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Size336 MB
4.5/5 (528 votes)
  • No verification required
  • HD Quality Resolution
  • Unlock new VIP missions
  • No License needed
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Completely two versions along with the original game
  • Unlock all new locations in the gameplay
  • Play offline
  • New Cover System for enhanced Gunplay ability
  • New animations for streets, people, roads, houses, cars
  • Buy clothes while doing missions using Cloths icon
  • Connect to USB or Bluetooth
  • New activities and daily goals
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • New Locations in Liberty and Alderney City
  • New Radar system
  • Enhanced Gameplay with customizable characters
  • New ways to restore your Health status
  • Improved Graphics and 3D effects

Grand Theft Auto IV

Want to get your hands on the best game of the decade? Then GTA 4 for android must definitely be on your list. It is an engaging action-adventure game published by the Rockstar Games. Apart from the intriguing storyline, GTA 4 picks the highest score for its advanced graphics and awesome gameplay.

GTA 4 apk download for android

With a specially designed Android-compatible app, return to Liberty City with a bang and have fun with all your favorite features of the game. Punch, shoot, and blow everything up as you freely traverse Liberty City.


First of all, GTA 4 isn’t available to download on Google or Apple play store. So the only way to play this fantastic game on your smartphone is to download modded versions of the game or apk for GTA 4. Furthermore, don’t forget to grab the OBB data file which has all the essential information to run GTA 4. It is mostly shared along with the GTA 4 apk file. Looking from the device perspective, you should own Android 4.4 or above just for the game to work perfectly with all its high-end graphics and app size. Also, make sure to download the latest version of the mod apk that has most new updates and all in-app bugs removed.

Awesome Features Of Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV pleases all kinds of gamers with its latest graphic technology, personalized settings, more action, realistic gameplay and ease in control. More features include:

The Right Mobile Edition for GTA Fans

If you are a die-hard GTA fan, you must know all about GTA 4’s plot versions and characters already. As the game gained immense popularity for The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony, you can now get both of these versions for free with GTA 4 APK. Enjoy different characters and experience their diverse storylines in various areas of Liberty City.

Mobile Compatible Controller And User Interface

Playing GTA games on fancy consoles is something we all are familiar with. But playing the same game, with the same first-person perspective on your touch screens is a whole new experience. The UI is specially designed to fit Android screens and is made super convenient for mobile gamers to operate. The 3D controller gives you an in-real experience of the city you are exploring. The graphics are made suitable for small screens and users can play the game without any hindrance. The quality is never compromised so you can only focus on your fictional character, Niko, and conquer America.

Choose What Mission You’ll Be Playing

With a variety of different adventurous missions unlocked, you can never get bored of the game. The hardship level and game experience appear to change and be customized according to the gamer. So drive any car around the city, fight crime, and set convenient viewing angles for the best experience. The next level is GTA 5 APK which is more action packed

Multi-Player Mode

You can pick certain interesting missions and modes that support multi-player functions. You can connect with other users and have fun with your friends. Complete simple tasks and set goals. You can also roam around the city freely and discover new settings without being bound by the task or time limits with a special game mode.

Enhanced Gameplay With Simple Instructions

Most games coming from their PC or computer version tone down their features when they are switched to mobile versions. GTA 4 retains maximum gaming experience for hardcore gamers making it incredibly popular in the touch-screen world as well. Focus on the dots on your advanced radar systems to locate where the police are. Park cars or drive them around the city, converse with people, and buy clothing. With the realistic game design, worry about your health dropping and restoring it using various food resources. Help your character complete activities and missions while reading messages from the game that update you on your task progress.

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Do I need the GTA 4 OBB data file on my Android device?

Yes, you surely require the OBB zip file for GTA 4 to be operated on your smartphones. It contains all the essential information on the gameplay and features that support the running of the game.

Do I need an internet connection to play Grand Theft Auto 4 on my device?

You only require a good internet connection to install the OBB file and GTA 4 apk. After the files have been downloaded, you can play it in offline mode whenever you want.

Is GTA 4 APK safe to use?

Yes, they are secure to be installed on your mobile phones as long as you have got them from trusted websites. Original MOD app developers mostly test their software against anti-virus apps to make them fully safe for users.