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  • Built-in kill switch for data protection
  • DNS leak protection
  • Spoof location feature
  • Enhanced speed
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Ads free
  • Free to download
  • Unlock and access geo-restricted websites
  • Premium features unlocked

Express VPN MOD APK helps its users connect to unlimited, reliable, and secure VPNs without charge or detailed requirements. This application is designed with perfect optimization, enabling users to enjoy the best performance and stability when gaming when a VPN is activated. Express VPN is a safe choice when users connect it to public WIFI, as there is no chance of being hacked or data stolen. Its good stability and speed instantly stream movies, and music, and download files.

Express Vpn mod apk Download Latest Version

Leading-edge Privacy and Security Protection

Express VPN keeps your data safe and permits you to browse on the internet, which is unnamed. Your browsing history is protected and deleted when you exit. A strict privacy policy covers your IP address and location. There is no need to reveal your actual IP address and location.

Location Change and Enjoy VPN on Unlimited Servers

Express VPN covers 94+ countries and over 3000 servers worldwide. You can switch as often as you like, with no limits. This application enables users to change their online journey on the internet and choose any country of interest to enjoy multiple servers.

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Supported Devices

Express VPN is compatible with almost all iPhones, Android, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, game consoles, smart TVs, and PC devices while supporting various platforms and Wi-Fi router models.

Content From Anywhere

You can stream content, watch, and listen from censored and blocked websites worldwide, even if you are traveling.

Trusted Server Technology

All the data you searched is removed with every reboot, as the VPN works on RAM only. Data storing risk is minimized as the server never writes to the hard drive. This application has all the know-how on how things work on every server, making it more trustable without instability.

Light Way Protocol

It is a newly introduced VPN protocol that runs faster, more securely, and more reliable than before. This new feature uses less battery and is easy to audit and maintain. It is built for an always-on world and designed to be light on its feet.

Best-in-Class Encryption

Your data and communication are kept safe, and Express VPN MOD APK uses strong encryption while relying on testified execution of advanced mathematics. Apart from hiding your IP address and blending your traffic with other users. Express VPN encrypts your traffic between secure VPN servers and computers. This way, your data is kept safe from being read by a third party.

Threat Manager

Express VPN complements your experience, and the Third Manager prevents your data, apps, and website from transmitting to a third party while protecting you from being engaged in malicious activities. Thus, giving you more control over your online private browsing. Check Also: Touch VPN MOD APK

VPN Split Tunneling

If your VPN is not support split tunneling, you cannot have access to foreign and local internet services at the same time. You also cannot LAN devices, but with split tunneling, you can stream foreign movies using a local IP address. Your download is safe without losing the speed of your web activity.

Network Lock Kill Switch

VPN is devised to protect your privacy, but if it gets interrupted, your browser and other apps won’t warn you that you are heading without protection. It is the point where a VPN kill switch plays its part. The kill switch protects your IP address and other sensitive information from being misused. When the VPN drops, the kill switch disables the internet traffic, and your access when the connection is restored, your access resumes.

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How much is Express VPN per month?

Express VPN costs $12.9 per month, including all the available apps and unlimited bandwidth with the availability of customer support round-the-clock, making it easier for its users. 

Does Express VPN charge you all at once?

No, Express VPN has three options for subscriptions for its users.
$12.95 each month
$59.95 every six months
$99.95 annually.
Payment is accepted by all major credit cards, PayPal, and other services such as Web Money.