GTA Vice City APK Download v1.12 (Unlimited Money)

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Size8 MB APK+ 1.03 GB OBB
4.5/5 (140 votes)
  • Free access to unlimited GTA Money
  • Never-ending ammo
  • Less competitive gameplay and more enjoyment
  • No reload required
  • Free of cost game download
  • Unique Weapon cosmetics like skins and attachments
  • Customizable Main Character
  • 100% completed storyline
  • ‘Start game’ and ‘Load’ options added to menu
  • Multiple game slots unlocked with tons of amazing
  • Increased Android compatibility
  • Updated mobile 3D graphics
  • Game is 64-bit supported
  • New customizable players and character models
  • New Targeting features
  • Multiple new side tasks and endless hours of gameplay
  • Connect to MoGa Wireless controller
  • Awesome new tactile effects
  • New Lightning Effects
  • Comptabilite to connect with most gamepads using USBs
  • Play GTA VC in multiple languages such as English, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and French

Grand Theft Auto – Vice City

Were you missing Grand Theft Auto III’s awesome gameplay and thrill? Well then you must play the next edition and the most popular GTA game of all times, GTA Vice City. The developers greet you from the 1980s where the protagonist ascends to the top of the criminal world from the decade of big hair, extravagance, and pastel suits.

GTA Vice City APK Download v1.12 (Unlimited Money)

Help Tommy Vercetti fight fellow criminals, drug dealers and carve out his own name in the mafia land. It’s a whole world full of action, adventure and a strong plot to back it up perfectly.


GTA Vice City requires android 6.0 or above to function properly. You could also run it on android versions 6.0 but you might face some technical issues resulting in lagging and destroying your gaming experience.

Developers of APKINU‘s GTA Vice City APK have especially made the app fit for smartphone and tablet users so that they enjoy a high-end game without a costly Playstation.

The game also needs a secure internet connection for you to connect with multiple players online. So provide device permissions for internet, storage, files and media for altogether an amazing experience.

Incredible Features of GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is a remaster of GTA III with more optimized gameplay, character development, visual graphics, gun mechanics and alluring storyline. Let’s have a look at more awesome features:

Explore The Life of a Real Criminal

Tom Vercetti is an ex-bandit, who just got out of prison and is now returning back to the criminal world with a refreshing style. Get to know more about the protagonist who roams around Hawaiian t-shirts and tries to steal money off illegal dealers.

Players can move around the 3D world, interact with objects, traverse multiple locations, and do whatever they want. That includes stealing expensive cars, looting pedestrians and teasing people. Pick up fist fights or threaten people like a criminal.

GTA Vice City APK

Help Tom deal with his drug dealer boss. Get to know other drug dealers and fight your way up the mafia business. Be the protagonist of the game and own an expensive suit, go to parties, swim in your pool, or dance and have lots of enjoyment.

The Most Realistic Digital City

Creators have added beautiful details when it comes to graphics. The map of the game is a recreation of Miami beach which is famous for its exotic environment.

Once you start playing, you’ll find yourself in a big urban setting having all the variety of landscapes, buildings, streets, beaches. Can’t forget about the glitz and ghetto which keeps the city most appealing. Driving and walking around this alive virtual world brings so much excitement to the players and adds diversity to the gameplay.

Nerve Wrecking Helicopter Mission

Have the most rage-inducing gaming experience while flying a helicopter and completing time stricken expeditions. The helicopter missions are the most iconic addition to the GTA games with their special effects and exciting gameplay. Drop bombs at specific locations and show your inner expertise at completing the mission in time.

Nerve Wrecking Helicopter Mission of GTA Vice City

Intriguing Weapon Advancement

The weapon progression is complementary to the missions starting with lower-end guns to going all the way to the best, which is M60. Adjust shooting modes and aiming angles to give perfection to your gunplay. With advanced guns, quick ammo selection and sniper mode, the overall gameplay becomes a hundred times faster.

Get through dangerous criminals with a large arsenal of weapons such as brass knuckles, knife, shotgun, club and even a grenade launcher.

Endless Simulator

GTA Vice City APK has never-endling hours of gameplay. Players who are used to the gameplay, can complete the gameplay in 41 hrs. The most exciting feature is that even after completing the game, users can continue playing Vice City as a gangster life simulator.

Amazing Graphics

The graphics technology is out of this world. Everything from vehicles, people, clothes, fashion and visual effects are teemed with the best graphics. It’s almost a movie-like experience. Everything represents the modern day lifestyle and allows you to be fully immersed in the game.

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What is an OBB file and how can I download it with APK games?

An OBB data file contains all the essential information required to run the game. This particular zip file must be downloaded along with the original game apk. Otherwise you won’t be able to play the game or launch it.

Is GTA Vice City APK mobile version a heavy game?

Yes, it is a heavy graphic-rich game that takes up a considerable amount of storage on your device. So before installation, make sure you have up to 1.5-2 GB free memory.

Is Grand Theft Auto VC APK safe to download on my device?

Yes, it is completely safe. Just keep in mind that you should download modded applications from trusted resources and websites which have virus scan reports for these apps.