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APP NAMEKantin Sekolah Simulator APK
Size164 MB
4.6/5 (10 votes)
  • Breathtaking Diamonds
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Free of Cost
  • Customization
  • In-app purchases
  • Unlock levels
  • Get Skins and weapons
  • Reputation Enhancement
  • User-friendly
  • No Ads
  • Exuberant graphics
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Illustrations
  • Background Sound

Kantin Sekolah Simulator welcomes you all to an innovative game style where you don’t have to chase things or combat your enemies. It is a game based on expanding your creativity styles in exuberant ways, especially recommended for people who are fond of exploring new designs. Kantin Sekolah Simulator revolves around a cafeteria in a school. You are the owner, manager, and creator of your place. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Kantin Sekolah Simulator APK Download latest Version

Along with this, you are the Master Chef of your Cafeteria who is delightful in exploring new recipes and impressing your schoolmates and teachers. Kantin Sekolah Simulator allows you the flexibility of starting your personal culinary journey in your school. In Kantin Sekolah Simulator you will be presenting incredible Indonesian-style recipes. Gradually, as you start winning the hearts of the majority of people you will be getting more money through increased sales. Earning more money in the game means you will be getting more opportunities to expand your cafeteria and enhance the place as per your own will. 

As you have just started your own cafeteria, it is a simple place where you have one table and you will display all your food items on it. As soon as students and teachers will come to you to purchase food you will get money on each sale. Earning money is a plus point in this game. With the help of income, you can make purchases from the app store to make your cafeteria appealing. You can purchase tables, lamps, chairs, and other stock. The range of food that you will be selling includes, Telur Gulung, Classic Basko, Cakwe, and Mie Ayam all of which are from Indonesian culture.

Kantin Sekolah Simulator APK Download

Along with this, if you feel that your cafeteria is getting busier you can buy new booths from in-app purchases. If you are successful enough in inspiring your friends and teachers you can get favoritism of teachers, priority from school friends, and much more. Attracting more customers is another plus point, as earning more adds to the advanced customized decor, more items, pleasing and accommodating more staff and students. 


Achievements in any game are a way to unlock more levels, having more power to deal with difficulties. In Kantin Sekolah achievements mean more money, gold, and diamonds which will eventually lead to more purchases. More purchases mean more ways of customization and much more. 

No age limit

Kantin Sekolah is a game that is playable for people of all ages. Kantin Sekolah is so interesting that you are compelled to play the game, manage your cafeteria by your own choice and be an owner of what you are doing. Any person who understands the icons and rules of the game is eligible to play regardless of their age. 

No age limit

Background Sound

The sound or music in any game plays a pivotal role as it lifts up the whole mood and creates a stimulating element. In Kantin Sekolah background music will motivate you to unlock more chances, upgrade your level, move forward and avail more chances of winning gems.


The overall graphics in the game are captivating. However, with the passage of time, you can enhance the outlook of your cafeteria. You can win more money and decorate your cafeteria with an eye-catching look. Graphics may also include the outlook of your counter and the way you have managed your area. 

Graphics and user friendly


The icons in the game are clearly stated. Kantin Sekolah is a user-friendly game as everything is obvious and clearly mentioned. All you have to do is make more purchases, get more money, make your cafeteria attractive, increase the space, get new booths, and much more. The menu, controls and other icons are easy to comprehend. 


Playing any game is ordinary but customizing your play area as per your own choice is something extraordinary. Kantin Sekolah gives you the freedom to make exclusive decorations in your cafeteria through in-app purchases. Customizing your cafeteria, adding in more colors, variety of food, and making it spacy and luxurious is bewildering. Spend your earned money in a way that people are attracted to you and your cafeteria. 

Managing Experience

Everyone is a boss in their own lives, but the difficulty comes when you have to manage your work and deal with your buyers. Kantin Sekolah permits you to manage your cafeteria, sell your items, manage the place, look for things that are needed, if your stock is available or not, are the items displayed well, and many other things. Kantin Sekolah will give you a realistic experience through the game.

Managing Experience

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is an important aspect of the entire game. As more customers are satisfied with your job, your servings, your items, your place, and the offers you are providing. The more chances you will be having to earn benefits, points, earn rewards, and much more. It can also increase the hype of your cafeteria and your goodwill among fellows can attain superiority. 

Time Management

It is a crucial aspect of the whole game. If you remain successful in taking the maximum orders in the given time period. Fortunately, you will be rewarded with unlocking more levels and availing more chances of success. In Kantin Sekolah there comes a time where you have to deal with numerous people at a time. If you manage your time adequately and you respond to all your customers timely, you will get more benefits. 

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Do we have to pay anything to play the game?

No, Kantin Sekolah is completely free. You do not have to pay any amount to play the game.

Is Kantin Sekolah for every age?

Yes, Kantin Sekolah is for all ages as it is creativity-based. However, it can vary depending on the interests of people. 

Is the Kantin Sekolah game safe?

Yes, Kantin Sekolah is an entirely safe and secure application. It will not corrupt your data at any point.