures your photos and videos and saves your phone’s storage. Data security is the core element when using any application and understanding the terms about how the app developers save your data.

Your photos are saved where you want to place them, regardless of accidental spillage. Keepsafe, keeping your photos and videos also secures your web searches, internet activity, personal data, android, and iOS phone apps, and contact numbers. You can witness a variety of protection all in one app, making your life hustle accessible. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Keepsafe mod apk download latest version

Keepsafe offers you many unique features, such as cloud backup, a space saver, an intruder detector, multiple themes, and many more. Keepsafe application, when developed, keeps in mind all the privacy concerns for better safety. Intruder detectors with break-in alerts smartly safeguard your data.

It is pretty easy to click photos, make memories, and store them. Technology advancement has made many things easier and accessible in no time. There are many private and personal things that a person cannot just save, but a need to safeguard and hide them sometimes becomes a necessity.

Keepsafe takes care of your needs and presents you with multi-layered privacy protection facilities. Many photos are sometimes embarrassing or sometimes personal and we do not wish to share them with everyone. A lot more reasons make way for the installation of the Keepsafe application.

The Keepsafe feature of password protection enables and ensures its users that no other person can access the vault unless they have personally shredded the password details. Its encryption policy saves data successfully, and the PIN and touch lock prevent the unlocking of the app by a third person.

In case you lose your device, the backup features ensure your data is stored. Keepsafe allows you to move your photos from a general area to a separate area. A place where no one can ever have a look at your personal life. A place where no one can reach and pass judgments. An application on which you can easily rely.

A “secret door” in the application presents the app like any utility store; for instance, any person using your phone would not be able to detect if it is a photo saver app. If you have a fake PIN over an actual PIN, it can also remove the danger if anyone trying to unlock the app.

Space Saver

A lot of photos and videos means a lot of data is required. When you simply save photos and videos in your mobile gallery, your phone possesses the ability to be slow. In most cases, you are also notified that you are running out of storage for which you need to delete your data. But now there is nothing to worry about. Keepsafe app fades away all your problems. If you have transferred your photos and videos to the app, your phone data storage is protected.

Secures Photos and Videos

There are precious moments that you have secured with your loved ones and are not willing to secrete with friends or family. The Keepsafe app allows you to safeguard your confidential material and hide it so that your memories are protected. Keepsafe’s multi-layered privacy policy gives you a sigh of relief. If anyone around you has access to your phone, you ultimately cannot have access to your confidential material. It can be made possible by the Keepsafe application. Apart from protecting your material from friends and family, many apps are always looking for your data to be used in a maleficent way. Keepsafe protects it all.

Cloud Backup

Photos are an asset to one’s life. You would never wish to lose them. In most cases, when you are not familiar with such apps, the least you do is either transfer your videos to any other device or delete them completely. Keepsafe gives you the ease of saving your photos and videos far from people’s interference. Along with saving, you can also back up your deleted or lost material. Photos refresh moments in your life, and losing them is heartbreaking. The Keepsafe application is now available to serve all your needs. It is pretty challenging to keep track of your moments if the chances are being misplaced or damaged do take place. Keepsafe evades all your worries with just a few clicks.

Organize Documents

Keepsafe is also used to track your essential documentation and files. Just, for instance, a working person is mostly facing the daily hustle and bustle. It is also apparent that you may lose track of your mind and skip about where you have stored your files or other necessary tasks. Keepsafe serves you in all possible ways.

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Is Keepsafe trustworthy?

Keepsafe offers you military-grade and bank-level security. Its multi-layered privacy protection policy is specially designed to protect user data. Keepsafe uses cipher AES-256 encryption.

Can Keepsafe see my pictures?

User privacy and protection is the core element of this app. Your photos, videos, documents or any other material on the device cannot be seen or used.