How To Move Layers In Alight Motion?

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Alight Motion is a video editing application. It is a tool-changing application that gives your videos a next-level look. Using the Alight motion on your devices will let you explore various features, settings, icons and much more. Editing your photos and videos through Alight Motion is the best option to target a large audience.

How To Move Layers In Alight Motion?

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Adding Layers In Videos

Adding layers to your videos, especially those time-taking videos, boosts the whole presentation. Layers add a plus point and beauty to your videos. Layers are placed on one another without affecting the bottom layer when arranging the upper or middle layer and vice versa.

Adding Layers

You may also call it a series that shows up one by one and add more positive effects to your videos. You can add images, written content, shapes, and a lot more in different layers placed categorically to enrich the look of your edited video.

How Do Layers Move in Alight Motion?

  • Install the Alight Motion MOD APK on your Android or iOS devices
  • Open the application and select the option of Project.
  • Click on the shapes icon, and select the shape.
  • You can choose the shapes depending on the number of layers you want to add.
Alight motion
  • You can vary in color and shape selection.
  • Click Move and Transform to adjust the layers.
  • After the selection process is completed, you can see the colors you selected on the left side.
  • Long press on the chosen colors to proceed forward.

This way, you can add layers to your videos. Alight Motion presents you with a wide range of color selections and numerous shapes. You can change the background, add layers in the group, move them, and adjust them according to your requirements.

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