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APP NAMEExtreme Car Driving Simulator APK
Size261 MB
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  • Freely unlocking a wide range of advanced premium quality cars are available for race.
  • Do free customization of your choice on the vehicles and upgrade your cars in the shop.
  • Explore anywhere you like in the world with no land restrictions.
  • The stunts are based on realistic approaches so make it a learning gare also.
  • Also, stunt challenges/missions are made for you and other users.
  • The damages like scratches and accidents are made realistic to increase the user experience.
  • All the graphics of the game are realistic to ensure that the user will enjoy a real race.
  • Regular updates are made by the developers to ensure advancement and facilitate new options.

I found an interesting car game named Extreme Car Driving Mod APK. The reasons for this suggestion are exclusive free new car models, customization, high-quality graphics, and many more attractive features that will be discussed in this article.You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from Apkinu.com.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK (Menu/VIP)

This MOD version got an eye because of its free features (that were supposed to be paid for in other games). Moreover, the developers are keen on regular upgrades to provide the users with advanced and innovative options. Now let’s explore more interesting features of Extreme Car Driving Mod APK.

The following features make Extreme Car Driving Mod APK, a place where you enjoy unlimited features in a single go.

Diverse Car Collection

A car racing game always depends on the variety and quality of cars it offers. Moreover, if they are free then it will be a haven for gamers. Extreme Car Driving Mod APK presents a vast range of cars that have many advanced specifications. Maybe your dream car is also enlisted and waiting for you to race.

Diverse Car Collection

Realistic Physics

This game is made on realistic event bases so if you do any stunt that will show the realistic action based on physics laws. This feature is made so that the users will enjoy real-life action in their game and be involved more.

Unlimited Customization

These vast varieties of cars can also be customized in the Extreme Car Driving Mod shop, you can also upgrade your car engine, paste stickers on the car body, change its paint color, and many more alterations can be done according to your selection.

Unlimited Customization

Challenging Stunt Missions

Extreme Car Driving Mod also sets up challenges to make popular or unique stunts that will brainstorm your driving skills. This is a very interesting feature, especially for those who know driving in real life.

Free World Exploration

This game will provide you with free roaming, you can explore and drive freely in every area of the world. You can drive in a list of countries you wished to visit for many years, there are many beautiful and breathtaking driving areas in the world, you have to explore.

Free World Exploration

Realistic Damage

The developers of Extreme Car Driving Mod APK designed a real-life damage scenario in the game so you can enjoy the real feel of the game rather than bouncing and rolling from walls.

Stunning Graphics

The designers of the game upgrade the graphics and pickle quality more likely to the realistic features. This will help you to enjoy the most realistic approach to your race.

Stunning Graphics

How to Download and Install Extreme Car Driving Mod APK?

You can easily download and install Extreme Car Driving Mod APK by following the given steps on your device:

  • Activate device unknown installation source.
  • Find a secure source Mod APK File and download it.
  • The next step is to open the app and install it
  • Search for the game and install it by following the advised instructions.
  • Enjoy your first race!
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Is Extreme Car Driving Mod APK safe or it will hack my data?

Extreme Car Driving Mod APK is completely safe; it is not meant to hack anyone’s data. But at the same time, you have to show care while downloading the Mod APK File, it should be from a trusted site.

I heard that mod APK users got banned, is this true?

It is true to some extent because some users did a violation and their account was suspended at the request of other users. If you are using it without any violation, there is no one who can ban you.

Can I also make money from Extreme Car Driving Mod APK?

Yes, on every winning trophy, you will earn money but this money can be utilized within the application like in repairing, adding extensions, etc. The amount earned can not be used in real life.


In the racing game, Extreme Car Driving Mod APK will provide you with the best realistic experience and help you with the ever-enjoyable race. Its innovative features will provide you the command over your car modification and place selection. In this car racing world, this is one of your best realistic racing options.

Download the Mod APK from a trusted source so you will be safe from any kind of virus or scam. You also have to be responsible for the use of these premium free tools so as not to violate any rule of race.