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  • Introduced high-end security and privacy of your personal information.
  • Allowing multiple or individual conference video calls with high quality.
  • Users can enjoy personal customized settings like chat box wallpaper, theme color selection, and others.
  • Flexibility in communication with allowing multi-device connection from one account.
  • Provide professional business features options and customization. 
  • You can run offers, banners, text, or calls for promotion of your brands.
  • It works very swiftly without interruption or lagging while dealing with a large group of communication.

There are thousands of messages or communication applications emerging fast on play stores or online stores. It is too difficult to choose the right one, here take a look at GM Whatsapp, which provides you with limitless advanced features. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

GM Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version

GM WhatsApp stands out with its unique and advanced features, the app introduces more and more innovative features to the advancing users’ needs. In this article, we will discuss the innovation, key points, and latest features of GM Whatsapp and answer your possible questions.

About GM Whatsapp

Take GM Whatsapp as a revolutionary app because of its updated features and quality. It is designed by GMCorp (Global Messaging Corporation) for both common personal use and business professional communication.

GM Whatsapp users are fully satisfied and enjoying its use; this is the reason it enhanced its audience by billions in a very short period. The users are from worldwide and can easily communicate and assess each other.

What makes GM Whatsapp Stand Out?

GM WhatsApp comes in the market with the needs of both common and business users. If you are a common user then you can enjoy customized and never-ending entertaining emojis and other features.

Similarly, if you want to start a business connection this app will provide you with the best features you need to grow your business at the same time. Along with this, it is a much less space-consuming application so will not lag with the burden of messages like other apps. Now that we’ve scratched the surface of GM Whatsapp’s innovation, let’s delve deeper into its key features:

End-to-End Encryption

GM Whatsapp introduced a hallmark feature that makes the information super encrypted at both ends (sender and receiver). It is an advanced encrypted feature only present in GM Whatsapp, it ensures an extra layer of security with the most advanced coding.

This feature allows a higher level of protection for your privacy, especially if the discussion is highly sensitive and needs more security than it will be a good choice.

Integrated Video Conferencing

This application allows you to make video conferencing of high quality. Enable you to exceed a single app for data transfer and attend video conferences in the same application.

The conference can be joined on an open link or restricted to a certain choice of people. It provides you with multiple different options to make easier and more comfortable access to your choice. You can enjoy this feature by making conference calls with your relatives or family members living in remote areas.


GM Whatsapp also provides fun features like changing chat style, wallpapers, theme style, or color. This customization can be done in individual, multiple, or group chat boxes of your choice.

This customization will make the conversation more friendly, interesting, and engaging, making you feel at home where you can make changes of your own.

Multi-Device Support

GM Whatsapp will allow you to open a single account from multiple devices. Moreover, the security is applied on the same level in each device, you will know where and when you open this account on another device.

You can also close the account from the main account access and know the history of account access. This update is made to make the communication more secure and protected.

Business Features

For business purposes, GM Whatsapp provides you with another account with more features focused on professional business communication. The additional features include customer support, a showcase of services and products in a catalog, showing attending time and off days, and link attachments.

Promotional Activities

A unique feature is promotion which is very beneficial to the brands and businesses. You can make offers, text messages, or make calls for promotions and increase the sale of your products or services.

Light Weight

GM Whatsapp is also lightweight on memory so it can run easily on all smartphones of low or high end with swift speed. Other applications are heavy and lag while working to deal with many chats at the same time, but GM Whatsapp made this possible for its customers to communicate with a wide range at the same time without any interruption.


Is GM Whatsapp free to use?

Yes, GM Whatsapp is completely free for its users, you just need to install and log in. All of the users can enjoy all the features equally.

How does GM Whatsapp handle user data?

GM Whatsapp respects its user privacy, introducing advanced and latest security features like advanced encrypted information security. Regular updates in settings to make the data secure according to the latest changes.


GM Whatsapp provides the latest platform with multiple customizing features. It is a fully secured application that provides a strong sheath of end-to-end safe transfer of data which is a crucial need in business communication. Similar to other applications it also provides fun features and all customization needs to make the conversation more comfortable and friendly.

It has increased its network to over 1.5 billion users worldwide, where more and more are adding daily. Its main focus is on customer care and providing the vast features requested by the users, to make them feel at home while away from their family.