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FM WhatsApp is one of the most popular mods of Whatsapp. It stands along with GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus due to its fantastic features. If you have recently downloaded the FMWhatsApp apk and are confused about its usage and features, you should read this article to get full knowledge about its features and how to use them.

It’s very easy and simple to use FM Whatsapp. Once the application s successfully installed on your phone and your account is successfully created, you will be able to access the chat window also; we can call it the app’s main screen. You will find all of your conversations here.

How to Use FMWhatsapp APK on Your Android Phone?

There is a floating button in the lower right corner of the home screen. When you tap on that button, a toolbar will open up, having multiple options like initiating a conversation, viewing a client activity log, or accessing settings directly. At the top of the home screen, you will find the airplane mode option by which you can enable airplane mode for your WhatsApp at one touch.

Besides this, there is a search icon that helps you to search between conversations. Adjacent to this search icon, a three-dot button opens up a menu full of multiple options related to WhatsApp. You can explore each by tapping them one by one.

Scroll through the call and status window at the bottom of the screen. Other than this, you can access your mobile camera to take pictures, record videos, and send them to your contacts list immediately.

FM WhatsApp Chats window

  • You can click on any conversation appearing on the screen in the chat window by just clicking on the contact. The chat box will open up with all the messages. To start typing, you will see a cursor and a typing box; when you tap on that cursor, the QWERTY keyboard will appear on the screen.
  • Thus, you can easily type your text messages. Once you start typing, the paper airplane button, which sends a message, will appear. Tap on that button once you have done typing your message.
  • You will see double ticks in case the internet connection of the receiver is on. Otherwise, a single tick will appear. In the chat box on the upper toolbar, there are audio and video calling options.
  • You can tap on either icon to start a voice or video call according to your needs. Adjacent to the calling option, a three-dot menu option has multiple options for a chat like a block, chat wallpaper, clear chat, etc.
    You can see there are three tabs on the main screen
  1. Chats
  2. Status
  3. Calls

We have discussed the first tab in very detail; now, let’s move towards the second.

  • The second section is status. It’s just the stories feature of all the time-popular app Instagram.You can post your pictures and videos or texts based on status and make it visible to your contacts for the next 24 hours.
  • There are two sections on the status screen. One show, “My status”, has a small plus icon; when you click on it, you will be directed to your camera and gallery to post stories from wherever you want. Once you have uploaded your status, your contact will be able to view it until 24 hours. Below it appears the recent updates from your contacts. Just tap on each status to view it.
  • You can check the number of people who see your status anytime. There’s a small eye-like icon at the bottom showing the no of people who viewed your story. Click on that eye icon to view contacts that have seen your status. You can share, forward or delete your status anytime you want.
  • There are two floating buttons at the bottom of the screen. One is a camera icon, and another is a text icon. The camera icon will take you to the gallery, and with the text icon, you can write any type of thing you want to post on your story in written form with a colored background like a quotation or poetry.
  • The third tab is the calls tab which contains all the functions related to the call. You can make calls by opening the chat box, as we have discussed earlier. The call tab basically has the call log or call history, we can say. There is a button on the lower right corner with a phone icon.
  • Tap on that button and a whole list of your contacts will appear; just click on the call icon next to that contact name. You can clear the call history by clicking on the trash icon. There is a three-dot menu on the toolbar in the call tab section. In that menu, you will option like who can call me, general settings etc.
  • You can find the main settings in the chats tab. There is a button with three vertical dots in the upper right corner on the main screen. Tap on that button, and a list of options will appear. You can find the most interesting feature is in Fouad’s Whatsapp. Find all the settings options available in the MOD while entering the app.

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FM WhatsApp Menu Options

Privacy and Security

Most people choose to download Whatsapp Mods because of their amazing privacy and security options. Like in FM Whatsapp, you can enjoy a lot of privacy, and security features, e.g. freezing your last seen, call block, disabling forward tag while forwarding messages, viewing other people’s stories without letting them know, anti-delete messages and status feature, disabling blue ticks and read the message, reply whenever you want and many more.

FM WA Themes

There is a huge theme library in FM Whatsapp. You can browse through more than 4k different stylish themes created for users who like to customize their app’s interface. Also, themes can be loaded from your SD or memory card. You can easily reset your preferences whenever you want.


Apart from the setting options mentioned above, there is so much more like emojis packs, stylish notification icons, colors of the toolbar, the color of the menu, font styles, and much more. You will also find the backup option in this section.

Home Screen

You will find general settings for the main chat window of FM Whatsapp APK and other settings options for different sections on the home screen.

Conversation Screen

For everything related to chat settings like wallpaper, chat bubble styling, theme, colors, etc..

FMWA Widget

The Android widget sets things according to your specifications. Each update comes up with some new features, and we are continually updating our readers with all the latest information about the latest updates of Whatsapp Mods.

If you like the application, share it with your family and friends with the help of the share FM Whatsapp option found in the About section of the app. Enjoy all the amazing features of chatting with FM Whatsapp Download the app now!