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Why walk on foot when you have horses nearby? Don’t know how to breed horses in Minecraft? Not a problem! Horses are used as a transportation source in Minecraft, the same way as in real life. Using them allows the players to reach their destination faster. The below guide will teach you how to breed horses in Minecraft. Soon after learning it, you will find yourself exploring vast landscapes by riding on your own horse! 

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

Materials Required to Breed Horses

In order to breed horses, you must get the necessary ingredients required in order to do so. You will require 

  • 2 Horses
  • 2 Golden Carrots
  • 2 Golden Apples
  • 2 Enchanted Golden Apples 

Horse Breeding in Minecraft 

Breeding horses in Minecraft APK Download first requires you to tame them and in order to do that, you may opt for the given steps!

  • Gather 2 horses: The very first thing that you will be doing is finding 2 horses. Doing so will require you to locate the biomes where these horses are seen present, normally the plains or savannas. The good thing is, there aren’t any male or female horses, so getting any two will do the job. In case you are still unable to find them, summon them by using cheats. 
Horse Breeding Process
  • Tame these horses: Only tamed horses can be bred in Minecraft. If you are trying the process on a wild horse, it will bear no result. Try to get on the horse after interacting with it. No matter if it resists at first, you will manage it in some tries. 
  • Take 2 Golden Apples or 2 Golden Carrots: You can craft golden apples yourself by placing an apple in the crafting table surrounded by eight gold ingots. Similarly, golden carrots can be made by putting one carrot surrounded by eight gold nuggets in the crafting menu. These will be used to breed horses. 
  • Create an enclosed space: After giving food items to the horses, try to provide them with some enclosed space so that they can enter into a love mode. 
  • Be patient: Keep in mind that breeding is not an instant process in Minecraft. Wait for some time till the horses breed and start to produce offspring. 
  • Feed them Hay Bales: In order to make these horses grow faster, feed them with hay bales. You can also give them sugar, wheat, or horse apples. 
  • Get ready for twins: Sometimes, the horses also produce twins upon breeding. Although it is a rare incident, you may try your luck! 
Horse Breeding in Easy Way

Minecraft Horse Breeding Calculator 

Minecraft Horse Breeding Calculator is a tool used by players in order to determine the potential attributes or features that will be possessed by the offspring produced after breeding. This tool aids the users in predicting the outcome of the process. Many of the players opt for Minecraft horse breeding for speed as they want to get the fastest horse in Minecraft Java Edition APK. Each of the horses has different traits including physical strength, speed, health, color, etc. Some questions will be present in the calculator inquiring about the type of horses you want to breed with, their color theory, their XP level, etc to describe the end results. 

How to Breed The Fastest Horse in Minecraft? 

The fastest horses in Minecraft have a speed of 14.57 m/s as opposed to the regular horses which have a speed of 9.71 m/s. The maximum speed of normal horses varies from 4.74 to 14.23 blocks/second. In case you are looking for the best horse in Minecraft Pocket Edition APK, then we recommend you to search for Skeleton Horses, as they have maximum hearts and speeds by default. Crafting the fastest horse would require you to throw a potion of two different horses and immediately get them to breed with each other while the potion is still active. The offspring produced will have the boost effect caused by the potion and will be faster than the regular ones. 

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Why can’t I breed horses in Minecraft?

This is because you will be trying the process on wild horses, when in reality only those horses can be bred which are tamed. Also, to get them into the mood, you will first have to feed them with golden apples or golden carrots. 

What is the rarest horse in Minecraft?

Skeleton horse is the rarest horse in Minecraft, otherwise, these mobs can be found present anywhere. This is because the Skeleton horses have some special abilities which are not present in others.