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Size4 MB
4.8/5 (46 votes)
  • Unlimited likes
  • Unlimited comments
  • Gain thousands of followers free of cost
  • Unlimited views
  • VIP Tools
  • 100% Real followers
  • Log in with multiple Accounts
  • Plus Follower 4 feature
  • Safe and secure application
  • No ads (PRO version)
  • User friendly interface to make operation easier for beginners
  • High-end instagram profile boosting tools
  • New real followers every day
  • Add more people to live chats with organic messages
  • Submit more credits per hour
  • Use comments and likes gaining tools without any coins
  • Add newest Emoji comments to your posts to attract more people
  • Story Views to impress your friends
  • Available in multiple languages
  • New Poll votes and support gainer

IGTools – Ultimate Tool For Your Boosting Instagram

Starting a new fan account on Instagram but failing to gain more people to like and follow your content? I got your back as I introduce you to IGTools, an auto-liker and follower-gaining application. It’s incredibly popular and easily the most used application by youngsters and social media influencers in order to gain more popularity on Instagram. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Igtools APK

Not only can you benefit from free followers, you can also gain likes on your videos and posts, unlimited views, comments, votes on live polls and so much more.


IGTools requires Android 5.0 or above as prescribed by the developers of this application. Furthermore, it works best with updated device software and other firmware necessary to operate the app perfectly. IGTools is designed to be completely optimized with your Instagram account which allows it to safely perform its functions.

IGTools is only available for Android users right now so iPhone users will have to shift to an alternative app.

Incredible Features

IGTools is a magic app for new users who have no luck gaining new followers on Instagram or old influencers struggling to reach out to the world with their awesome content. Have an in-depth look at the features:

Convenient User Interface

The user interface is quite simple and intuitive. First, you download the latest IGTools APK and run the app. Then you are only a few demands away from fantastic tools such as auto-liker, more insta saves, emoji comments, reel views, and more.

IG Tools APK Download

You will have to log in if you directly want to gain more followers and likes for your Instagram posts. Other than that, you can pretty much use all the tools without having to log in such as live view count, story views or anything you like.

Log In and Do The Magic

The application allows you to easily dive into any account and attract more followers. This is done by a simple Custom URL. Moreover, the follower count increases on an hourly basis.

This means that you can have a certain amount of followers in a specific time limit. Some people prefer logging on to multiple fake accounts to decrease the time limit and engage more followers.

Increase Engagement In The Comment Section

The comment section of every IG post whether it be a video or a cute picture of your dog, is the most crucial part of your account. It gives people an insight to the level of genuineness your account has.

If there are real-time comments and excessive comment likes, more people will believe that your follower count is organic and not fake. With IGTools, you can conveniently increase the number of comments, and comment likes on multiple posts.

Uplift Instagram Posts With Unlimited Likes

Startle your friends and peers with the unbelievable auto-like tools of IGTools. Gain more and more likes on your pictures and reels and get recommended more to the global community. However you must keep in mind that the ‘likes’ feature is not wholly real and doesn’t come from real accounts.

Bring More People Into Live Polls And Videos

Being a social media influencer is not easy especially when it comes to IG live video chats or talk shows and even celebrity interviews. Now bring in more people to your live Q&A session with your fans and stun your real followers with incredible popularity.

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Is IGTools MOD APK safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download and use on your phones. Always run some virus scans and take protective measures in order to save your device and data from being corrupted.

Should I log in with my original account on IGTools APK?

If you have used other follower-gaining applications and websites, you may know about personal data scams and cybercrime being the norm. So I would recommend just adding any random fake account to gain followers and likes.

Do I have to pay for extra followers and likes?

No, absolutely not. IGTools offers you free of cost followers, likes, views, and comments in a short span of time. All you have to do is to wait for the hourly limit to pass and you will end up with many new engagements for your Instagram account at the end of just one day.