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  • Allow the users to enjoy more control over the privacy options.
  • Provide a variety of customizations over the display settings.
  • Extend the options to recall the older messages, and send or receive texts.
  • Increase the sharing capacity of files to 2GB.
  • More control over the deleted text messages or voice notes.
  • Allows you to use multiple and customized emojis and GIFs.
  • The auto-reply option makes communication stronger.
  • Enable you to access more than one account from a single application.

Nowadays WhatsApp is a quick way to communicate with each other. Similar to Whatsapp, there are many emerging new emerging applications like GT Whatsapp. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

GT Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version

One of the fastest-growing apps is GT Whatsapp, its users enjoy many unique features present in this single app.In this article, we will discuss the insides of GT Whatsapp, the innovative features, and how they will benefit you in daily communication.

About GT WhatsApp

GT Whatsapp is also known as Delta Whatsapp or DT Whatsapp. It is a modified type of simple Whatsapp, in addition to modified features. Their users are enjoying the innovative and advanced level of features.

Most of its features are super advanced and not available in simple Whatsapp applications, so it will increase your experience level. Moreover, this is the app that will provide you with customized settings and functions.

The users are increasing as they know the features and its connections are increasing tremendously every day. With this advancement, you will be able to enjoy more features in the future.

What Makes GT Whatsapp Stand Out?

The innovative and advanced features provided by GT Whatsapp to its users made its prominent visibility on the internet. These innovations or changes are not confined to skipping the use of WhatsApp, rather they will complement the work of WhatsApp. Like the features of enhanced privacy settings, recalling old messages, and sharing data with more users at the same time will allow GT Whatsapp to stand out and make a great mark.

GT WhatsApp can provide multiple key features that are far more advanced than simple WhatsApp. Here are some of its innovative features:

Enhanced Privacy Options

The privacy options allow the user to hide the blue ticks, even double ticks, online status from other users, and more.In addition to this feature, it also allows you to make this setting visible to some users and hide from contacts of your choice.


GT Whatsapp also provides multiple options for theme selection, changes related to font styling, and excess stickers.You can also customize the stickers and themes according to your preferences, and save different settings for multiple users.

Message Recall

Another amazing feature introduced by GT Whatsapp is to recall the sent messages. It even allows you to delete the text sent mistakenly a long time ago or sent to the wrong person.This feature helps especially when you are dealing with some business or official messages.

Extended Media Sharing

We know that on regular Whatsapp we can share a limited size of file, but GT Whatsapp allows us to share up to almost 2GB of heavy files in a single go. This upgrade setting helps us while dealing with project file sharing to a group on other important data sharing.

Anti-Delete Messages 

This magical feature allows you to see the message that was even removed by the user from their side. But you are empowered to see those messages and this may help you in resolving issues.

Advanced Emojis and GIFs

GT WhatsApp is loaded with quite a large range of amazing emojis and GIFs. This feature makes the chat more interesting and engaging.

Auto Reply

If you are not available, but you are a GT Whatsapp user, then there are no worries. This app will help you to provide an auto-reply you set for yourself for incoming messages.

Multiple Accounts

The last amazing feature is to make it possible to use multiple Whatsapp accounts in a single application. If you are dealing with different WhatsApp i.e. managing different sales accounts, then it will be a great relief to use these accounts with a single application on your smartphone.


Is GT WhatsApp safe to use?

GT WhatsApp is a modified form of simple WhatsApp, it may not be able to provide you the same level of security. However, if you download it from a trusted and safe source then it will be a safe assertion.

Can I use GT WhatsApp alongside the standard WhatsApp application?

Yes, most of the users are using both GT Whatsapp and standard Whatsapp at the same time. They work separately so it will be easy for you to manage your contacts as you wish.

Are there any legal concerns with using GT WhatsApp?

The GT Whatsapp is always concerned with legal regulations, so it varies according to the legal regional laws. This app is aware of and respects the law and regulations along with the user’s needs.


GT Whatsapp is an innovative and unique application that provides users with multiple and enhanced features. The privacy modifications, customizations in settings, and other advanced features helped the users enjoy a higher level of control over their regular connections.

With these unique features, the users are responsible for using this application appropriately, not intent to cross the laws and privacy of other users. This application will also provide more modern features in the future as the requirement of the users.