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There are millions of people around the world who like Minecraft. It has some unique features that have enabled gamers to build a world where they can freely do different experiments. For years gamers have had this urge to change the biome of Minecraft, and now, the latest Minecraft 1.20 snapshot version allows gamers to do this easily. A new command in Minecraft named Fillbiome has been introduced, allowing you to move features from different biomes. It has further unlocked the possibility of modifying the game.

Change minecraft biomes

Now we will look into how you can use the Fillbioome command. So let’s start.

A Biome In Minecraft

Before going to the main subject, first, you need to know what a biome is. A biome is the environment of the game. Simply put, the temperature, air, atmosphere, texture, and sound of a particular region in the game is its biome. For example, you are playing in the desert, so you will find high temperatures, husks, camels and things specifically associated with the desert in this biome.

what is filbiom

When you change the biome, it means you can shift one biome block to the other, but that is not easy. Changing the block can change many things for that particular region species, so Minecraft has introduced the Follbiome command to overcome this.

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FillBiome Command

You know that it is impossible to spawn one biome feature in the other, as the components are specific to a biome. You can’t craft different biome boxes as the game is designed in such a realistic way that it allows particular blocks to be placed in one area.

Fillbiome is a modified command of an existing Fill command in Minecraft APK Download. They are similar as the Fillbiome replaces an area’s biome-related features while the fill command is for adding blocks in a biome.

The Fillbiome command needs specific coordinates to add different biome blocks to work. If you look at the syntax of this command, it will appear as

/Fillbiome A_coordinates B_coordinates biome_name

Filbiom in minecraft

This format has made it simple to use this command that seems otherwise difficult to understand by the users. In this syntax, as you can see, you have to set coordinates. Coordinates A will be where you want your specific region to start, while B will be the ending point of that biome. And at the end of the sequence, you could see the biome name.

Add the biome name you want to add in an area and then enter. This simple yet effective biome command guide given by Minecraft has enabled different-level gamers worldwide to utilize it.

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How to Set Coordinates?

It is tricky to understand how you can set coordinates. They need to be placed in numerical value. They need to be set corresponding to x, Y, and z coordinates that show altitude, latitude, and height. So when you are selecting the syntax, add the numerical values accordingly.

Let me make it clear with an example. Suppose you want to add the savanna biome to your current area. And now you are at the ‘+’ location in the current biome and wish to add a savanna biome after 15 blocks that would be your Y coordinate. Make this biome end 40 blocks after. So you would write command as.

Minecraft coordinates

/fillbiome ++++ +15 +-15 +40 minecraft: savanna

After pressing enter, the biome with all its features will be replaced in your given coordinates. Now you can enjoy both biomes simultaneously with all their features and enjoy your game to the fullest.

How to Use Fillbiome?

Now we know how these commands work and what you need to make this command work. Now we will see how you could use this command in the game. Here is the stepwise guide

  1. Turn on the cheats
  2. Change biome

Let’s dig a little deeper into how you go through each step.

1:Turn or Cheats

  • Press escape and open the menu. After that, you have some options on the screen. Click on the “Open to LAN button”.
  • LAN world menu will open where to turn on the cheat by clicking on the Start LAN World button at the bottom.

2:Change The Biome

You have done the initial work by turning on the cheats. Now we will see how Fillbiome commands position. Below is the stepwise guide on changing the biome of a particular region in Minecraft.

  • They very step in to turn on the coordinates so you can know where you are. For this purpose, press the “F3” key to display debug overlay with your current coordinates.
  • Then note the location where you want to change the biome. Note both the start and ending points of the coordinates. Pen down the coordinates of that location. You can also place a hint to know which coordinates you mentioned in the overlay.
  • In the final step, you must enter the In-Game Chat. For this purpose, use the shortcut key “press T”. add the full-time command with your noted coordinates. After adding the coordinates plain and the biome name, you want to place press enter. And your command will now replace that biome.

One thing I want to mention here is that replacing the biome doesn’t mean it will entirely cover the existing block of a biome. What it does is to make coordination between biomes so that the player can enjoy multiple biome features at once. You would not see any magic conversion of grass into sand or rock.

Fillbiome can have extensive use. Players can create different biome coordination to get the most out of their game. For example, replacing a taiga biome would enable the player to make ice from water that could be utilized for different purposes.

This command is still under study, and gamers are still on it to find what more this command could bring. Use your imagination and creative powers to utilize this feature of Minecraft APK with this easiest guide on the Fillbiome command.

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How to Fill command and fillbiome command is related?

With the Fillbiome, you can add one biome to another, while the Fill command adds biome-specific blocks in an area.

How can you know about your coordinates?

To know about your current coordinates, press F3, which will lead you to a debug overlay where you will see your coordinates mentioned.

In which version could you find the Fillbiome command?

It is currently available in the latest snapshot of Minecraft Version 1.20 Java edition.