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4.7/5 (23 votes)
  • It has a beautiful interface to have on your phone.
  • There is no limit to the media files shared through this app.
  • You can customize your chats to make the communication experience more authentic.
  • Easily hide blue ticks from your chats.
  • There is a night mode setting as well.
  • It has more settings for security and privacy.
  • You can now keep dual accounts in this modded version of WhatsApp.

Why would anybody want to use modded versions of WhatsApp when there’s a perfectly working original WhatsApp application? What makes them better?  These questions usually pop up regarding the complete picture of using Adam’s WhatsApp. Maybe they offer many more advanced and useful features that can benefit you. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Adam Whatsapp APK Download

These types of WhatsApp versions are everything you would want to have to communicate with your loved ones.Make your life easier using these modded versions for better communication and security. Download Adam’s WhatsApp now!

About Adam Whatsapp

Adam WhatsApp is a modded APK version of WhatsApp that comes with many unique features that can be very useful for you. These modded versions of WhatsApp are incredibly innovative as they have features you must’ve never imagined a communication app to have. Be it updating statuses, last scenes, using multiple WhatsApp accounts, and more, one can never go wrong with this application. It’s all about the experience of having a customizable and secure application to contact others. The original WhatsApp application has nothing on the new Adam WhatsApp version.

You can now have the complete experience of exhilarating conversations with a secure and private platform at your back. It will provide you with everything you’d want in a communication app.

Amazing Interface

Unlike the other versions of WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp comes with a jet-black interface that is highly wonderful to have. This mod version provides users with a sleek look that is soothing yet classy in its way. Many people prefer the black color over the green one due to its beautiful qualities. This version of WhatsApp also has gradient options where you settle the intensity of the color according to your preference. This gives its users a great option to improve the interface’s appearance.

Limitless Media Transfer

Compared to the original version of WhatsApp, this application does not have any limit to the amount of media files transferred to the other versions of WhatsApp. You can now share media up to 3 MB, restoring and preserving the picture quality of the files. Moreover, you can transfer video files up to 700 MB, making them a wonderful APK for all. You won’t find such properties in other communication applications with such a small space.

Customize Your Chats

If you’re bored with your chat screen, there are several ways to modify the appearance of your application. You can change the action bar, bubble ticks, etc. All the conversation entry styles can easily be changed with the help of this application. This makes conversing with others much more fun and fabulous. You can never go wrong with this sort of feature.

Hide Blue Ticks

You notice a pair of blue ticks in your chat window shortly after the receiver gets your message. This is where the clever method of hiding blue ticks comes into play. For example, you can read all the messages, giving the impression that you are unavailable to others. This makes it easier to not instantly reply to messages when you’re busy and reply to them after your free time.

Night Mode Setting

The night mode setting in Adam’s WhatsApp can only mean one thing: the screen setting. The screen adjusts as the sun sets down by changing the brightness. If you use your phone all night, you won’t have to suffer through sore eyes and strain. Bright screens put a lot of pressure on your eyes, which can be harmful. Night modes are quite remarkable as they preserve your eye health.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to communication apps, security and privacy is paramount. All the WhatsApp versions prioritize the security and privacy of their users. The same goes for Adam WhatsApp; they have never risked the safety of their users and have never engaged in dangerous elements or circumstances that could jeopardize the device’s operation and navigation. The latest Adam WhatsApp app addressed dangers such as bugs, spyware, and viruses by repairing them as soon as they were discovered.

Multiple Accounts

Adam WhatsApp has no problem with users having multiple accounts from the modded versions. If you have an original account and an account from the modded version, you can easily use both without interfering with the app.

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What is the Blue tick strategy?

The revised version contains an excellent feature that allows you to manage the ticks in your discussion. When you send a message, a single grey tick appears just below the message. It indicates that the receiver still needs to be online. A grey tick indicates they’re available but must still read your message. You notice a pair of blue ticks in your chat window shortly after the receiver receives your message.

How do you download Adam’s WhatsApp?

Usually, all official WhatsApp versions are available on the Google Play store. Because another company developed this app, it is unavailable on Google Play, Amazon, Mac App Store, or any other platform. Instead, you can get it from online websites.

Why use the Adam WhatsApp?

People are always eager to connect and communicate with people from all around the world. Since you can’t meet them in person, the digital platform is beneficial in these cases. Adam WhatsApp, one of the most powerful communication tools, is a modified version of the original software.