How to Stop Receiving Messages on WhatsApp without Blocking?

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WhatsApp comes with easy-to-use features and direct interference. Its simple features are the reason people love this instant messenger app. Without being used by over one billion people monthly, the app still lacks some things and features like stop receiving messages without blocking anyone.

Stop Receiving Messages on WhatsApp

It can sometimes happen someone is disturbing you while you are doing an important job, or you want to ignore someone for a while without blocking them. Is it possible to stop receiving messages on WhatsApp? It is not possible to stop receiving messages directly, but we can help you with some tricks and tricks. Follow this article as it contains all the information you need to stop receiving messages.

How to Stop Receiving Messages on WhatsApp without Blocking?

I will tell you a trick by which you will not be annoyed by someone’s texts again and again as you can not directly stop receiving texts. Here’s how you can handle that. Follow the following steps.

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Open the chat of the person you want to stop receiving messages from.
  • In the chat, click on the name of the contact to open the profile of the contact.
  • In the profile, under media and files, you will see “mute notification.”
  • Enable the button.
  • A bar will appear with options to mute for 8 hours, 1 week, and always.
  • Choose the option of your choice for how long you want to mute them.
  • Disable the show notifications bar just below the options.

To avoid seeing their messages in WhatsApp, you can pin the chats you use the most. This will help you not see the messages of the person whenever they text you.

Avoid Messages with a WhatsApp MOD

You can also use the amazing GBWhatsapp APK MOD to avoid your friend’s text messages and it won’t block them out. There is also a selective call rejecting feature in it.


How do I stop receiving messages from someone on WhatsApp?

You can stop receiving messages from someone on WhatsApp by muting them. Once you mute the notification, you will no longer be disturbed by their messages whenever they will text you. By muting them, you can ignore them without being disturbed.

How can I restrict someone on WhatsApp?

You can restrict someone by deleting their contact number and muting their notification. By this, they won’t be able to see your profile and status. You can also download WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc. By their advanced features, you can easily restrict them on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is an amazing instant messenger app. It only comes with some simple features that do not allow you to restrict someone on WhatsApp. If you want to ignore someone, you can’t do anything but block.

If you do not want to block them, you can mute their notification. Muting notifications will keep them away from disturbing you.