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APP NAMEYoutube ReVanced APK
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Youtube Revanced has many advanced features that help users watch youtube videos without interruption. Let’s jump right into the detail of every feature. The premium features of YouTube Revanced make it more enjoyable for users. It is better than YouTube Vanced and is a modded version of YouTube. All the pro features demand subscription charges, varying according to the features.Here is the list of the Pro features of YouTube Revanvced.

  • Bug Fixed
  • Improved privacy
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Premium Icon
  • Dark Theme
  • Tap to seek the bar
  • Background video player

These features are available after you pay for them. But the good news is that you can now click on the download button and get a free unlocked version of this application. Enjoy the premium feature for free by downloading YouTube Revanced through our website.

YouTube Revanced APK is an application that allows you to enjoy YouTube content without the interference of ads., you can play pictures in pictures, and you can just on the sound while using other applications. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

It has a straightforward user interface and is clean from other website traffic. It is becoming popular daily with many features like MicroGraft support, Amold, VP9 Codec option, and many other expert features.

Youtube Revanced Mod APK Download

When you download the application, you will find another option: YouTube Vanced. Both applications have some standard features, but Google has blocked YouTube Vanced.YouTube Revanced is the successor of YouTube Vanced, developed by different developers. YouTube Revanced has no compatibility issue with YouTube and fully supports all its content.

You have to download the premium version of this application to enjoy it to the maximum. But it requires an annual or monthly subscription. The charges may be costly for some users, so we bring this exciting news to you. You can download the pro version with all premium features unlocked by pressing the download button below.

AMOLED Dark Mode

Amoled dark mode is one of the appealing features of YouTube Relevance. It ultimately enables users to make their screen dark, reducing glare and blue light, protecting their eyesight, and helping users spend more time in front of the screen without making them exhausted.

Picture In Picture Mode

Among the various options, picture in picture mode has a high place. If you want to use other applications and also want to see the videos, you can turn on the PiP mode.It makes the actual screen smaller or dedicates half of your mobile screen for the video; the remaining can be used for other apps. Also, you have access to adjust the length of both screens.

Swipe Control

The Vanced team has kept the User interface, making this application easy to use. To adjust the volume and brightness of the screen while watching videos, you can use these controls. You can easily access the action without shutting down the main screen. Touch and slide your finger across the screen to adjust the screen’s brightness or volume of your videos.

Ad- Blocker

Ads are the most irritating thing when you are to indulge in something on YouTube. Therefore, YouTube Revanced has an in-built ad blocker that forces stop the ads and doesn’t allow them to interrupt your videos.

It makes you enjoy your screen time more efficiently without tapping the skipping option after a while. It completely knocks out the ads, and you will enjoy watching your favorite drama and movie without ads.

Available For All Devices

You don’t need a specific Android smartphone to download this application. It is available on all Android mobile phones and thus for all users.

Premium Icon

To make the app more attractive and distinct from other apps, it has more than 20 icons available. Choose any according to your mobile theme.

Auto-Repeat option

You can auto-repeat a video on YouTube, and YouTube Revanced also has this feature. You can activate the auto-repeat options that allow you to repeatedly listen to your favorite song or watch an exciting video as often as you want. It sets you free from playing a video repeatedly, especially while listening to a song when you want it on repeat.

Customise Setting

YouTube Revanced allows you to customize the settings of your videos. You can adjust the playback speed, which is usually between 0.25x to 2x, size to screen ratio, set your screen resolution, force 60 Fps or HDR playback, remove intros and outros, block home advertisements, and many more. All these setting allows you to adjust the screen according to your ease.

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What is AMOLED Dark Mode?

Amoled dark mode enables the dark theme on your mobile phone. After activating this, blue light reduces, thus relieving and protecting your eyes.

How to split screen while using YouTube Revanced?

You can activate the split screen by activating the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. It allows you to play videos in the background.

Are YouTube Revanced and YouTube Vanced developers the same?

No, both are designed by different teams. YouTube Revanced is an updated and improved version of YouTube Vanced. It facilitates its users with many in-app features that enable them to enjoy watching YouTube videos.