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  • Allow Users to Download Images, Stories, and Videos from Instagram
  • Ability to capture screenshots.
  • Mark any conversation with a star.
  • Fix errors while loading themes.
  • Change Theme Conversations screen and conversion.
  • Easily Disable left or right drag in the GB app.
  • Play Audio with Video Automatically.
  • Notification Count.
  • Allow Users to Copy the Description.
  • Translate Comments into your desired Language.
  • No Root Require to Download.
  • Allow Users to Upload Images and Videos from Alsturi.
  • Hide that you have viewed the stories.
  • Copy and Share Photos, Links, and Videos Directly.
  • Able to Zoom In/Out for photos.
  • Allow Users to Copy Comments.

GB Instagram is a fantastic app with so many exciting features you will not find in the official version of Instagram, like previewing images, applying custom colors, downloading media files, choosing themes, and much more. The app continuously updates, so many new features are added in the latest update. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

Many popular apps like Whatsapp have MOD versions like GBWhatsapp APK, Whatsapp Plus, etc. Third-party developers also developed the Modified version of the Instagram app and named it GB Instagram.

The great thing about the Instagram app is its privacy; no one can download your images or videos, but this feature is sometimes annoying; what if you see some valuable information and want to save that but can’t because there is no option to make it happen?

GB Instagram APK Download

That’s why third-party developers have introduced GB Instagram. This app has everything the official version of Instagram doesn’t have. Today’s article is about GB Instagram; we will discuss its features, installation guide, and the latest version download link. 

Due to the increased popularity of GB Instagram, millions of users all around the globe have switched to GB Instagram. You can check its demand on Google Trends, where you will find that over 50K visitors are looking for GB Instagram. Its massive demand is its super exciting features like custom colors, themes, privacy, etc.

GB Instagram has many cool features that will grab the audience’s attention. In the below section, we will share some of GB Instagram’s main features in detail so you can better understand the app.

Download Media Files

This built-in multi-media downloading feature of GB Instagram is superb. It helps you to save a lot of storage. You can easily save your favorite media files without even injecting any third-party app like you copy the link, paste it, and then download too much to do. 

But GB Instagram saves you from this by providing users with a direct media downloading feature. To use this feature, you must simply tap on the three-dot icon that will open the menu list at the top of your selected media file. Then you have to click on the GB option and tap on download to save the file.

Preview of The Media File

Do you ever want to expand Instagram photos to full screen? But you can’t do it because the official version of Instagram does not provide this feature but don’t worry, GB Instagram has got this feature in store for you. Now, you can expand and preview the full-screen Instagram photos without affecting the original image quality.

To make this happen, simply click on the three-dot list icon at the top of any photo or video, then tap on the GB option where you will find a preview option; tap on it, and your picture or video will expand to full-screen.

Hide View Story

This is a life-saving magic feature of GB Instagram. You can hide your appearance from Instagram by secretly viewing your friends and family’s stories. Using the hide view story feature, you can view other users’ stories without making your name appear in the viewer’s list.

This feature is great for people trying to ignore someone on purpose but still want to view their story. To view the story anonymously, go to your profile and the settings menu. In the privacy section of the setting, you will find the option of hiding view stories. Enable it and enjoy!

External Player Supported

Now you can play your Instagram videos with an external player because the latest version of GB Instagram supports an external video player.

To play your video on any external player, click on the three dots at the top of the video and select the Gb option. Under the GB option, tap on the preview and select your external player. As soon as you have done all the steps, your mp4 file will start playing on your external player.


This multi-account feature was recently brought with the latest update of GB Instagram. This feature enables GB Instagram users to use multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device without signing out from any account. Isn’t this great? This feature is superb for those who manage personal and public accounts at the same time.

To enable this feature, go to your Instagram profile section and head to the navigation menu. Move to the account settings and simply sign in on Instagram with your second account.


Every Mod user is aware of the risk of getting banned, and they are always looking for some anti-ban version because they don’t want to switch to that dull official version of the app. The GB Instagram version we provide you in this article is 100 safe and totally undetectable. Any GB Insta user can freely use their account without hesitation by downloading our provided version of GB Instagram.

Customize The Appearance

Are you one who is bored with the dull and regular appearance of official Instagram? If yes, then GB Instagram will save you from this. GB Instagram brings its users the option to customize their profile appearance. You can do a lot of fun operations with your profile under the customization section, like changing your profile appearance, or you can apply a custom color to your profile.

Other than that, you can partially use different colors in your profile; this option will only change the head or body, or footer color. Apart from these features, many customization features and custom profile templates are also included.

How to Install the GB Instagram on Your Android?

The installation process of GB Instagram is super easy and involves just a few simple steps. Following each step carefully, you can install this app within a few minutes. Let’s see the steps to install GB Instagram.

  • Download the GB Instagram app from the link mentioned on this page.
  • Once the download is completed, go to your device settings and enable installation from unknown resources to install a third-party app. You will find this option under permissions in settings.
  • Locate the GB Instagram apk file in your downloads folder, tap on the file, and click on the install button located down the screen.
  • Wait a few seconds until GB Instagram is installed. Once done, log in to your existing Instagram account or create a new one.

Pros and Cons of GB Instagram

In this section, we will share with you guys some major pros and cons of GB Instagram so you can make an informed decision before downloading the app. Let’s see what we have got on the list.

Anonymously view stories.Risk of security as it is not an official version of Instagram.
You can check if a person is following you on the profile page.Works a bit slower than the official one.
Download your favorite pictures/videos to the gallery.Account suspension risk
From your feed, you can repost any photo/video/post.Compatibility Issues and Updates

Permissions Required in GB Instagram

  • Kill Background Tasks 
  • Send SMS
  • Read Contacts
  • Get Accounts
  • Record Audio
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Vibrate
  • Access Device Location
  • Internet Access
  • Write Contacts
  • Access to Wi-Fi, Camera, Bluetooth, NFC, Mike
  • Use Maps Services
  • Write External Storage
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Can I use GB Instagram alongside the official app?

Yes, GB Instagram can be used alongside the official Instagram app on Android devices.

Is GB Instagram available on the Google Play Store?

No, GB Instagram is not available on the Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from trusted sources online.

Are there any risks associated with using GB Instagram?

Yes, using GB Instagram, like any modded app, carries the risk of security vulnerabilities, account suspension by Instagram, and compatibility issues.