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  • Carrom Pool is an entirely free game.
  • In the MOD APK version of Carrom play you can win Unlimited Gems.
  • You can also get unlimited coins.
  • If you are continuously playing well you can upgrade your level. 
  • It is a multiplayer mode that excites your energy.
  • Another plus point of this game is that you will not be distracted by Ads. 


Carrom pool is a marvelous game which has been very famous since our childhood. It is an outstanding game with eye-catching graphics. Carrom Pool has changed the traditional system and granted us access to play from anywhere in the world and with anyone. People used to visit snooker clubs to play this game yet now it is available at the ease of staying at home with just a single click. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Carrom pool consists of three different modes each varying in its own amusement. Like Practice mode, Play Carrom mode, and lastly the Disc mode. Carrom Pool permits you to choose players of your own choice and play with anyone you wish to. It is both an online and an offline game. Carrom Pool is a multi-player game that specifies that you can play it with more than one person. The more the people the more the competition and thrill in the game. 

Carrom Pool Mod APK Download Latest Version

Just for instance, you start the game with four players. You can either opt to play as a team or with two opponents. The choice is all yours. You will see 4 holes in the table, several and pucks. You will have to strike those pucks into the Carrom pool holes. Anyone who strikes enough pucks will eventually be the winner of the game.

Carrom Pool is an effortless game as everything is clearly mentioned on the screen and it comes with uncomplicated control. It is an amazing game with many interesting features. So, let’s have a look at them. In Carrom Pool, you can unlock many different stages and after passing different levels and winning against your opponents you can win exciting rewards. 

Offline Technique

There is no one to play with you? Or let’s just say that you are not in the mood to play with anyone. No worries at all as you can still play the game. Turn off your wifi and play Carrom pool all alone. This way you can learn more about the game and explore it more. 

Online Mode

Another amazing feature of Carrom Pool is its online mode. You can play with different people from all around the world. There are no regional barriers. Play with your friends or even with the people you have never or least interacted with, do enough strikes, earn points, and win the game among others. 


If something is dull or colorless it does not attract attention nor it looks appealing to the viewer. Carrom Pool is a game that has appealing graphics, it won’t let you lose your interest any time soon. The icons and graphics of the game should be eye-catching so that people are enjoying playing the game. 


Carrom Pool is a trouble-free game as everything is clearly mentioned on the interface. If you have just installed the game and do not know the basics you can simply select the practice mode in the game. This way you will get much familiar with the game and can gain easy access to its control. Learn from the practice mode, get control of the game in your hands, and play the game against other teams and you can get many rewards for completion. 


You can also get exciting prizes in the Carrom Pool if you choose to play in the disc mode. In this mode you challenge your opponent and suppose that you win the game you can earn many rewards and benefits after accomplishment. This is a plus point in the game which is always motivating the player to move forward. 


The highest rank in Carrom Pool is the streak. If you are successful in winning three games consecutively you can earn this rank very easily. You can also keep a check on your leaderboard in the game. 

Multiplayer Mode

You will also find a multiplayer mode in Carrom Pool Hack. In this mode, you can play with at least four people. These four people can represent two teams and also one team of four players. If you are successful in doing more strikes than all the other people you can become the winner of your game without any hustle. 

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Is there any age limit for playing Carrom Pool?

No, if you understand the game and get control of it you can play it very easily. It is a game for all ages.

Do I have to pay something for playing the game?

No. You do not have to pay any amount at all. It is a free game.ย 

What is the size of the Carrom Pool?

The size of the game is 62.4MB.

Is the internet necessary for playing the game?

It completely depends on what you choose. You can play it online and offline as well.ย 

In which countries Carrom pool is played the most?

Carrom Pool is widely played in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.ย