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APP NAMEBackground Eraser APK
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Background eraser is an application that allows you to turn your dull and casual pictures into stunning and attractive ones. Background eraser is an application used and trusted by millions of people as the word itself states its meaning Background eraser. With a background eraser app, you can erase your photo current and the original background to replace it with one. You can choose the background of your own choice depending on the nature and performance of the picture. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Background eraser offers you unique features to give your photo a pleasing effect. Background eraser app offers you over 2000 story templates—a massive variety of options, including icons, stickers, and designs for collage making. Users can enjoy more than 120 covers for highlights and more than 60 themes, including Polaroid, Film, and Minimalism.

Background Eraser Mod APK Download Latest Version

Background eraser app is used in a variety of ways. It is also used in the marketplace. For instance, if one wants to design a digital ad, catalog, brochure, pamphlet, billboard, icon, logo, and much more. You can use the templates in the background eraser to make your advertisement campaigns highly effective and competitive in the market. Background eraser application is highly recommended if you want to create content for your social media accounts. You can choose from colored backgrounds, simple ones, and transparent or pictured backgrounds. If you use the API of the background eraser, you can efficiently design your E-commerce sites.

The preset designs, font sizes, shapes and colors, GIFs, animations, filter frames, and a lot more can assist you in creating a lasting effect on your photos. Apart from individual user services and marketplace, this app will help you in other domains. Create high-quality images for your Product presentation, cute animal background, graphics and other business environments. Editing photos and enhancing their outlook have made the background eraser application easier. Select a photo, remove the background and add a new one. The complete process takes a few minutes, and your workflow speed is improved.

Change Background of the Image

User Friendly

As the world advances, people are making their things and life glorious and worth watching. Still, many such people exist that are reluctant to share their photos and stories with their friends and others. Maybe they are not too sure about uploading them, or maybe their photos seem dull and ordinary to them. Background eraser application is now a part of our lives to serve our requirements. It enables you to edit your photos and add effects and filters to make them look breathtaking and fascinating.

The pre-made templates and built-in designs take your photos to the next level. You can crop and merge them with your desired backgrounds. Select a photo you want to edit, and features automatically appear to serve your needs. Select the AI mode that is a new feature with plenty of benefits. All genre backgrounds are now available to your reach.

Edit Photos of Every Style

Background eraser is used to edit your photos for Instagram feeds and reels. Its AI feature serves you in all places, personal or private. You can level up your work. Edit your passport and visa photographs. You can create fascinating brochures and billboards. You can also use it for decorative posts on all your social media accounts and whatnot. You can also blur the corner of your photos.

Remove Background

It is very natural that sometimes when you click your pictures, the background is not very perfect. Some unwanted things are a part of your photo. This way, the actual focus of your photo is hampered. Background eraser application enables you to sustain the flow of your picture. Suppose you want to remove some unwanted objects from your picture. The process is straightforward. Click the picture you want to edit and click on the objects that you want to remove. You can also select the background change option to bold colors, jigsaw boxes, and your favorite locations. All this is now possible with an AI system.


You add filters, effects, shadows, PNG format, locations, colors, stickers, GIFs, texts, and more. AI systems bring you an advanced variety of options. Apart from erasing unnecessary items from your picture to adding shadows and GIFs. From colored backgrounds to adding locations such as Paris, London and other known cities or maybe historical sites and places. All that you want to create. Everything that you want to edit is now just a click away. Customize your photos the way you have always imagined. Give your photos an extraordinary look and share them on your social media accounts.

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What is a background eraser application?

Background eraser is an application that offers you plenty of features. You can select the part of the picture that you want to remove or edit and add a new background or color to it. You are offered different background solid colors, templates, fonts, quotations, GIFs, and more.

How do you use a background eraser?

There is nothing complicated. No exceptional experience or expertise is required to edit your photos. Select a photo you want to edit, remove the background, and choose a new background. You can also choose from pre-made designs and templates provided by the app. All the features are just a tap away from making your pictures look attractive.

Is the background eraser app completely free?

Yes, the background eraser is an entirely free application without limitations. Background eraser is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is available on the Play Store and Apple Store. Download and enjoy the application without wasting any time.