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  • Ads free app
  • Hide chat function
  • Color phone
  • Do not disturb mode activation
  • Visual voicemail
  • WhatsApp web feature
  • Texture effect

A mod version of WhatsApp that includes additional features and functions, Coco WhatsApp, is used by millions of people. Added exciting features allow you to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. It may represent the next generation of WhatsApp due to customizing, downloading themes, support for chat pages, and home page support. During a video call, you can enjoy the 72 effects with just one click. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from

CooCoo Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version

So many mods of WhatsApp are developed because people want customization, privacy, and other features. Mods include GB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, and the Coco WhatsApp that we describe below:

Features of CoCo Whatsapp

The Coco WhatsApp app has a number of notable features. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. It helps you decide whether to download the app or not by showing you these features. Listed below are the features that are described below:


It is possible to hide the writing status and online status using Coco WhatsApp. You can also hide blue ticks and double ticks and customize them for specific contacts. In this, nobody will be able to invade your privacy by doing this.

Coco Whatsapp APK Settings

App Lock

Unlike official WhatsApp, Coco WhatsApp’s design and the App lock feature make it appear more elegant. Your app can be protected with a password, a pattern, etc.

Download Status

The capability of downloading someone’s status is one of the most desirable features. There are times when you like the status of others and want to download it. Using Coco WhatsApp, this feature is ensured, and it makes the app more useful and interesting for users. The official WhatsApp app does not offer this feature.

Share Media

It is possible to send messages to more contacts and share more documents and files restricted by official WhatsApp.

Theme Customization

Coco WhatsApp offers you a huge assortment of themes that you can choose from and enjoy it. Additionally, you can download themes of your choice and customize them.

Coco Whatsapp Theme store

Video Filters

Coco WhatsApp offers 70 real-time beauty filters that you can use during video calls. As a result, your call becomes more entertaining, exciting, and valuable.

Anti-ban App

Even though it is a third-party application, it is safe to use, and there are no legal issues here. Therefore, you can say it is an anti-ban app

Text and Video Status

With a status video, you can post a video that is 30 minutes long without cropping. The feature is not available on official WhatsApp, which offers only 30-second video status updates. A strong feature of WhatsApp is the ability to create status texts of over 700 words.

Anti-delete Messages and Statuses

It is possible to view WhatsApp messages and the status of people who have deleted them. You don’t have to worry if someone sends a message and changes their status and then deletes it. Because you can see everything, nothing can hide from you.

Style and Colors

With its colorful backgrounds, Coco WhatsApp engaged its users. You can adjust the color of blue ticks. There are several font sizes, colors, and styles you can use.

Coco Whatsapp Customization

Coco WhatsApp for iOS Users

If you use iOS devices, you cannot download Coco WhatsApp. You can use and benefit from it if you have an Android phone. Third-party apps are not allowed by Apple security. If your device is an iOS one, you will only be able to use official WhatsApp.

Coco WhatsApp for Android Users

Currently, Coco WhatsApp is available only for Android devices. There is a Google Play store app and a third-party website through which you can download this application.

Requirement for Installation

  • Android 4.0
  • Enable the installation icon from unknown sources by going to the settings
  • Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi connection

How To Install CoCo WhatsApp on Android Devices?

Now that we know the requirements let’s move on to the installation process. The process is not complicated and does not need additional skills. The process of installing Coco WhatsApp is described step by step below:

  • Connect to the good Internet.
  • Using the Google Play Store app, you can download it directly. You can also view it on the official website if you have difficulties finding it there.
  • Open Google browser and type Coco WhatsApp into the search bar.
  • The Coco WhatsApp File can be downloaded from the link provided below.
  • Save the file to your internal storage.
  • Then click the install option to allow installation.
  • It will take a few minutes for the process to be completed.
  • Click the open icon and use Coco WhatsApp by entering your phone number and name.
  • For better use and to let people know who you are, add a profile picture.

Updates of CoCo WhatsApp:

The app does not automatically update itself. It is necessary for you to delete the old version and then install the new one. It is currently version 5.1.0, and whenever updates are released, you can download it from the link above. Even though you may find the old versions, you must download the newest versions to explore the latest features.


What is Coco WhatsApp?

The mod version of WhatsApp provides features like beauty filters, anti-ban functionality, and customization. This app provides themes for you to enjoy, and you can also download other themes.

Is Coco WhatsApp legal and safe to use?

We cannot say that Coco WhatsApp is legal since it is a third-party app. It is also not illegal so that you can use it without any worries. Additionally, you can scan it before using it.

Final Words

The Coco WhatsApp app has many useful and interesting features that make it attractive to users. This application appeals to many people due to its features. People who want modded WhatsApp versions will find it to be a complete package.