How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status Cool Hack?

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Nowadays, it’s been trending to add music to WhatsApp status. People have become more social and are so into editing videos of friends’ meetups or gatherings and adding music to them and then posting status to their WhatsApp. This thing has become so common. So, if you are one of those people who still don’t know how to add music to WhatsApp status, you came to the right place. Here we have covered all the ways to add music to WhatsApp status.

Let’s get started. You only have to follow simple rules and add any kind of music to your WhatsApp status.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status Cool Hack?

External Music Source 

This is an effortless way. There will be no need for any application. Follow the below steps to do this.

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to the status option.
  • There you will find the capture option. Click on the capture button for a long time while recording plays any song in the background.
  • You can also do it while playing music in another app like SoundCloud and then capture the video.
  • Then, the music will be recorded in your current video, which you were capturing.
  • Now you can share the captured video on your status.

Download Editing Application

For this purpose, there are many editing apps for Android and iPhones on the play store. You can download those apps for free. For knowing how to add music to any video, follow the above steps ;

  • First, download and install any editing app from the play store like inShot, cap cut, etc.
  • Then open the editing app and go to the new project option.
  • Export any video that you want to edit on the app.
  • There you will find add music button. Click on that and export any music you want.
  • After this, music will be added to the timeline with the video. You can adjust it according to your required timing also.
  • You will also get a new feature in which you can slow and fast forward your music or video. It is the best plus point in this trick.

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Final Verdict

All you have to do is capture your video while music is running from an external source, or you can edit your video by downloading editing apps. In this way, you can add any favorite music to your status. Now, we hope you understand how to add music to WhatsApp status.