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Minecraft is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world. Here you can make your world with blocks and decorate it. You will find valuable items that help you survive during the game. Some are hard to find, like diamonds, but you can find them with little effort and store them in inventory.

As the most realistic game, it also provides users with a feature to exchange items. Therefore a villager trading hall is constructed to get the most needed items. It is just like a supermarket that provides you with necessities. So in this article, we will see how you can build a trading hall and trade with villagers for valuable items.

What is Minecraft Trading Hall

Minecraft APK Download villagers’ trading hall is like a supermarket where you can exchange valuable items with villagers. This hall is constructed by the players where they can create different villagers, and then they can get rare and valuable items in their exchange. And also, you can use emeralds to get useful things from the villagers.

It is a method to get items instead of searching for them. You can practice real bargaining in this center. Whether villagers provide you with the thing and demand emerald or they exchange something with you for your required items.

How to Make a Minecraft Villager Trading Hall?

So the trading hall is based on villagers, and there are different villagers in Minecraft, so let’s see what type of villagers you will find in Minecraft

Minecraft’ Villagers’ Types

In Minecraft Pocket APK, you will find different villagers based on their jobs. Every villager has some unique position so you can trade with him according to his profession in the gem. So their profession in the game defines their types. Here we have enlisted the Villagers in Minecraft.

  • Butcher
  • Farmer
  • Armorer
  • Fishermen
  • Stone
  • Mason
  • Cleric
  • Leatherworker
  • Weaponsmith

And many others. They rank according to their profession and the items they offer. Some offer helpful articles, while others provide useless things to the player.

How Can You Breed The Villagers?

To make a trading hall, you must need villagers. So increasing their number is the second important thing in crafting a village trading hall. To breed the villagers, you need to feed them with bread, beetroot, carrots, and potatoes in a closed space with beds. And on the other hand, you can also raid a village to gather villagers.

Villager trading Hall

Minecraft also gives you access to build a villager’s breeding area if you have enough resources in inventory to do so. And it will provide you with the benefits that you will immediately have villagers for trading hall and other purposes.

Requirements To Build a Minecraft Villagers Hall

You must have the following items to build a trading hall.

  • Sticky Piston
  • Redstone dust
  • Villagers
  • Jobsite Block( so the villagers do not wander and do their jobs)
  • Dark oak trap door
  • Tile slab
  • chest
  • Zombie
  • Golden apples
  • Splash

The quantity of every item is different according to the area. To build a trading hall, you must prepare a villager and zombification areas. Both have other purposes. Let’s dive into it and see the steps of crafting all these areas.

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How to Build a Trading Hall

We have divided the process into steps for better understanding. Let’s start

1:Villagers Area

For better and more effective trade, you have to make villagers where they can stay and make the trade. Following are the steps to make it.

  • Select a large open area for the trading hall
  • The next step is to dig pits that must be two blocks long and five blocks deep. Make five such pits one block distance from each other.
  • Now there is the base block in the pit, replace it with sticky pistons, and it should be facing upward and put Redstone dust on it.
  • Then place different job blocks on Redstone dust in separate pits. These blocks are replaceable. You can change them according to your trade requirements,

It is how you prepare a Villager area. The next step is to prepare a Zombification area for effective trade with villagers.

2:Zombification Area

You can make a good trade deal with villagers by using zombies in Minecraft APK Latest Version 2024. But for this purpose, you have to prepare a zombie area that must be controlled. Here are the steps to craft it,

  • Dig a tunnel behind the pits but leave one block distance. The tunnel should be four blocks deep with a staircase-like opening. The staircase can be made b using deep slate bricks.
  • Create an opening in the tunnel facing the sticky piston or villagers’ room; it should be two blocks tall.
  • Then place a trapdoor made up of the dark oak tree. The sticky piston would be inaccessible to players and other mobs when closed.
Zombification area Minecraft
  • Now the area is ready. Cover the opening of the tunnel by using a deep stake slab and a dark oak trap door for the staircase opening.
  • Then the next critical step is to make zombies enter this area. You can make them chase you in the tunnel from one opening, and then you can leave the tunnel from a temporary secondary entrance. Close the door of the area. In this way, you would trap the zombies in the Zombification area.

You make the zombies attack the villagers and then use the golden apple to cure them, and in return, you could make a better trade with that villager you heal.

3:Trading Hall

Now you have your villagers and zombification areas ready. The next step is creating a trading hall. How you can do it let’s see in the given guide

  • Create a new tunnel in front of the job site pits that should be two blocks wide and have fur blocks depth.
  • Create a two-block tall opening toward each job site or villagers’ room
  • Now make the villagers move into their job site area. You can push them into the pits or destroy the other job site in the 64-block area around the trading hall. When their job site is destroyed, they roam, and when they find one, they start doing their job again, so once they are in the pit, cover the pit opening with the tile slabs.
  • To do trading with the villagers. Place a lever beside each pit. When you push it, the villagers will come out, and you can then make trading with it.
  • You can also decorate this trading hall and make it more useful. How can you do it? Here are some ways
  • You can use a torch on top of blocks to prevent hostile mobs from entering these chambers.
  • Place the item card on the front side of each villager room so that you can immediately know what and where to get an item.
  • To enter the trading hall make use of the staircase. Cover the area with slabs and open it with a dark oak tree door.
  • Place a few chests in the trading area to store your emeralds and other goods.

So this was all about creating a trading hall for the villagers. You can collect essential ingredients from this trading hall anytime. Make a trading hall in your Minecraft world with this easy guide, and enjoy playing.

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What do the golden apples do in Minecraft?

The golden apple is a precious item in Minecraft that helps you stay alive longer and cure Zombies.

How can you replace the job block?

You can replace a villager or jobs site by breaking the job block many times or killing that villager. But for killing, first, convert the villager to a zombie.

From which villager can you take emeralds?

To trade emeralds, you need a blacksmith, as they sell for iron. They will take iron and pay you in emerald, the unofficial currency of Minecraft.