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  • Pro Unlocked
  • License free
  • 20+ transition
  • 30+ tools for drawing
  • 150 video formats
  • No watermark
  • Custom music sounds
  • Combine clips
  • No ads
  • Unlimited movie length
  • Customizations
  • YouTube uploading error fixed
  • Bugs fixed
  • The uploading process on Facebook changed

Cute Cut is a versatile and in-demand application for several users. The cute cut application provides you with multiple features that are stupefying. It allows you to control the app and create amazing cinematic videos. Your edited videos are high in quality and unique in every form. The cute cut is a straightforward and trouble-free application. To use Cute Cut, a person doesn’t need to hold professional video editing expertise. Cute Cut is harmonious when used on Android devices. Today the world is of content creators. If you want your videos to reach an uncommendable number of people, then using Cute Cut is the best possible solution. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

People who have recently installed the application and desire to use it can doubtlessly comprehend its features. Click on the new project to begin your editing journey. You can select the video, pictures, audio, music, and another exciting feature, Self-Draw. If you want to add music from your gallery, you can choose only audio from the video, and the video, in such a case, does not add.

Cute Cut Pro Mod APK Download

Choose several videos and pictures at one time to make your video more alluring. A timeline of the selected videos is also given. You can re-position if you have accidentally added any picture or video in any part, you can reposition it. Press and hold onto the desired part until it turns yellow and is ready to be dragged to its proper place. Trim the disliked part in the video by double-tapping on the screen and clicking the check icon.

Another necessary thing is if you mistakenly delete any part, you can undo it by clicking on the reverse icon on the screen. You can add layers, split the video or pictures, transitions, control speed, crop, rotations, flips, and borders. You can also add filters to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and exposure hue. Install the app, use the fantastic features and filters and export it on your social media accounts.

Simple Interface

The cute cut is an easy-to-use application for a newbie as well as for the professional. You can add and cut videos at any point without deleting the whole creation. If you have added any filter, border, or shadow by chance, you can fix the error simply with one click. The Cute Cut is a comfortably used app with no expertise required. You only have to install the app, click on the project and start editing your videos and photos. You can create as many long videos as you want without any interruption from the app.

Drawing Tools

Apart from using the filters and effects, you are also provided with drawing tools that are more than 30 and completely free. You can create your world by using the drawing filter and brushes. Along with drawing tools, you are also offered transition effects which are more than 20, to create a 3D world of transitions. It will help you to upgrade the whole scene making it look more eye-catching. With the help of the cute cup app, you can attract a broader audience on your social media accounts.


This word in itself is the whole feel. When you add music to your videos, it is as if you give them life. In contrast, creating or editing a horror scene and using the same music, in contrast, gives your viewers a next-level vibe. You can add music from your phone gallery by extracting from the videos or including sounds on your phone. You are offered to add as many sounds in one video without any difficulty. You can adjust the length of the music as well.

Clips and Speed

It is not a compulsion to select a single video or photo from your gallery is not a compulsion. You can add as many clips as possible and combine them. Controlling the speed of your video is now in your own hands. Isn’t it interesting? You can increase and decrease the video speed as per your choice. Just one click, and you can make the video fast or slow.

Effects and Filters

Adding effects and filters to your videos and photos gives them a lively look. Enhance the exposure, and adjust the brightness level, shadows, and saturation. You can also change the borders to make it look more attractive and pleasing. You can also use the Picture in Picture mode to create multiple layers in your videos and photos.


Why is a cute cut used?

The Cute Cut is a video editing app suitable for Android and iOS devices. It offers you a wide range of effects, filters, and adjustments of shadows and borders to make your videos catchy.

How do you undo a video on Cute Cut?

If you have mistakenly excluded the video part on the cute cut, there is no need to worry. You will see the reverse icon (arrow) on the top of the screen. Click it, and your mistake is corrected. Just by a few clicks, you can make your video outstanding.