How To Make Bundles in Minecraft 1.20?

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Minecraft is the most realistic game you could ever find. Minecraft APK Latest Version has many features that captivate gamers, especially the real-life effect. Gamers imagine them in another world while playing Minecraft.

Likewise, in Minecraft, sometimes players find rare but most valuable things. But think how bad it would be if you found something useful whose changes are one in ten, but you are out of space in inventory. You can’t leave them either.

So to cope with this problem, Minecraft’s latest update, Minecraft 1.20, has this feature that enables its user to build bundles to increase their storage capacity. So how can you build this bundle and make use of it? Let’s find out about it in this article.

How To Make Bundles in Minecraft 1.20?

You should know this feature is only available in Java snapshots as an experimental feature. It might be changed in the Bedrock release. So we will see its procedure accordingly.

What is a Bundle in Minecraft?

Before diving into bundle crafting, you must know what a bundle is. You can use small pouches to store small, unique, rare, and precious items. Every bundle has a cell. In one pile, you would find sixty-four bundle storage cells and one storage slot.

How Do Things Manage in a Bundle?

To manage things in a Bundle, you should know stackable and non—stackable items. Stackable items can be placed together in a bundle like similar items such as building blocks or Ender pearls that belong to the same group. While non-stackable items can’t be together, these include weapons, potion bottles, or tools. You can not put anything besides the bundle when you place any such entity.

Minecraft bundle

Moreover, you can also manage things in a bundle. When you put any item, it will indicate how much of the cells or space is left, which you can utilize, so set things in it accordingly.

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How to Enable Bundle Pack in Minecraft?

To enable the bundles in Minecraft 1.20 snapshot java edition, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Enable the snapshot in the Java edition by going to the installation tab
  • Then go to the play tab to select the latest snapshot from the launcher. After selecting, tap on the play button that will launch Minecraft.
  • Click on the Create New World option at the bottom of the world menu.
  • You would find the data pack option within the world setting and set the Game mode to creative.
  • When you click on the data pack, you will find the option of making bundles. Please enable it.

When you enable the bundle option in a data pack and creative mode, you turn your game to allow you to craft whatever you want. In the Data pack, you will also find other options that you can opt for to make the game more useful.

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Required Material For Bundle Crafting

The following items are required to make a bundle in Minecraft

  • Crafting table
  • Rabbit ides
  • String

One crafting table 6 rabbit hide that you would find after killing a rabbit. Rabbits are usually found in the taiga, desert, and snowy biomes. You can also use a tame cat to hunt a rabbit.

While strings can be obtained from the cave spider or spider that spawns in the desert biome, you also find one after killing a cat and strider. The natural source of these strings is cobwebs.

Crafting of Minecraft Bundle

Now we know why we need a bundle, how to use it, and what items are required to make it. Let’s see the crafting recipe.

  • Place the rabbit hiding in the bottom three cells of the crafting table
Crafting of Minecraft Bundle
  • After placing the hide, put the string in the corners of the crafting table
  • Leave the center cell and fill the remaining cell with the remaining hides.

Now give it time, and your Minecraft APK Download 2024‘s bundle is ready to use.

A Guide to How to Use a Bundle?

A bundle is not like a complete inventory or chest, it is just a small pouch for saving small items that could be valuable to you. So you must know how to use them. Follow these steps and learn how to use them.

  • For a bundle to use, make sure you have one. The available bundle is shown by open mouth in the inventory.
  • Click on the bundle/pouch to hold it, put it on the object you want to add to the bundle, and then right-click. The items will move from inventory to bag.
  • To extract the item, pick up the bundle and right-click over empty cells. Things will move out.

Follow these simple steps to generate your bundle and eliminate the worry of storage.

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How many cells are there in one bundle?

In one bundle, you could find sixty-four bundle storage cells. It provides enough space for similar items to stack and store.

In which version of Minecraft bundles are available?

You will find the bundling feature in the latest Minecraft 1.20. However, it is available in the Java snapshot version of Minecraft. However, characteristics can be changed in the Bedrock version.

In which biome can you find rabbits?

You can find rabbits in the desert, snowy, and Taiga biome. You can hire a tame cat to catch and kill rabbits. Then use a crafting table and a string to develop a pouch.