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APP NAMEGeometry Dash APK
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked levels
  • Customization
  • Free Game
  • Everything Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins


Music, Beats, Objects, levels, difficulties, and an end to boredom all start in Geometry Dash. If you are in search of a game that uplifts your unhappy mood, helps you in passing your time, and is easy at the same. You have ended up in the right place as Geometry Dash is all that one can desire. Move your object in the game, avoid hurdles that come in your way, listen to the beat, and proceed with your arcade. While playing Geometry Dash you have to be very vigilant as many challenges are waiting to interrupt you in surpassing your level. The movement of the arcade in the game depends on the rhythm, as you hear the rhythm you have to either jump or fly. 

Geometry Dash Mod apk Download Latest Version

Along with the challenges, Geometry Dash does not give you a chance of losing your interest in the game as there are 21 levels in the game. The enthusiasm attached to the game and the troubles that increase with every level gives the game a next-level spark. Moreover, the visuals in the game and the user interface is also very attractive that constantly engage the player. If you manage your time effectively in fighting against obstacles and use the skills required you can definitely make the game worth playing. Geometry Dash is not a heavy game and so no extra storage or space in the phone is needed. There are certain levels in the game which are locked, yet as you pass on every level you can unlock many levels and many rewards are hidden which you can discover gradually. 

Hop and Fly

If you wish to reach the next level and complete the game, you continuously have to hop and fly in order to avoid the obstacles and hurdles that try to block your way. Geometry Dash is such one game in which you have to move with the rhythm, jump and fly very consciously. Move your character, unlock the levels, and avail the hidden rewards.

Geometry Dash Mod APK Download


The Geometry Dash game comprises many different levels. Each level is different from the previous one yet more difficult than the following one. In each level, you will find hidden rewards, and you can unlock as many levels at one time and win unlimited coins. The background music in the game thrills more fun. 


Nothing is easy when it comes to games and passing different levels in the game. Things become more difficult. The Geometry Dash game is full of challenges and difficulties. As you will proceed further you will find the previous level as compared to the one you are playing. You can also challenge your skills and vigilance when playing the game. 

Challenges and Levels

Practice Mode

If you are a new player and you have no know-how on how to play the game you can also begin in a practice mode. Apart from this if you find any difficulty at any stage the practice mode in the game will help you through it. The Geometry Dash game prepares you as an undefeatable player in the real world. It is another useful feature of the game. 

Build New Levels

You must have played a number of games but no game would have ever given you the chance of building your own level. If you think that you possess some extra skills and critical thinking you can use the necessary tools and create your own level in the game. Above all, you also have access to share the built level with your friends. 

Unlock New Icons and Missions

High Resolution and Music

The user interface of Geometry Dash is appealing with vibrant colors and 2D graphics. Moreover, the element of music in the game engages more attention towards the game and makes the whole journey even more interesting. The icons are clearly visible on the screen and there is nothing one can find difficult in operating the game. 

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Can I play Geometry Dash offline?

Yes, you can definitely play the game offline. Once you have downloaded the game on your phone you can play it at any time without having access to the internet. 

Who invented the game, Geometry Dash?

A Swedish developer named Robert Topala created the game, Geometry Dash. It is also known as RobTop Games. 

Is Geometry Dash a good game for kids?

Yes, Geometry Dash can be played by people of all ages as far as they are capable of understanding the game and win levels. 

How many levels are there in Geometry Dash? 

There are hundreds of levels in Geometry Dash. 

Is Geometry Dash MOD safe?

Yes, the game is entirely safe.