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Size1.82 GB
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  • Unlimited money
  • Download and use all features for free
  • Have fun with your own Apache Helicopter
  • Add more Stamina
  • Add Extra Health
  • Get a Fuel Tanker
  • New Mod Menu
  • Add Extra Money
  • New stock car feature
  • No Ads
  • New Graphic settings for personalized gaming experience
  • Complemented color palette and graphic enhancements
  • Connect external keyboard via bluetooth mode
  • New settings for personalized graphics
  • Special cloud storage for Rockstar Social Club Members
  • Improved Character models
  • 64-bit supported
  • Remastered HD quality graphics
  • Customizable controls and screen button visability
  • New movement controls for full camera mode
  • New 3D Graphics
  • Pair with MoGa wireless game consoles
  • Minus/Negative Red Number feature for cool money and debt gameplay
  • GTA SA available in multiple languages

If you are a die-hard GTA Vice City fan, you have to get your hands on GTA San Andreas as well. It is one of the best action-adventure and role-playing games in the market right now and is currently also available for your smartphones.

The game revolves around the central character Carl Johnson, who explores the vast state of San Andreas along with its major cities Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. Packed with a superlative plot, engaging gameplay, and mind-blowing graphics, all kinds of game freaks get a chance to fully enjoy this masterpiece. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

GTA San Andreas Download


Impressively, Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas is available to download on Google play store and Apple Store. But in order to obtain that you will have to pay the stores. Moreover, the games are free to play on a PC or gaming console but for that also you have to open a Club account. Either way, you will have to pay with cash or go through a lot of stuff to be able to enjoy awesome GTA gameplay.

Download the updated version of GTA San Andreas APK for you to fully enjoy the unlimited gaming features on your touch screen for free. Now you won’t have to worry about not owning a Playstation or an expensive gaming console.

As for device compatibility, you have to own Android version 7.0 or above for this game to perfectly function on your mobile phone. Otherwise, the graphics will tone down or you will face laggy gameplay. Excellent StorylineExperience the life of an ex-gang member Carl Johnson. Drive him around the city, explore & unlock roads or bridges to various towns. Help him survive corruption and piling debt which could get him killed brutally.

Steal military weapons, move around casinos, experience gang wars, and get Carl out of the horrors of his past life. You will never be bored of the side stories along with an impactful main plot.

Spend Unlimited Money Wherever You Like

Not only the developers of the app have made the money feature more creative but also made it super intriguing for the gamer to meticulously use his/her cash. You can buy clothes, food, and tattoos for Carol.

GTA San Andreas Motor Garage

Moreover, you can also gamble but be aware, as excessive loss of money to gambling can become problematic. Dive into this world of gang wars and save your character from being killed off his debt.

Unforgettable Gameplay

The previous GTA gameplays have already set the bar way too high and GTA San Andreas is just as exceptional. The main genre of the game includes shooting, crime, adventure, role-playing, and third-person action.

Enjoy up to 70 hrs of gameplay and spend time cracking the game. Complete simple tasks and level up to riskier missions. Get caught with the police or mafia and help Carl escape life & death situations.

Realistic Graphics

Everything from lifelike facial expressions of all the characters to intense day & night graphics is just fantastic work. The sunlight, wind blowing, traffic, and landscape is simply closest to real life.

Additionally, the fires, gunfights, blood injuries, and even fistfights seem so realistic without any disappointing change in the graphics. Also, you can feel through your mobile screen whether a person is sad or angry.

Rational Character Features

The character in the game behaves like a real human being, almost too real to believe that it is just a virtual game. Carl’s speed and energy levels depend on what you feed him throughout the gameplay.

Performing various healthy exercises and activities will allow him to finish his missions faster. Choose a Gym lifestyle for him and see visible changes in his personality. The Health status can be revived repeatedly depending on the resources provided.

High-End Sound Quality

The HD quality resolution combined with the best quality sound is a win for routine gamers. GTA SA has the most character-specific sounds and voiced script. For example, a gangster will not just look like one but also sound like one perfectly.

The variations among voices of different people around the city is unlimited. Furthermore, sound effects for stuff like car crashes, shootings, explosions, screaming, or weapon fighting are clearer and more thrilling.

Intriguing Minigames For Extra Fun

Within the game, you will find some more extra activities to kill time. Or if you are just bored running around have fun playing numerous basketball, horse riding, vehicle racing, poker and swimming pool games. Bet on animal races or go to a casino and gamble all night.

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Can I play GTA San Andreas for free?

No, you can’t play it for free if you are going with the normal apk version from Google or Apple Store. However, you can always download the GTA San Andreas APK version and enjoy all the premium features for free.

Can I play GTA San Andreas multiplayer in offline mode using the MOD APK?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. To access the multiplayer version, you must be playing online for other players to get in touch with you. Also to enjoy the full online features, you should connect to a secure internet connection. That way you can also unleash the ultimate thrill of GTA.

Is GTA San Andreas for kids?

It comes with a heavy Mature 17+ tag which means that there is a lot of inappropriate content for toddlers. There should be elder supervision as the plot of the game revolves around murder, crime, robbery, brutal fighting, blood, and strong language.