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APP NAMETraffic Rider APK
Size123 MB
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  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money
  • Different bikes with distinguished sounds
  • 18 languages
  • No location barriers
  • Different Modes

Traffic Rider MOD APK will specifically attract those audiences who are fond of heavy bikes. Once you give Traffic Rider MOD APK a try, refraining from playing it over again will definitely sound impossible. The 3D features, HD quality, buildings, roads, and other vehicles on the road give you an experience of actual existence. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

You will also find different mods and different locations inside the game which is only possible if you surpass a level without any difficulty and on assigned time. Along with giving you a mesmerizing experience of location, Traffic Rider lets you choose any time of the day be it day or night. You can also opt between different seasons as snowfall or rain. HD graphics of Traffic Rider Mod APK are the central and most captivating part.

Traffic Rider Mod APK Download

Traffic Rider mod APK won’t get tired of presenting you with unlimited fun and limitless excitement levels. You can choose any bike from the range of 26 different bikes. Last but surely not least, the most important and the most bewitching thing in the game is the sound of the bikes recorded from real bike racing. Traffic Rider MOD APK is an alluring experience from the beginning till the end. 

The mod version of Traffic Rider APK exhibits more accessories, tools, and vehicles. Completing every mission, reaching out to the next level, facing challenges, and protecting your vehicle from others on the road makes the whole journey fascinating. Ride the bike at as much speed as you can without hitting other vehicles and earn more points.

Quality HD Graphics

Traffic Rider MOD APK is a representation of what exists in the real world. Entering into the interface is as entering into the real world. You can enjoy the bike ride with High-quality graphics. There are many other games as well yet many of which do not possess the quality of showing such beautiful and real-world scenarios. The ride becomes more genuinely enjoyable because of the astonishing 3D graphics. 

Traffic Rider Mod APK Graphics

Variety of Motorbikes

Traffic Rider offers you a wide variety of bikes that are racing and heavy sports bikes. Each bike is of a different category and of different brands from the real world. There are a total of 20 bikes in the game and the racer can choose any. Each bike has its own speed, and different colors as per the choice of the rider. 

Vehicles on Road

Traffic Rider Mod APK is an enthusiastic application that grabs your attention quickly. The HD graphics in the game are so attractive and the vehicles on the road create another level of excitement. Traffic on the roads, different cars, and the way you escape from them and save your bike thrills the whole journey. 


Traffic Rider MOD APK will let you play on different tracks. You can ride the bike in streets, grounds, and even mountains. Some roads are empty with no cars on the other hand some are very busy. 

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Traffic Rider MOD APK will also give you awards on the completion of levels. You will be gifted with unlimited money, coins, and gems and you can also get the opportunity to unlock more bikes. Among the range of 20 bikes not every bike is given first-hand yet you have to complete the tasks to unlock your favorite bike. This way you can accelerate your speed and enjoy a better gaming experience. 


It is just like an achievement board. From the very beginning until the current level you are. All the prizes, badges, coins, and rewards that you have gained will be available here. You can have an immediate look at what you have achieved throughout the game. 


Without music things seem to be deaf, such is the case when playing any game. Music adds an element of engagement. Traffic Rider MOD APK also adds in the element of sound to the game. The more the speed of the bike, the more fun one enjoys. The sound of the bike has been taken from the real world. 

Traffic rider Mod APK Download Latest Version

Camera View

The front view of the game is given to the player using the camera. All the vehicles that are in front of your bike and if any hurdle comes in between you can easily get rid of it using the front camera view. You can see all the 3D visuals using this camera and also the track they are riding on. 

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Bikes Customization

Traffic Rider MOD APK will present you with a vast range of bike choices. You can choose any vehicle, and dodge the cars. Every bike comes with different exciting challenges. Complete every mission, pass on to the next level, and avail more fun. 


Traffic Rider MOD APK  is a gripping game as it is like riding a bike in real life. You will see buildings, houses, cars on the roads which you have to dodge and a lot more. All that exists in the real world is visually presented in the game. Pass every mission, and reach your location at the desired time. Another exciting challenge is one-way and two-way roads in the game. Choose anyone and express your riding skills.

Environment and Climate

Just as good food is a good mood for foodie people. Same as, good weather is a good mood for bike riders. The environment and climate options in the game excite the rider. Imagine riding a bike in the snow, please your surroundings and charge your body. 

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How many levels are there in the Traffic Rider MOD APK?

There are 40 levels in Traffic Rider MOD APK. You have to surpass every mission with tactics.

How can I play Traffic Rider Mod APK?

Download the game on your android phones and enjoy the fun. 

Do we have to pay any amount for playing the game?

No, the game is completely free. There is no need to pay any amount. 

Is there an age limit for Traffic Rider MOD APK?

No, anyone who can understand how to play the game can avail the benefit. 

How many bikes are there in the game?

There are more than 20 bikes in the game.